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  1. yea, can i have one too please? I'd like canada you can have australia if you promise to clean house a little canuck will be eaten by a croc if he comes here... ya gotta know how ta 'restle a croc mate
  2. i voted for the V but i REALLY REALLY wanted to vote for TSLs strat, just to see it on the homepage as guitar of the month
  3. how minute can the modifications to a guitar be for it to qualify?? for example... i imagine an inlay would but bobbin toppers wouldn't..
  4. my fave is the purple one! ...another jemsiter enters the fray welcome!!!!
  5. strange comp so it can be something crap that only just qualifies as a guitar for $2 or whatever?
  6. i had to go with the relic, i wonder what alex will choose?
  7. :o OMG!! that's a hell of a tutorial Nice work LGM! i wonder whether i'll ever see the words 'oh that looks shite lgm!' not likely in this lifetime!
  8. nice work! just wondering are there any ibanez factory photos or vids floating around the net? :ph34r:
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