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  1. 2.5itim

    Bronze guitar

    This is so awesome! I’m definitely gonna watch this. I agree, proportions look good to me.
  2. 2.5itim

    2.5itim’s 2018? Builds

    And... I really hate those pics so I need to grab some better ones lol. Next up on the chopping block will actually be one of the m11 Black limba/padauk twins, I’ve got one of those really far along so won’t need to much work to get that one knocked out.
  3. 2.5itim

    2.5itim’s 2018? Builds

    thanks Guys, it’s good to see y’all here again too! I totally thought I was going to have more time, so things are slow lol. I finally got around to completely finishing the n12 offset, I had considered it finished but I had a few things left to do. I buy pre made nuts and then cut the bottom to get the height I need, I can’t remember the company that I got this one from but it was absolutely terrible, so I cut down a new graphtech black tusq, releveled the frets (first time using the katana and I have to say, that is an amazing tool!), crowned and polished the frets and got the setup dialed in. I have to say, out of all the guitars I’ve made this is hands down my favorite, the feel, the aesthetics, the tone, it all just speaks to me. So consider this one completely finished, for anyone that hasn’t seen my old posts I’ll post a few pics and specs. Arete n12 offset, alder body, 5 piece rock maple/padauk neck, padauk scarf joint laminate, Birdseye maple fretboard, 2 way adjustable truss rod, hipshot licking tuners, graphtech nut, nickel silver fretwire, hipshot chrome fixed bridge, dimarzio air norton/air zone pickups with the neck pickup coil split, twisted copper wiring, painted plum crazy.
  4. 2.5itim

    2.5itim’s 2018? Builds

    Today I did my mountain inlay in the headstock with a piece of curly maple. Tomorrow I’ll put a few more hours into this neck and see if I can get it to the point of glueing it into the body. Most of my shop stuff is in boxes in the attic so 90% of my time right now is just trying to find shit.
  5. So... I’ve been gone for pretty much all this year, with working 80 hours a week, buying a house, moving and trying to have quality time with my son I pretty much quit building for a while. I’m gonna slowly start building again, I no longer have a shop so right now will be working out of my garage and spare bedroom. I’m probably going to try and build a shop in my back yard at some point. Anyway, I’m going to be taking it slow this time around and try to focus on one guitar a time, I started this semi hollow n12 last year and am gonna go ahead and knock it out and then go from there. Heres some pics from where I left off last year last year.
  6. 2.5itim

    2.5itims build thread 2017

    I'm dying a aqua blue burst right now and will be tru oiling it. I'll post pics up of that after oil to give you a better idea.
  7. 2.5itim

    2.5itims build thread 2017

    Yeah man, you don't see people use tru oil over dyed woods a whole lot but I've been doing it for years with refinishing and now in my building. Prostheta is right, it will add a slight amber tint to your color so I've always tested on scrap to make sure I'm gonna be satisfied with the end result. Which I almost always am. That blue semi hollow above has tru oil on it and I refinished an old ibanez s1620 in green which I really liked. I use transtint dyes.
  8. 2.5itim

    2.5itims build thread 2017

    Thank you all! I hope that you all had a great New Years. Yep paul, I twist it with a drill. I buy it in regular ole 20g copper wiring and then twist it.
  9. 2.5itim

    2.5itims build thread 2017

    The 2nd n12 is a semi hollow 6 string. Sapele body, curly maple back, curly maple top, with a blue dye job and I'm still finishing it in tru oil. I will be starting on the neck this week, it will be sapele but not sure on the fretboard yet. And im really sorry guys, I'm terrible at posting build pics, I'm gonna try and work on that. Lol
  10. 2.5itim

    2.5itims build thread 2017

    Ive also started 2 more n12's. The first is a solid body 7 string, ash body, curly maple top, bound in 1/2" black binding, with a red to black fade dye job and im still finishing it in tru oil. I had a curupay 7 string neck I started making a few months ago so I'm gonna use that with a macassar ebony fretboard. I'm just waiting on all my hardware to show up so I can finish the neck.
  11. 2.5itim

    2.5itims build thread 2017

    Haha thanks pariahrob! I don't know if I'd say a neat freak but just trying to step my game up a bit in areas. So as for what I've been up to this last week, the purple n12 offset is completely done. This is hands down my favorite guitar I've ever built, not sure if I'm gonna want to sell this one. Professional photos should be done next week.
  12. 2.5itim

    2.5itims build thread 2017

    Thank y'all so much! I actually got to sleep last night, that was pretty awesome! since this is a guitar forum I gotta throw up a guitar pic haha. here's some wiring I did on the n12 offset yesterday.
  13. 2.5itim

    2.5itims build thread 2017

    Thank y'all so much Scott and mr natural!
  14. 2.5itim

    2.5itims build thread 2017

    I've been absent for a pretty good while, my son was born on November 31st so we had a lot of preparing to do to get ready for him to be here. I've just started to get back into the swing of things so it's slow going right now. I'm just mainly trying to finish builds that have been hanging on the wall. We will be moving houses soon so I figure it'll be easier to move complete guitars instead of a bunch of pieces. Ive fretted one of the black limba m11 twins, got it finish sanded, fretted and am oiling it right now. I'm changing it up from my normal odies oil and am trying out tru oil, I'm liking it so far but it is a lot more work than odies. I've also got the purple n12 offset cleared, polished, and oiled the neck. I've just started assembly on that one so hoping to have it finished this weekend. I'll also add a few pics of my boy, definitely the most amazing thing I've ever made (he must have gotten all his moms genes)! I can't wait for him to be making his own guitars lol.
  15. 2.5itim

    2.5itims build thread 2017

    I've started this one a few weeks ago, figure I'll go ahead and share a bit on it. This is a prototype I'm working on which is based off my n12 model but I've redesigned the body to be an offset so I'm calling it the n12 offset. Its an alder body (a bit thicker than my normal bodies this ones 1-1/2" thick), 5 piece maple/padauk neck, Birdseye maple fretboard, 2 way adjustable truss rod, nickle silver med/jumbo fretwire, tusx xl nut, hipshot chrome open gear locking tuners, hipshot chrome bridge, chrome pickups covers and all of the chrome will be burnt if I can get it to look right. Dimarzio air norton/air zone with coil splits. Im in the finishing stages right now which have been a nightmare as usual but I think I've finally got it where I want it. The faceplate of the headstock is painted white with my mountain logo painted in purple and covered in satin polycrylic. The neck/fretboard will get a coat of some odies oil. The body has been where I've had trouble! I originally painted it white with my mountain logo painted on it in purple which turned out pretty cool I thought. I tried to top coat with polycrylic which was a terrible mistake, I tried spraying it and it just had runs all over it and ended up sanding thru the paint trying to level it back out. I decided to give it another try and this time painted it all purple and tried to wipe on the polycrylic, huge mistake, had brush lines and inconsistencies all over the place so had to sand it out again. I have now repainted it purple, and went and bought a 2k clear from the local auto paint store and am gonna give that a try.