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  1. And that about catches y'all up to where I am at at the moment. Except for this new build Me and the lady just found out started a little while ago. I think this will be the best one yet!
  2. I've finally been able to get the black top prs body wet sanded and polished and have started the refinish on the neck today.
  3. Here's a ta28 model. Specs are, ash body, cocobolo top, curupay neck, roasted curly maple neck that will be bound with cocobolo, arete bridge, roasted curly maple cavity covers. My cocobolo binding just came in yesterday so I can move on with this tomorrow after I get the binding channels cut on the Bridgeport.
  4. I haven't had time to get on here in a while but I have been busy in the shop. Let's see if I can get caught up real quick. This guitar is one of my pg17 models, I'm making it up for a local guy. It's a curly maple back, walnut top, bloodwood sandwiched in between, 5 piece rock maple/walnut neck, dual action truss rod, carbon fiber rods in the neck, bareknuckle juggernaut pickups, evertune bridge, hipshot locking tuners. The guitar is a 6 string 27" scale length.
  5. I worked on the bass a bit yesterday and got it as far as I'm going to take it, I really wish I could finish it out but the guy wants to do as much as he can to save money. I rounded over the front and back, he decided against the arm bevel so walnut wouldn't show from the top, routed the control cavity and made a cavity cover out of some pickguard material.
  6. And finally, I was contacted last week by a guy who had a bass neck and hardware for a p bass, he needs a body made for the neck so we discussed woods and costs and decided on a walnut body with ambrosia curly maple top. He wants to do the finish and final setup to save money so I won't take it to the complete state. All I have left to do is the arm contour, belly carve, round over the edges, control cavity and mount the bridge and then it will be getting sent off.
  7. I have also refined and finished my 6th body design. I started this design about mid last year and just got it to where I want it, here's that design cut out of an ash body.
  8. I have been crazy busy lately with working mandatory 60 hour work weeks so work at home has been somewhat slow. Ive been working on a few things here and there so figured I'd go ahead and post those up. I have spent the better part of last year stock piling wood, my spare bedroom in my house has pretty much turned into a lumber yard, while I've been stock piling I've been focusing on getting my body designs exactly where I want them in preparation for this. I've got 6 designs that I like and am going to continue using from now on and don't plan on adding any more to the lineup so went ahead and glued up and cut out body's out of the stock piled lumber, I've still got a bit more to do but I've done about 10 so far. Here's some of them, you will see more of them as I begin to build them out.
  9. Welcome to pg!!
  10. You don't need to dye and sand back to get a nice top, this one was one of my mixtures that's just straight purple, with no dye dark and sand back.
  11. Today I had the joy of stripping the black top prs body again.... I am so freaking tired of this guitar lol. I was level sanding and sanded into the base coat, so I have decided to change my approach. No base coat, no color coat and tinting the nitro lacquer instead. I'm 5 coats in right now but it hasn't gotten to the opaque stage yet so tomorrow I will continue spraying, after I get it to the opaque stage I will continue on with clear lacquer.
  12. I got the necks carved out yesterday. Holy crap, this wenge is not fun to carve. It's definitely the hardest wood I have carved yet. Still have a little refining to do and finish sand but they are done for the most part. And also got the inlays for the headstock done, still need to sand the other one down so don't have a pick of that one.
  13. Yeah I cut the inlay with a coping saw and the pocket with a dreamer and a 1/32" endmill. It's really hard to get the lines in the pocket just right but I'm getting better each time. This is definitely the best I've done so far. As for the reason I couldn't use the 2 bolts is because the heal in that area has to be quite thin and I use t nuts/bolts instead of wood screws, the t nuts are to long and I couldn't take the heel as thin as I needed with the t nuts in there. I've been able to do it once before but I had to do a bunch of modifications to the t nuts and it's to much of a pita to do when 3 bolts will hold just fine.
  14. Second top has been carved, belly carve has also been done, rounded over the back with a 1/2" round over bit. I also did a mountain top inlay in the back of that one using black limba. It's the same mountain top I use on my headstocks this one is just a little bigger. As I said a few posts back I originally planned to do a 5 bolt neck joint and could only do 3, I didn't realize the 5 wouldn't work until after I pilot drilled the body for the bolts holes so I had 2 holes I had to do something with. I originally tried to make a padauk/wood glue filler for them but the filler was a bit to dark and stood out to much so inlay it was.
  15. That's what I've been thinking about Scott, and honestly I really don't know. I know that prs does it quite a bit but they also do a hard type finish where I will be doing a oil finish on this neck/fretboard so I'm kinda weary.