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  1. I also got the curly maple/zw/walnut pg17 to the same place as the n12. I'm totally in love with how these 2 turned out.
  2. An update on the purple quilt top model n12. I've been crazy sick for the past week so trying to avoid sawdust I have been working on things in the house I finally got all the parts together that I needed to finish this one, so I painted the cavities, wired it up, assembled, made the nut, strung it and played it. The only bridge I had here at home had a floor height of .175 and I needed a .125 so I'm gonna mill that down today and then the bridge and string block will be going to get powdercoated white. Also one last thing to do is to make the cavity/truss rod covers and I'll be able to call her done.
  3. I haven't been doing a whole lot on the internet but I've still been pretty busy in the shop, I have a few 7 strings I'm working on I'll post a bit on later but recently I've been working on the 27" 6 string pg17 and figured I'd update a little bit on it. I'm waiting on my evertune templates to come in before I do the body carve so have mainly been focusing on the neck at the moment.
  4. And as for the screw up and fix, I got a new router bit and the bearing wasn't tight so when routing the headstock shape the bearing jumped up over the template and dug into the headstock, with a little guidance from Andrew knight (knightro) I was able to get it all fixed up. I steamed the scarf joint loose, scraped the remainder of the maple off the joint, scarf jointed a new headstock piece of zebrawood, laminated a piece of purpleheart in, and cut the headstock shape again.
  5. This is a model m11 7 string 27" scale commission build that I've been working on, I wasn't planning on posting anything on it till farther along in the build but I had a nice little screw up and fix that I thought I'd share with y'all. It's a walnut body, ash top, zebrawood neck, dark curly roasted maple fretboard that will be getting a Elysian bridge pickup, no neck pickup, hipshot 7 string fixed bridge, hipshot tuners, lmi 2 way truss rod, carbon fiber reinforcements in the neck, 1 volume for controls.
  6. I had a bit more time to work on the ash/cocobolo ta28 before going to play some golf and drink a little beer so I got the pickup cavities cut, rear of the body rounded over and body heel/fret access carved.
  7. I also got the curupay neck and volute carved on the ash/cocobolo ta28. And drilled the tuner holes. Just need to route pickup cavities, drill control holes, install side dot markers, round over the back of the body, nitro the body, oil the neck, fretwork and then it'll hang on the wall until I get the bridge powder coated and buy pickups for it.
  8. Thank you Scott! I got the back of the black/yellow curly maple carve top colored today, I didn't like the purple that it originally came out to be so instead of applying the dye directly to the wood I sprayed it in nitro. I did a mix of 2/3 cup nitro, 1/2 tsp dark mission brown transtint, 1/4tsp black transtint. I really like the way it turned out, it's like a really really dark brown or black or cherry looking depending on lighting. My buddy who I'm building this for wanted the mahogany open poured so no grain filling on this one, I was a bit worried but looks cool in my opinion.
  9. Rough carving on the neck for the cocobolo/ash ta28 done and tuners holes drilled. This was the ugliest out of 3 neck blanks I bought but man it really looks cool after carving. This curupay is super hard stuff, I'd say like wenge on crack but I think the tough time carving was worth it.
  10. After much deliberation I've decided that I didn't like the finish on the orange curly maple prs at all so I saneded it all down, dyed the top dark brown, sanded back with a burst and then dyed it with a lemon yellow. It's much closer to my original goal of prs's black gold. First pic is what it was and then what it is now.
  11. Thank you! I got the binding scraped yesterday so can start carving on the neck tonight. No the Bridgeport is at my work, I seriously don't think I could build guitars without it, I use it for so much stuff. If I ever quit here I'm gonna have to buy one for myself lol.
  12. Everything went smoothly with the binding so far. Indicated the neck level and then indicated it horizontally, cut the slot at 70 thou wide, flipped the neck indicated level, indicated horizontally cut the slot. Cut the fret slots to depth, wiped down the cocobolo with acetone, glued up and taped down. I'll untape it tomorrow and start scraping to make sure everything looks good. I really like the way this roasted curly maple looks but it chips out so dang easy, I've got 2 more little bitty spots that tore out and not sure how I'm gonna go about fixing those yet.
  13. Yeah, the fretboard chipped out on me so im gonna bind it to get rid of that spot. The fretboard was already radiused and glued to the neck so the Bridgeport is pretty much the only way I can think to do it. Fingers crossed that it works. Thank you all!!
  14. And that about catches y'all up to where I am at at the moment. Except for this new build Me and the lady just found out started a little while ago. I think this will be the best one yet!