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  1. Oh and yes, the pickups came pre-wired so I didn't have to add live and ground wires myself
  2. Hey thank you for your help! I'll give new details here, sorry for not including, this is all uncharted territory for me so I'm not sure what is useful to include. Ground wires from both pickups were connected to the volume pot as per the wiring diagrams I was following. I've seen some diagrams require an additional ground wire from the bridge pick up to be added. Not sure if this is something I need to do. (Bridge pickup plate appears to be plastic). I did find that I'd got confused between ground wires at some point and soldered the ground wire from the bridge pickup to the tone pot and missed out a wire to properly connect the volume pot. Could this error have shorted something potentially? I have now got a multimeter and have tested the pickup. There is no signal when I connect it to the ends of the live and ground wires. Testing each wire individually shows they are fine. If I test in the contact point of the pickups I'm also not getting anything. Would this show potential shorts in the pickup itself? I can post photos of any part of the pickup or wiring as requested, just need to know what would be useful. Thanks again for your help, it's been really useful!
  3. Thanks Prostheta for your advice! I assume I'll need some equipment to test that, I'll see if I can find anyone to borrow it from. If I have caused a short or a break in the coil would I need to replace the pickup?
  4. Hi, first time poster! I have googled around and searched the forum to see if I could find some answers to this question but I've not been able to locate any. Help very much appreciated! I've just finished building my first guitar (Tele copy from premade neck and premade unfinished body) and it looks great and plays lovely! However, I can't get any signal from the bridge pick up. I've looked at several possible issued/solutions but can't figure it out. I'd be very grateful for any advice, as I've not been able to identify any solutions anywhere online and I'm a bit stumped at this point. I'll do it in bullet points for easier reading: pickups are Fender Vintage Noiseless single coils, new out of the box; neck pickup works absolutely fine and sounds great; I raised the bridge pickup until almost touching the strings and it barely made a sound then; if I touch the joint where bridge pickup wire joins the switch with a piece of metal it makes the same sound as if I do this for the neck pickup wire join; if I tap the metal part of the bridge pickup with a metal object you hear this through the amp (possibly not as loud as if I do this with the neck pickup; I have not added an additional ground wire from the pickup to the bridge or control panel. There is a ground wire from the pickup, same as from the neck and I thought this would be sufficient. I believe (and I could be wrong) that all this would do is reduce hum; I also have not yet shielded the cavity, although again I believe this would only serve to reduce hum; when I got a weak signal from the pickup (sounding very metallic / tinny) I looked again at the wiring and saw a point where I had burned the wire casing (although exposed wire inside looked fine). In case this had damaged the wire I cut it back to this point and resoldered but then there was no signal coming through at all. I think this has covered everything, I do have a couple of photos should you want to see them but it's a little chaotic! (First job, and soldering iron is probably a bit too big). If the neck pickup works fine then I assume the problem has to be somewhere between the point in the switch it joins and the pickup itself. Potentially a bad solder join, but I've redone the joint several times already without success. Thanks in advance for your help, and I've enjoyed looking around at some of the guitars built in here! I may post my first effort once I've got the pickups resolved (I'm waiting to get this done before I screw a few last things down).
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