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  1. I am building a bass for a friend and local bass player, He is pretty specific on what he wants. 35" scale 19mm spacing at the bridge, oh and the big thing, as close to a 51 p bass as possible. So here we go haha. also this will be my first attempt at building a neck. i saw some downloads in the downloads section i would like to look at but i cant seem to get it to download on my phone so any help there would be fantastic.
  2. is this still active link, I keep getting errors and would love to see this
  3. http://www.tdpri.com/threads/here-comes-another-one-or-two.650038/ this binding jig looked pretty promising used drawer slides to let it move up and down freely, I'm interested on what you do cause hopefully soon i'll be in the same boat.
  4. I found these while looking through a knife making catalog...too many hobbies go through my head. wanted to get yalls oppion on using them for both side and top fret board markers, http://www.knifemaking.com/category-s/24.htm
  5. had some fun today got both of the insides roughed out for carving a little slippage but nothing drastic pretty happy so far
  6. got frustrated with the sides so I started on the inside carving of the top and back
  7. Thank you for the link, I have some wood bending blues right now, I think the mesquite I ripped for the sides is just a little too far gone to bend the tight curves for the sides. so I'm gonna practice on some more maple to try to get the process better understood. I'm a little frustrated and may when it cools off outside see what other mesquite I have in the shop. I love the topic graphical templates in that thread and would kill to have something drawn up like that for this guitar but alas I cant find anything online. I definatly need to get a beter result on the sides before I move on. I may try to rip even thinner sides right now they are about .08 - .09 in or 2.3 mm laminates. If I cant find a good piece of mesquite I also have some pecan to try but I was hoping to keep the body all one wood
  8. well the bending hasn't gone all that well with the homade bending iron. thinning the stock helped but i'm not sure that's the answer either. So we spent this morning making a steam box! We are gonna wait till the sun goes down and it is cooler before we fire this thing up and i'm gonna have some Mexican beers and watch a pot of water boil. wish me some luck I have no idea what I'm doing
  9. feeling accomplished, think I have my forms sorted out for the sides. not sure still what I am going to make them out of yet tho. XX time
  10. Thank you Scott, yes I got the slabs from down in Kingsville. also got some Texas ebony for the fret board and headstock. I did get some free pecan while I was down there to use for the sides, but upon milling it I'm not so sure its gonna be a fit. I'm gonna look through the shop and see if I can find enough mesquite to do the sides out of to even if its just a thin laminate on the outside. really need to learn how to draw it all up on the pc like some of you guys do. just flying by the seat of the pants right now. I guess I should start coming up with hardware specs before long. the hardware I know I want on it : Gretsch Bigsby b6 I think it is T.V. Jones classic Filtrons bridge ? electronics? tuners? probably gonna make knobs either out of shotgun shell brass or the texas ebony Trying to use native wood through out even inside. 25.5 scale thanks if you have any suggestions please don't be timid I want all the info and others thoughts
  11. Go big or go home they say.... I had a grand plan to build a gretsch country gentleman, and now I'm getting into it, it's a big project. This is only my second guitar so wish me luck. I realize this is mostly a solid body forum but I wanted to put it up in here so I could get some help and advise as I move along with it. Pictures, at first I couldn't find a good PDF of the guitar so I blew up a large photo. But when I got to measuring all the numbers were off. The photo looked straight on,but it was at a slight angle and threw everything off. So here is where I am at.
  12. I have been looking around deciding that when I make another tele style guitar I want a bigsby on it and have been looking for a sutiable bridge that doesn't need an neck angle? I found this but havn't even really found onything else that would be a decient bridge or if what i'm trying to do is really possible. any suggestions would be fantastic. I have been looking at jasmaster type bridges
  13. Ok so I had a gentleman offer to commission a guitar after seeing the mesquito caster. I don't really want to start a business but its hard to turn down the 1,000 dollars that he is offering. I guess my question would be should I do it, what kinda profit/material ratio should I be looking at. or actually any advise would help a lot. If he wants a tele style I still have all my templates so the time wouldn't be as much involved but I feel I would want better hardware for a guitar I plan on selling. I just really don't know where to start
  14. I would like to submit my first guitar build for the guitar of the month. This really was a proof of concept for me, I wasn't sure how or if it would even work. Over all I a very happy with it, I would for sure do some things different if I did it all over again but it plays and I think it is pretty. The body is made of a maple 2 piece back and a mesquite 2 piece front. the neck is a fender replacement made by guitar fetish (their gfs lable I belive) maple with rosewood finger board The pickups are again guitar fetish Slick old school pair. I wasn't sure how the build would trun out so most of the parts are from guitar fetish The tone is a push/pull to split the humbuckers to single coil. I will likely be turning some knobs and strap buttons out of texas ebony before all is said and done. I am mostly a wood turner as far as wood work goes but I do all kinds of smaller projects. and this guitar was mostly made on the top of the table saw out under a popup shade. I did a lot of research before diving in, I really wanted to be successful and really feel that it was a complete success!! here is the build thread and I probably have a hundred pictures of the whole process I wanted something unique ( I realize a tele isn't all that unique) that's why I opted for the tele delux but a thinline verison the finish ended up being lacquer on shellac. next time I think I would try a black grain fill on this wood. Thank you for checkin out the Mesquito-Caster I had a fantastic time building it and learning about the whole process!!
  15. I will put it the gotm I'll have to take some better pictures tho. I don't really feel it stands a chance but why not
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