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  1. 215m3

    Bone Daddy Custom Guitar

    Mine is #003, how many were made, just interested in why they were made etc.
  2. 215m3

    Bone Daddy Custom Guitar

    I did call Bonedaddy a while back and Matthew Thacker used to work there. I will maybe try again and see if they can help. Thanks
  3. 215m3

    Bone Daddy Custom Guitar

    Hi A few years ago I purchase a snakeskin guitar. It has Bone Daddy Customs, the persons name, year and model number on the back plate. Matthew Thecker, 2006 & '003'. It is real Python skin covering a fender start body, single rear pickup by Seymour Duncan. It plays very well and has a distinct sound. I have been trying to find out more information, but have found none. Has anyone heard about these guitars? thanks