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  1. New video day! Big mental hurdle to get this one out as I was afraid to screw it up. Episode 6: Gluing the Set Neck
  2. I haven't. I don't have one but I've seen videos of them being used. Super handy tool. I might grab one and do some fine tuning before I do the final paint prep. Good suggestion!
  3. I spent enough time researching the horns to identify that I was at risk of analysis paralysis and then stopped looking for my own sanity. I wasn't too precious about it, but tried for the deepest horn I could muster without getting too close to the pickguard. I didn't want the contour to dip below the pickguard on that side. I did think about getting a nicer neck, but I think there is an issue with the gap in the body being too wide that would still be a problem. I'm also fairly sure I'm going to do an imperfect job on the paint since I've never done it before, so better to resist the urge to upgrade everything.
  4. Still alive! This one was the most fun yet, carving the contours into the body.
  5. Not great. The neck fit is too loose, the neck angle was too extreme. It's requiring a lot of modifications. But my goal was to learn about measurements and adjustments so it's fitting the need for me. If I wanted to just build a kit I would have spent more money on something better quality.
  6. I disappeared for a while, but I'm back. Two new episodes up today. Isolation life in the state of WA has helped me refocus on the kit build. Episode #3: Neck Angle and Scale Length Adjustment Episode #4: Headstock Shaping
  7. I've been dragging my feet on this next video. The next step I'd like to cover is adjusting the neck angle. Ideally, with the neck in place, a straight edge resting on the frets of the neck should just touch the top of the bridge in its lowest position. I have quite a lot of clearance, so I need to adjust the neck angle. I've considered a few options for doing this: Do nothing. Accept the fact that I'll have to raise the bridge really high to get good string action. Change the angle of the neck pocket on the body. Right now the neck pocket does not have an angle cut into it. The angle is entirely created by the neck. Based on this I don't think I want to modify the angle of the neck pocket. Change the angle on the guitar neck. This seems to be the best choice. The problem is that stakes are high. If I mess it up I could easily need a new neck. Shim the neck. I've seen a lot of information on shimming a bolt on neck, but I can't find much on glued in neck. I'm not sure it if would affect the strength of the contact. I'm leaning toward #3, but if #4 is possible it would be easier. Any recommendations/experience to share?
  8. Yeah, the nut position appears to be off. I did consider adding a shim (first fret was too close to the nut). This would improve the fret positions on the lower frets, but then the higher frets are further off.
  9. I'll play all kinds, but I think I'll optimize this for a classic rock vibe.
  10. That'd be great @Prostheta! Thanks! That's exactly what it is for me. A stepping stone into a full build.
  11. Hey@BetterOffShred! Not sure on pickups yet! The easy choice would be going with Gibson stock (490R/498T), but it will be hard to resist the urge to customize it. BurstBuckers must sound killer! I think I'm going to order a new bridge. The saddles have deep grooves but they appear to have been cast vs filed. I expected them to have a light notch and then I'd file them for the radius. I'm not sure how close they are to the 12" radius. I'm thinking a Gotoh tune-o-matic for the replacement. Do you have any experience with the quality of Gotoh bridges? They seem to get good reviews.
  12. New episode! If you like watching stuff get put together super fast, the first two minutes are for you! If you like to nerd out over graphs and measurements the rest is for you! Episode #2: Dry Fit and Measurements
  13. I've been restoring guitars and basses for a little while and I've decided to take on my first kit build as a stepping stone to building an instrument from scratch. I'll be building a Gibson SG replica. Additionally, I'm going to document it in a video series! I just published the first episode which covers unboxing and initial inspection. Episode #1: Unboxing I think a lot of the concepts that I learn through this process could be helpful if you're also learning guitar/bass building. I'm certainly not a trained luthier, but hopefully this helps someone else learn as well. I'll keep this thread updated as I add new videos. I'm taking this pretty slow so I expect this will take a while.
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