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    New to Guitar Building and CNC

    We have a maker space that has opened up locally and for a small fee I can have access to several CNC machines. I have a friend that builds guitars by cutting out templates by hand, and I would like to start as well only by utilizing the CNC at the maker space. I have just started looking into this process but I had a couple of initial questions. I want to build a Les Paul out of Ash with a quilted maple top think Joe Perry Les Paul in BlackBurst Circa 1997. Is there a depository of files somewhere that I could pull from or will I have to create this file on my own? If I am able to do this successfully I would move on to a Flying V, JagStang, and possibly a Jem.. Who knows.. Do you guys create your own autocad or other files by hand for specific guitars? How is this done? Do you take measurements and input them into the software? I do not mind doing my own homework if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance, Jesse