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  1. Thanks champion will give it a read really appreciate it
  2. Hi sorry to both guys an apologise if this is in the wrong area. I was just wondering if there's is any tutorials of some kind that could kick start me on learning to Cnc guitars. I just recently bought a hobbie cnc but I have no prior experience using anything along the lines of A Cnc or drawing in cad and generating codes for the Cam software. Any help us greatly appreciated obviously not asking for everything to be handed to me but very keen to learn
  3. Dyloh

    7 string design

    Sorry to bother guys been having a go at building guitars an thought Cnc would be the go. I was just wondering if it's possible to use a existing model dwg or dxf and convert it to 3D? Would like to make little adjustments once I have learnt how to draw in cad properly but I feel as though it might have a bit if a learning curve. Just curious if there's a easier way as opposed to drawing everything in cad from scratch