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  1. lvrpool32

    Koa top LP Jr type build...

    Finishing up the cavity covers and jack plate today.......
  2. Koa flat top, zebrawood body, flame maple neck, snakewood board, Schroeder gun black hardware.
  3. lvrpool32

    335 style build....

    you don't see the smiley face???
  4. lvrpool32

    335 style build....

    A "real" 5A quilted billet (20" long 6-7" wide, 1-3/4-2" thick) high street price is -$230-$250. I've seen some pieces listed as 5A or "exhibition grade" that where very poor and way over priced. You can find them on ebay now and then and get lucky with the price. The burst is all paint gun.
  5. lvrpool32

    335 style build....

    thanks....with the cocobolo binding and fretboard the dark red burst seems to work better than the natural.
  6. I had posted this with a bunch of other guitars in an earlier thread, but wanted to split this out on its own. Not a typical 335 as the body and sides are I piece of Black Korina, took a while to hog it all out. The back is carved the same as the top and I put the toggle switch on the top horn. neck is flame maple with a cocobolo fretboard and headstock veneer. Top is a rescued piece of "ambrosia" quilt, had a couple of cracks I had to stabilize, but had awesome natural colour. yesterday was finally nice enough to paint, and I kind of went with the seat of my pants with the colors....
  7. lvrpool32

    redwood wood

    The neck I made too..I will have more pics tonight once the latest coat of tru oil is dry.
  8. lvrpool32

    redwood wood

    this was a remarkably "hard" piece of redwood, I've had pieces that felt very "spongy" (kind of felt like balsa wood it was so soft) I sealed it with 2 coats of tru-oil and then tinted clear/straight clear and it has yet to 'sink", I'll give it a couple more weeks before final buff and assembly incase I need to add a couple more coats.
  9. lvrpool32

    redwood wood

    this is close to being finished...redwood is becoming my favorite wood for tops...i
  10. lvrpool32

    A few builds over the past 8 months

    the 335 is still "in progress". The body is black limba, took a while to hog out all the excess, when I was all done the weight was quite nice. The top I actually bought for head plates and cavity covers because there where some splits in it. I decided to run some thin CA glue into the cracks before re-sawing but the color that came out with the CA on was brilliant...so I fixed all the splits and decided to use it as the top. The neck is flame maple, fretboard and binding is cocobolo.. I went with an aged Schroeder bridge in the end....I hope to finish it off next week.
  11. I've been having too much fun building..kinda forgot about this whole internet thing :-)
  12. Padauk body and neck, flame maple top, output jack bezel and headstock veneer, zebrawood pickguard and fretboard, Brandonwound pick-up set.........
  13. lvrpool32

    Gary Moore's 59..."stripe"

    Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated. I agree on the forearm wear, I had made a paste of charcoal, water and pencil lead ..and I got it too dark. A scotch brite and some soapy water fixed it..........
  14. lvrpool32

    Gary Moore's 59..."stripe"

    so its pretty much done...the Brandon Wound PAf's are exceptional. Ill do some more detailed pics and specs this weekend.
  15. lvrpool32

    Gary Moore's 59..."stripe"

    So I have been working on the top and headstock "appearance". It's funny how I picked this top because it wasn't as "wild" as some of the others but after the tru-oil and nitro...it's really come alive