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  1. Hi Jack love your story and thanks for sharing, we are both from the same era although you have a couple of years on me, Like you I am not a player but love music and Hank and the shadows really got me interested in guitars. I was given my 1st guitar when I was ten, a really crappy acoustic one but I never did learn to play very well, I didn't get a Strat until I made a clone a while ago and although my daughter and brother in law both can make it sound really good I still can't play. I do try to play it but mostly I listen to music while I spend lots of time in my workshop making all kinds of shit and of course I have some of the shadows tunes on my play list.
  2. Just got back after a few days away so just caught up with this, wow that's what I call a result, That's a beauty Scott well done, really enjoyed following this build.
  3. My Les Paul

    Wow what a stunning guitar, you must have the patience of an angel, that inlay work is absolutely awesome and the best I have seen, Beautiful work. absolutely love it.
  4. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Just opeded this 5l keg that my youngest gave to me for fathers day, apparently I've got to drink it in the next 3 days, wouldn't have been an issue when I was a young man but a bit out of practice these day, oh well life is a bitch.
  5. The Helix build (video series)

    Now that makes me feel a little better as the video made it look so quick and easy, As I said before that inlay is the dogs ........awesome work a joy to watch. Not sure if you are brave or foolish working in your shop in bare feet, if that was me i'd be sure to drop something on them or stub my toe on some piece of crap on the floor.
  6. The Helix build (video series)

    That is some impressive work, makes me feel like a ham fisted amature but a joy to watch anyway.
  7. The Helix build (video series)

    I only have one problem with your vidoes, you make it look so easy. Really nice work man
  8. Even though I was in the computer game for quite a few years I am crap at using them, I made myself a ligt box a while back and although I've not used it for guitars it's been used for many projects over the months, great for copying and adapting other peoples plans/patterns and there is something satifiying about creating designs with good old fashioned pencil and paper.
  9. Pickguard pens

    It's just my bad photography in fact they are sitting on a sheet of white paper.
  10. Pickguard pens

    I was having a bit of a clear up in my shop a few days ago and found a small piece of black/white pickguard, instead of trashing it I opted for a experiment. after cutting it on my band saw and laminating it into a pen blank, I then turned it on my lathe, the shavings were then used together with clear resin to mould a second pen blank.
  11. First Build - The "Nozcaster"

    I'm not sure I can wait for the final reveal, How about some more photo's, after all we like photo's, lots of photo's
  12. Wow time flies and life just got in the way of this build and I must admit that another little project distracted me as well. Guitar building (and other recent projects) have involved attacking stationary wood with fast spinning sharp pieces of metal and I fancied attacking fast spinning wood with stationary sharp pieces of metal. I haven't done this for about 50 years, anyway using an old washing machine motor I built a wood turning lathe. Having absolutely no turning skill I played with this for a couple of months and it worked quite well but it did have some limitations so using my kids inheritance I splashed out for this. Sorry I digress back to my build, yesterday I glued on the fret board And today I trimmed it up using my router. I finally got to use my radius jig which worked out quite well. I cut out the body on my band saw and routed it using my template and routed the neck pocket, I got so focused on the job in hand I forgot to take pictures. Some time ago I cut out a MOP inlay for the headstock, it was my first attempt at this and while I was quite pleased with the result for a first attempt I'm not sure if it's good enough to use. I'll think on that for a while.
  13. A lot of wood turners use thin C A as a finish and when done properly can result is a spectacular finish. I did experiment with it once but failed to use a mask and the fumes were overpowering.
  14. wow that's incredible