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    Fanned Fret Accuracy

    Hi, I lost a Nut I'd made for a Custom Fanned Fret guitar I've built and have to make a new one. This got me to thinking . and has raised a few doubts in my mind about the benefits of Fanned Frets.... My main concern is that as string separation tapers from Bridge to Nut due to the smaller Nut width / larger bridge width, this means that on a conventional fret board the string angle of the outer strings will cause the intersection of the fret and string to not accurately match the correct fret spacing as the string is angled across the frets rather than perpendicular to them. However the difference looks to be so small as to be insignificant - in the 0.01 mm ball-park. On a Fanned Fret Guitar on the other-hand, I assume that the two different scales are measured along the outer strings with the frets slots cut between these two points for each fret position. In this case the centre line will be inaccurately fretted and the outer strings correctly fretted. I'm concerned that because the frets are angled on a fanned fret guitar, that these small differences that affect the inner strings will exaggerate the difference between ideal and actual fret/string intersection. Would this be a problem?