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  1. Decided not to update every step of the way as I am running a business and a lot of my builds tend to look very similar at this stage, so here's a jump forward to where we are now... On the workbench... The current custom batch all machined, routed and drilled, and now ready for handcarving the necks and body contouring. These include that 15/16ths size Strat body seen in my last post, two DCs, one SS, that pointy KX4 in the background (stock build) and a KM2 (no body yet). I'll start posting more as they are completed
  2. 15/16ths size custom Strat body complete with cavities and neck profiled, all ready for some good ol' hand carving in a couple of weeks... Moving on to the next build tomorrow
  3. Almost went with cream/aged pickups and chrome hardware for a real vintage/80s hair metal vibe but decided to take it modern with the white/black instead, but yes, I see where you're coming from
  4. Thank you again for your positive words Must admit, being my first "handcrafted" build since the decisions I'd made end of last year (and now gone back on), this one is up there as one of my favourites at the moment. Not as "metal" as I'd like to be going with my guitar designs but the combination of the metallic blue body and Black Walnut neck is stunning... And, coincidentally, this one is up for sale right now (sorry, won't post details here in case I get banned or something)
  5. Thank you Norris Yes, I agree on the colour combination. Originally off/vintage white, I thought the blue and Walnut worked really well
  6. Why thank you, Mr ScottR. That's 10 years of full-time building for ya... although it hasn't been without its moments - the Pinky Dinky being one of the most memorable, of course
  7. I'm in the deepest, darkest reaches of Cornwall, not far from the Lizard.
  8. Excellent. I see you're in the UK too so if you're ever stuck for anything then feel free to give me a shout
  9. Nice work! Hurry up and get that workshop ready
  10. Kemp Guitars' latest handcrafted offering is complete - Alder archtop DC body, Black Walnut neck with flat U profile and our brand new "straight-pull" string angle design headstock, Ebony fretboard, Gotoh tune-o-matic bridge and 381 Series tuners, Kent Armstrong Super Distortion (bridge) and IronGear's award-winning Texas Loco (neck) pickups, Graph Tech TUSQ nut and stunning metallic matte "Intense Blue" finish... Loving that blue combined with the Walnut neck
  11. Kemp Guitars' comeback-DC complete. More pics and full spec coming tomorrow...
  12. Sorry I didn't see your post sooner, looks like email notifications have been switched off. Firstly, thank you for the comment on the green strat Regarding finishing, standard procedure on all my builds: grain fill and sealer, then filler primer (sanded smooth with 400 grit) then regular grey or white primer (sanded back with 400 grit) followed by top coat. This can be anything from 1k Acrylic in a can to 2k Polyurethane shot from a gun. Sand the top coat flat with 600 grit once that's dried then I use SprayMax 2k Polyurethane Matte clear coat (one dust coat then two wet coats). Done correctly, theres nothing more to do. If you get orange peel or any dust in it, you'll have to sand flat (600 grit) and give it another wet coat. I know this is quite vague but let me know if there's any specific details you need
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