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  1. Sizing up the scratchplate for the final time before spraying clear coat. Will be putting the Seymour Duncan TB-15 (Alternative 8) into this one...
  2. It's on... The Kiwi Green top coat, that is. Strat body sprayed this morning. Nearly there with this one now
  3. Decided to post a bit more regular with this build as it's the last one I intend to do as stock in the traditional Strat style. That said, unlike my other recent builds in this style, this one has not been machined or shaped at all using CNC, it's completely handcrafted and therefore has some significant, yet subtle, differences. Something about a standard Strat nut I don't like, so giving this neck a 1/4" thick GraphTech TUSQ XL nut
  4. A new week in the shop and today was spent finishing up sanding out the handcrafted carve on my latest (and last) Skunk-stripe neck - they look good but those few minutes of anxiety whilst routing into the back of the neck is too much. This one also has a one-off headstock shape as seen on recent mock ups...
  5. Thanks, yes, glad to be back. I'm one of these people that hates sitting around doing nothing... That was more the worst bit, not being able to get into the shop for three weeks! Yeah, had to go hardtail on the Kiwi Green build after running into difficulties mounting the Lockmeister correctly with the bridge HB routed. Selling the tremolo now.
  6. Finally back in the shop full-time after a month off to flu and a house move. Quick update on where I am right now. Currently finishing up sanding this handcrafted Strat ready for spraying... Then once this one is done, I'll be moving on to some proper Kemp-like builds, including some new custom work
  7. Thanks mistermikev. Sorry, only just seen your post - not been online much the past month due to flu and house move. Back online now... note also the spec change to that latest Strat build
  8. Doesn't seem to many who are aware of this... CITES Standing Committee to exempt “finished musical instruments”, “finished musical instrument parts” and “finished musical instrument accessories” from its licensing requirements... http://mmrmagazine.com/mmr-global/mmr-global-gear/breakthrough-at-latest-cites-meeting/
  9. So it's 2019 and Kemp Guitars has been building for 10 years now. During my time away from the forums throughout the second half of 2018, there were a couple of changes made as a result of my increasingly painful back/shoulders, and I had decided to start using CNC machined bodies and necks. After speaking to a couple of potential companies who could do the work for me (as I didn't have the funds or CNC knowledge to do it myself) it became apparent that my options would be limited if I wanted to keep costs to an acceptable level. This would see me making nothing but Strat or Tele style builds - such as this Metallic Purple guitar... Yeah, it was fun taking these traditional shapes/styling and turning them into something... well, less traditional, but it really wasn't what I wanted to be doing long-term, and, unfortunately, the costs of incorporating my own body shapes, etc into the CNC work was going to be too high - and definitely not a cost I could justify passing on to my clients. Over the past week, as I lay indoors recovering from flu, I decided that I just couldn't do it and Kemp Guitars had to remain the way it should be for the boutique custom guitar manufacturer... handcrafted bodies and necks... NO CNC! So, having decided against using the CNC Stratocaster's, I did have one last Strat planned. This will be a handcrafted build and it will be finished in Kiwi Green - as unofficially voted for on my social media posts. I will continue with this one next week, as soon as I've recovered from this damn flu-virus
  10. KempGuitars

    Hi - Starting building #6

    Hey, That's one of my DCs, not based on anything else Not sure what Ben's formula is for the Crimson Finishing Oil but the results you're getting from the sanding sealer/wipe-on Poly look good.
  11. Thanks mistermikev Plenty more one-pup builds in my galleries... And to be build soon!
  12. KempGuitars

    Hi - Starting building #6

    Mmmm… Ziricote and Black Limba combo *drooools* Nice work dude What finish did you use? Doesn't look like it's finished. I know ScottR mentioned a downside to using oil on Ziricote earlier in your thread, but worked okay on one I did a while back using Tru-Oil...
  13. I couldn't leave you all indefinitely Reading back on my ProjectGuitars threads/posts I decided to make everything look pretty again [fixing broken image links] and continue where I left off. There will be a 2019 thread coming soon [this is my 10th year anniversary] but I thought I'd complete this "final" 2018 thread with one of the last stock builds I did before deciding to go "CNC" - more on that soon! Towards the end of 2018, I decided to reinstate the KM2 and built this 7-string version - full spec: Mahogany archtop body, Wenge/Bocote neck, Purpleheart fretboard, Super Distortion pup and WD Music/Gotoh hardware... Look out for that 2019 thread soon
  14. KempGuitars

    Kemp Guitars 2017-18 Build Thread

    Another Kemp Guitars thread updated [broken links fixed]… Enjoy
  15. KempGuitars

    Kemp Guitars - 2016 Build thread

    FYI. Revisiting some old forum threads and decided to spend the last hour updating broken image links. All fixed now if anyone's still interested in reading the old Kemp threads On to the next one...