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  1. KempGuitars

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Thanks Mr Natural
  2. KempGuitars

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    All that Flame Maple ^ Has now become this, Kemp's latest creation... Full spec: Custom 6-string SS leftie, Black Limba body with Flame Maple top, 5-pce Wenge/Ash neck, Ziricote fretboard, Gotoh fixed bridge, Gotoh 381 Magnum Lock tuners, Bare Knuckle Pickups "Ragnarok" covered set and matte trans Blue/natural Poly finish
  3. KempGuitars

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Well, yeah, as any good builder does, I keep master copies of templates and have devised various jigs/setups for processes such as truss rod channels, etc. Those processes and details are then reproduced accurately and clean on every build :) I don't use much binding nowadays but it does look good around the Flame Maple. Got another build coming up wrapped in binding too :D
  4. KempGuitars

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Thanks P TBH, this one is pretty much the same shape and size as the Dinky so it's a tried and tested design.
  5. KempGuitars

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    A quick update on what I'm working on right now - left-handed, bound Flame Maple and Ziricote
  6. KempGuitars

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Two favourites - Macassar Ebony and Ziricote - slotted, tapered and now glued to necks...
  7. KempGuitars

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Sounds interesting. Hope you get the issues resolved and it all works out well... Then let us know ☺
  8. KempGuitars

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    It's never perfectly flat (like it would if I sanded it) but I like it and so do those who own one of my matte finish guitars. This is what allowed me start spraying again. I had issues with workload in the past when doing gloss finishes. Not only does matte clear take less time to cure, but it's ready to go as soon as it's cured - avoiding all that wet sanding and polishing... And I love the matte look ☺ I don't really have any experience with other matte clear coat products or techniques for creating a matte (or satin) finish from gloss. How are these tests coming along?
  9. KempGuitars

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Thanks Prostheta. There is a slight texture to the clear coat. If I'm honest, this one (being a stock build) was rushed a bit. It notices visually but you don't feel it.
  10. KempGuitars

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Before I get on with this lot... Why not enjoy my latest "bridge-only-pickup" build in the fantastic Kiwi Green... Full spec: Poplar body, Maple three-piece bolt-on neck w/ non-reversed head, Richlite fretboard, WD Music fixed bridge, Gotoh 381 Series Magnum Lock tuners, Kent Armstrong Super Distortion pickup and, of course, that Kiwi Green finish
  11. KempGuitars

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Hey guys, Trying to keep out of the sun and heat, the coolest place in the house right now is the office so I thought I'd go through some recent photos and post a general "what I'm up to at the moment" So, there are a few custom builds and a couple of stock builds in progress at the moment. All early days apart from one which I sprayed yesterday and is ready for clear coat tomorrow. Remember this colour? I had to do it again... The other builds are just started with blanks machined, body shapes routed and scarf joints ready to glue. Includes some Flame Maple, Quilted Maple, Swamp Ash and more tasty wood-goodness... And believe it or not, in nine years of building, this is the first time I've made a Flame Maple neck...
  12. KempGuitars

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Not to worry, the guitar is gone now but thank you. I did think I should've drawn a diagram before sending but it's going to be looked at by someone else now
  13. KempGuitars

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Thanks for responding... And for your kind words. Don't know if it has anything to do with it or not bur effectively there was (is) two circuits in the guitar... Fishmans each to their own vol/voice push-pull, wired to a 3 way toggle selector switch. Switch to tone pot then wired to a 2-way mini switch. The Lollar single coil wired to its own vol pot then to the 2-way mini switch. The 2-way switch is wired to the jack. I would've thought switching to the Lollar would completely cut the Fishman circuit and give us the Lollar output, and vice versa. It didn't. There was nothing from the Lollar. Selecting the Fishman circuit, I had both neck and bridge live, regardless of the position of the 3-way switch. The volume, tone and voicing push-pulls had no effect whatsoever. There is also the Fishman USB charger pack installed. Positive connected to both pickups, ground to the Fishman tone (where I also took the ground to bridge) and a third "switch" wire also connected to the jack (I assume kills the battery pack when no jack plugged in). This means there was never a complete break in the circuit, regardless of the 2-way switch position, but it was only the battery positive and ground connected to the Fishman circuit. The output was still going through the 2-way mini switch. Is it. Possible something was amiss here? Hope that all makes sense
  14. KempGuitars

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Yeah, does look good. Fishman do singles, ironically, but my client wanted the Lollar
  15. KempGuitars

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Yes, learnt that now No more active/passive setups. I hate wiring as it is. Anyways, the guitar is going tomorrow and my client is going to get someone else to look at it. Not my ideal departure for a guitar but it was his suggestion.