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  1. Can pot taper be adjusted?

    Sorry about my ambiguity. Trying to put words to this. Nothing much from 0-7 - then too fast from 7-10. All the pots including the tone. I used 500k CTS Pro pots from stewmac, https://goo.gl/5p19oC I don't know if they are logarithmic or linear. The pots used in Jems are Ibanez, 500k. I've never heard these terms used with pots - and did some searches without any luck. I have used Bournes 500k pots in my Jem builds and they were ok, but don't know if they are lin or log. https://goo.gl/P4WDLy
  2. Would you be so kind to help me find these at McMaster-Carr? I have an account there - so would like to try this great idea on my builds. Thanks!
  3. I just finished a custom build of an Ibanez Destroyer - dual humbuckers with 500 cts pro pots, 1 tone control with a 220 orange drop cap. Pushback and shielded old school wiring. I had great fun doing a french polish on it! Sounds great, and is very quiet - but I just don't like the taper on these pots. My main players are my ibanez jems, and their taper is very smooth and even. Is there anything I can do to make them work better across their full range? Thanks!
  4. Inexpensive Table Protectors!

    I have great results from a yoga mat, and I don't even need to cut it up. When I get done, i go into a Downward Dog, and renew my vitalenergy!