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  1. Curtisa, Thank you for your input. Might I add that you kick ass as well. Back to work.......
  2. Just a follow up the two bottom outside red wires are from the Pick ups, the middle red wire is coming form one of the poles on the Volume pot.
  3. So I have an Ibanez RG320 that I am fixing up. I have the Dimarzio's that were used in the Charvel San Dimas Re-Issue Circa 1995. They are labeled J152 and J158. Everything I read online says these Ibanez RG320's should have a 5 way switch however it looks as though I have a 3 way. There are only 3 positions that it will go to and there are 7 poles on it(7 places to attach wires). This is my first time to wire up a guitar and it looks as though I can keep most of the wiring that the previous person had done, however I am unsure exactly how to wire to the switch since i cant find a diagram online that looks exactly like mine. I have attached the red wires coming from the dimarzios to the switch where I think they should go and have the Black and White wires together and taped up. but not exactly sure where to run my grounds, and what to do with the greens. Of course I have 1 tone pot and 1 volume pot as well. I just don't want to do it completely wrong and all I can find online are switches that look to have 6 poles or 8 poles all in a straight line. Its very frustrating and I am about to go full r***rd and thrash everything in my apt. Please help.
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