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  1. Chinaberry Six

    While rehabilitatin' I have been putzing around the shop (but not cleaning it up ) making a body size router-planer box. I hope to get back to hand planning, but unless I can miraculously procure and find space for a flatness sander, this should get the job done. I am in the process of putting together the slide using nylon rollers for smooth operation (I hope). The holes are for M6 bolts to hold down shim plates and locator blocks.Will let you know if it works as expected.
  2. Chinaberry Six

    Three months later ... Well, the holidays were great, two waves of kids/grandkids visiting Japan, blah-blah. About two months ago went down to plane the bodies, and ... ARGGgHHhHH! Old tendinitis flared up (motorcycles for 45+ years, carpenter 35+ years, "Kamikaze" downhill racer 5+ years), so thought to give it a rest. But it just kept getting worse. Started at right thumb, numbness and pain, then inside right elbow, weakness and pain, now right index finger, all-of-the-above. Doctor gave me a corticosteroid/lidocaine shot in the thumb, thought it was getting better until last week ... but, NO! Yesterday got another shot in the elbow, drew several vials for rheumatism blood tests, took a gazillion X-rays, then pushed me into the "rehabilitation room" and hooked me up to "The Machine" from The Princess Bride. I go back next week for another round. SighI'll be back ...
  3. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    Thankee Very Much! Hope to get going on the next Chinaberry 6 and a Multiscale Short Scale Bass soon, but fighting pretty severe tendinitis in my right arm/hand. While I love using hand tools, I may have to use power router sled and box, and power sanders more. (sigh) (some may think it's weird, but I kinda like handplanes and sanding blocks) Cheers!
  4. 24 Magnum

    A well-deserved win!!
  5. Chinaberry Six

    Not jealous enough! ... after that I returned to Japan and bought a Yamaha RZ-250 and bought the upgrade parts to make it the water-cooled RD-350WC. Next a Kawasaki Mach V 750 triple. After a few large-bore 4-strokes, I “went home to Momma” and bought the Honda NSR-250R/R and tuned it to track spec. Gotta love 2-stroke street bikes! (fell in love after borrowing a friend’s ‘71 Mach III 500 ... whine/rattle/clang ... Zoooom off in a cloud of blue smoke!!) Got old, ride a Harley Super Glide now.
  6. Chinaberry Six

    Top side is pretty flat, the underside still needs to come down about 1mm at the edges ... sure wish I had access to a thicknesser. But not complaining, I enjoy working with wood. The joint is nice, and a splash of naphtha makes for some "silver ghosts."
  7. Chinaberry Six

    Cool! Learned a new character today ... and so did my Japanese wife. Indeed, that character is Japanese, not Chinese ... but very old. It doesn’t mean the Chinaberry tree so much as it means “the large round tree that folks gather around harmoniously.” It is actually more commonly used to mean the main rafter in a house. The character we use now is more the name of the lumber used by woodworkers and artisan, and the character you found is more of a poetic thing. But @Norris, you don’t need to be excused! I really appreciate the input, my friend. I’m afraid a complicated Kanji like that is beyond my abilities to make a sound hole ... perhaps just carved into the wood. Either way, my daughter comes tomorrow, and we’ll see what she wants.
  8. Chinaberry Six

    The biggest single purchase for this build ... TV Jones Filter-Tron Brian Setzer Signature for neck. "Attitude with a Dynamic Punch!" Was considering a something less expensive, but this just goes so well with the black/chrome theme that I halved with the Limba 6.
  9. Chinaberry Six

    My first shot at resawing for a top ... a piece of Kaede (Japanese Maple). Well, that little fence was a disaster, but was able to get four very uneven slices ... which immediately warped. The wood was dry as a bone, but cupped. I was able to join two pieces, and though some places are 11mm thick, some 6mm, I think I will be able to get a top 5mm thick ... which is what I wanted. I sincerely hope it doesn't potato chip any more. To smooth and thin, I'm using a vintage Stanley No.80 cabinet scraper my kids got for me. My first time to use a this kind of tool, but I like it a lot. It certainly produces nice shavings, and it's going pretty fast. I'll post better pictures after (if ) I'm done but this wood is very shiny ... almost silver. The grain is nothing special and the figure a bit unusual, but it is from Japan, so a nice gift for my kid. (just a personal note, but you can see my daughter and baby grandson on Hawaii Five-0's last episode S08E10 ... she's usually directing, but they needed a nurse and a baby, so ... )
  10. Chinaberry Six

    Hmmm ... Kanji characters might work, but I have no idea what that character is! The Chinaberry here in Japan is 栴檀 (pronounced sendan) and is melia azedarach. The correct Chinese characters would be 楝树. The bottom part of that character is indeed "tree," but the rest is ...? Btw, your Nozzcaster is fantastic! Good thing the Limba 6 is not ready for GOTM ... would not want to go up against your Blue Beauty!
  11. Chinaberry Six

    @Norris, I love it! But ... Before I get into why it won't work, let me first say that in the 70s I went to the University of Hawaii for a few years, and rode a tricked out Yamaha RD-350 with a Japanese Imperial Navy flag flying off the front axle (gulp). I was really disrespectful toward Dad, who joined the US Navy on December 8th, 1941, and a LOT of vets and active duty service folks there. Not real proud about that time of my life, but made amends with Dad some years later. My father-in law served in the Japanese Imperial Army at an observation post in Manchuria for almost a decade ... and never laid eyes on any enemy soldiers! He and Dad and I all got along very well. This is the personal context. ... the guitar is going to my daughter, US/Japan dual citizen, and she and I both love your Rising Sun emblem, but the church that she will play this guitar is in my other daughter's home, with a big picture window overlooking Pearl Harbor. Some guests to the church are vets or active duty, so it's probably best to stay away from potential (ahem) issues of historical significance. After a little more reflection, I think the most compatible emblem to go with Mt. Fuji would be (drum roll please) ... Sakura! The cherry blossom is often recognized as a symbol of Japan, and AFAIK has no negative connotation. Tada~~~! Sakura and Sakura Plus variations.
  12. Chinaberry Six

    @Mr Natural Needs some work, but might be interesting! (I'm all into "interesting!")
  13. Chinaberry Six

    That is a great idea!! It would have to be done freehand in Paint ... and I'm not very art-savvy .
  14. Chinaberry Six

    Just a few ideas, horribly drawn. All are exaggerated, and Paint doesn't edit well ... but you get the idea.
  15. Chinaberry Six

    Finally spent a little time with MSPaint to settle a few things. Had several ideas for pickups, but looks like I will stick with the original plan ... a TV Jones in the neck position. Will probably have a push-pull pot for single coil/humbucker selection. Aggressive weight relief in the Chinaberry body, then a thin, flat top ... depends on how well I do resawing with my hobby bandsaw. I am thinking about a hole (or holes) in the top, so will start sketching. f-holes might work with this body shape, but I have a clean sheet ... any ideas? (even considering a larg-ish round or oval hole between bridge and pickup) I'd appreciate any input, but will probably bounce it off my daughter before committing ... she will be here for the holidays! Cheers!