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  1. Chinaberry Six

    Cranked up the router table and taped on the template from the Limba 6 to all three blanks. One will be for this build, and the other two for a bit of experimentation. I would like to see if this shape will lend itself to semi-hollow, carved top, and countoured guitars. This build will be a 628mm straight scale using the Hipshot bridge, but I might explore a TOM bridge with a slight neck angle ... or whatever. Cheers!
  2. Chinaberry Six

    Finally got to use my new bandsaw! The 5mm blade worked okay, but I will definitely want to get the 3mm blade for this kind of work ... took some doing inside the horns. This is a hobby-level machine, but so much nicer than using a handsaw or jigsaw. This Chinaberry apparently not what many North Americans are used to. I've had two people tell me they would have never considered this wood for a guitar, and handed them my two basses ... they were surprised they were not Balsa-soft and dead when tapped. This piece is also quite sturdy ... about the same weight as a light piece of African Mahogany, and makes a nice, healthy, lively sound when knocked on. By the way, I did say before that this was a BIG slab of wood, right? It was a failure as a table, with a full-length, crooked pith right down the middle. But I was (barely) able to squeeze three blanks out of it, and have enough straight stock for two necks ... and it seems pretty stable. One pic is lightly sanded, the other is with a bit of white gasoline (naphtha) wiped on ... very red or pink! Come to think of it, I think the auction blurb mentioned that.
  3. Chinaberry Six

    Talked with my daughter today, and gave her a few choices ... Thin solid body, sculpted, contoured and "stratified," or hollowed out and capped "a la thinline." She chose the latter, so hauled out this piece of wood I found buried in a pile. Took a while to find out what it was advertised as when I picked it up on auction ... seller called it "nikki" (cinnamomum okinawense) which is Japanese for Cinnamon. Camphor is also of the genus cinnamomum, but this doesn't look like any Camphor Laurel I can find. http://www.wood-database.com/camphor/ I suppose I will know what it is when I resaw it ... both should have a very distinct fragrance!
  4. Chinaberry Six

    Not a lot set for this build yet, except the name, the body wood (unless it has a cap) and the other Padauk Mt. Fuji neck from my Limba 6 build. Pretty good chance that this one will be carried to Hawaii for my daughter. More details as the vision matures. Meanwhile ...
  5. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    And especially for @Mr Natural ...
  6. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    Twas a rotten day, but rain is coming ... The strap is a gift from my ohana daughter especially for this guitar. A little gaudy, but works well, IMHO . Recap: White Limba body, Paduak neck, Wenge fretboard, Padauk garnish everywhere. 628~648mm (approximately 24-3/4"~25.5") multiscale, TV Jones Filter'Tron Classic Plus single pickup, mixed Black/Chrome Hipshot hardware, 45 degree string-through, and .... snow-capped Mt. Fuji headstock .
  7. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    We~l~l, Mt. Vesuvius erupted and turned to ash. Too much heat from the plug cutter, me guesses. I made another using a long 2-3mm taper drill bit drilled halfway into a chunk of Padauk, then with the drill spinning put it against the belt sander. No smoke, no drama, new Mt. Vesuvius in 2 minutes ... this one not crispy. This is my Controls Cavity Cover Magnetic Attachment Pole Height Adjuster Pedestal. No kidding. Using a single neodymium 5mm magnet to hold the Padauk controls cavity cover, like my two Chinaberry basses ... but this one is much, much cooler! Just get the cover about an inch away, and it snaps in place very nicely. Push the left corner and it pops right off.
  8. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    Another Padauk Tone Enhancement Contraption in the works ... ... looks like Mt. Vesuvius!
  9. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    Fifth application of Odie's Oil, and it's probably not going to make much difference to put on more. This is not Tung Oil or TruOil ... it's not made to build up and fill the grain which is fine for me. Except ... part of me wants to know what a few coats of opaque-ish amber lacquer would look like. Anyone know if Odie's Oil can be lacquered? (for future reference) Did string it up to test intonation, and was relieved to find that bass E was good, but very close to the saddle spring binding. I knew that the Hipshot 11 degree was a bit shallow for my 7th fret perpendicular multiscale, but the 18 degree too much angle. 15 degree would have been perfect, but no such animal available. Next time (?!?) I know what to do ... Live (build) and learn.
  10. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    (Eerie background music ... and Rod Serling’s voice saying, “There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.”)
  11. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    Went downstairs to my shop, and under LED light ... first pic is the other side of that bridge/ring, subsequent pics are the neck, a different piece of wood. So, we have clear growth rings, somewhat patterned open grain, and random mineral streaks. Then we have a pronounced chatoyance, bright red to dark blood red. Then those "whatevers," that look almost like machine marks, very regular, but they are also chatoyant ... moving side to side makes the light/dark reverse color. "Whatever" it is, it's pretty! FWIW, I don't think rays, because I don't see them fan spreading or widening. Fortunately, I don't seem to be allergic to Padauk, and I like the spicy aroma. It's IS a bit on the heavy side ... I think I'll carve the other neck to a slim profile, a thinner headstock, and 22 frets ... which is all my daughter needs.
  12. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    A few shots of Padauk whatever-it-is ... ... and incredibly elusive to my iPhone's auto-focus!
  13. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    Oh, yeah ... for @Mr Natural
  14. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    Mockup Time! Still several applications (guess "coats" doesn't work) of Odie's Oil to go, but had to do a mockup to confirm bridge location and nut height (more honestly, to drool over my own build, and get a sense for balance and feel). Looks like weight will be a little over/under 8 pounds (3.65g). I wasn't really shooting for light weight, though Limba IS a light wood, but wanted a full 2 inches (51mm) of body thickness. I could have thinned the body, made a larger controls cavity, or even taken off a tummy cut and arm contour ... but that would have made it too "stratty" (thought that might happen on Padauk Mt.Fuji #2 ).