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  1. Pariahrob's build log

    Small update. More oil costs done. I’m planning two more to get to the final sheen I’m after. You can see the finish front and back in these shots along with my output jack. You can see my cavity cover too which is made from an oddly figured piece of maple stained the same mix as the top. The hole is for the usb charging socket.
  2. First Build, so many lessons learned

    That’s coming on really nicely. Good save on the pickup cavities. You’d never know. The carving looks great even unfinished so will look killer once you’re done.
  3. Pariahrob's build log

    Short day in the studio and had to focus on some animation work but did get a little time on the Llyr. Ivectrimmed the fingerboard tobthe neck and started shaping the part that lies behind the zero fret. I’m basically copying the shape of the end of the head but exposing the three piece neck. This is purely aesthetic. The main section of ebony there needs to be lowered so theres suitable break angle between the zero fret and locking nuts. Not quite sure if I’ll curve this like a Strat or do a straight drop the nuts can butt up against.
  4. JimF's First Build!

    Couldn’t agree more. Break it down into small neatvtasks and take care with your measurements and cuts and you’ll do just great.
  5. First Build, so many lessons learned

    My current build has a similar issue. My template shifted as I was cutting the pickup cavity. I’m going for a stain and oil finish with no pickup rings so decided to repair. I spent some time looking through the iffcuts of the top and managed to match the grain closeish. Sharp chisel and a small square cut out, filled with the matching offcut then rerouted. It’s not perfect to my eye but hopefully will pass scrutiny. Just know that there are ways around mishaps but it’s probably you who notices. Everyone else will be wowed by your skills.
  6. Pariahrob's build log

    Happy to give my opinion of it. I went for the rack version for recording and have it loaded up with some great IRs already. Only had it a couple of days but already know it’s a remarkable piece of gear. Veryvtouch redponsive and ‘playable’. ive a few tube amps, bought and built, and I have a feeling they might get a lot less love.
  7. JimF's First Build!

    Nice assortment of materials you have there. Keep an eye on that tulipwood. It can be soft in places and needs care not to chew itself up when you route. Slow and steady will get you there though. Templates are not cheating and a preslotted board isn’t a bad thing for your first build. Good luck and prepare to be bitten by the build bug!
  8. Pariahrob's build log

    I keep looking at this photo and wondering why it looks odd. I think it’s because it’s headless the neck looks too short!
  9. Off-set custom creation

    Love this! It’s been said but great styling, excellent finishing and the staining was a fantastic choice.
  10. First Build, so many lessons learned

    My semi hollow body did the same. An odd change of humidity can do all kinds. Lucky it sprang back. Carve looks great and suits that wenge perfectly.
  11. Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    That’s gorgeous! That’s great work but cool materials too. I’m surprised how red that leopard wood looks. Very tasty!
  12. Searls Guitars - 2015

    Impressive stuff! Wish my finishing was as good as that.
  13. Pariahrob's build log

    Ok. Small progress. Cut the fret slots using the new jig. It’s a solidly built piece of gear and works well. Very nicely machined and fits together well. I’ve mounted mine to some mdf so I can clamp it to my desk. Ill write a proper review at some point but for now I thought I’d share that it works and works well. It’s not quite perfect but is pretty close. I don’t use templates but this works with stew Mac ones. The clamps are brilliant and work well and I’m so glad I opted for this version. Anyway slots are cut so moved on the glue the board to the neck. I used a couple of small nails to stop it slipping on glue up the clamped up with a couple of cauls to spread the pressure. I’m getting there slowly! Next up trim the board, radius and fret, then carve the neck, before writing it all up and plugging in to my new helix!
  14. Pariahrob's build log

    Not much to share as I’ve been away hosting an event this week. However I did return to find my new fret slot miter box had arrived. It’s similar to the one g and w make but with the addition of hold down clamps for the board. Let me know if you’re interested in a review and I’ll make some. Let’s as I put it through it’s paces.
  15. Rickenbacker Restoration

    Out of those options nitro would be my preference for how it ages. Poly for ease if application (wipe on) but my favourite finish is oil and wax. Maybe not as protective but easy to apply and you can decide to stop whenever you’re happy, from a slight satin sheen to a high gloss.