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  1. Pariahrob's build log

    Thanks everyone! I've not been able to either do much building or get online the last couple of weeks but really appreciate the support. Superstrat build is is progressing very slowly. Fingerboard is slotted and glued on. I might even trim andcradius it today. If so photos will follow.
  2. Pariahrob's build log

    No way!!!! i just saw I won guitar of the month! That's so amazingly exciting. Thank you so much to anybody who voted. I'm seriously touched.
  3. Pariahrob's build log

    Thanks so much Andy. Was amazing feeling to see. The feedback from the artist was amazing too. Tomorrow im meeting Cerys Matthews bassist to talk about building him one!!!!!!!!!
  4. Pariahrob's build log

    Back to current builds and the superstrat I'm building continues after a break. I'm currently slotting the finger board. Love this ziricote!
  5. Pariahrob's build log

    Thanks guys! I was pretty nervous about it. Had thoughts if the neck falling off mid set and all sorts. He loved it though so all good and has definitely given me more confidence in my abilities.
  6. First Acoustic. Not exactly a guitar...

    Good wife indeed! i know a chap who gets great results on basses and cellos by putting them in a tanning booth. They come out looking suitably aged Instruments. Not wives.
  7. Pariahrob's build log

    Well that went well. Feedback was it sounded clear, deep and punchy. Played well with lovely neck, so can't ask for more. Heres a snap of Marshall I Henry playing it on the pyramid stage! Very humbled to have one of my instruments used here not just in my little studio.
  8. Pariahrob's build log

    I'm a fan too! Just picked up a goldtop les paul with p90s and it sounds plain rude. Absolutely love it. In in other news my jazz style bass has been reworked and will be on the pyramid stage at Glastonbury tomorrow and then in a special set for the BBC at 7pm if you're interested in seeing and hearing it. Not sure if I posted pics already (and too lazy to search my thread) so here it is in all it's glory.
  9. Pariahrob's build log

    So I applied some very thin ca, based on tests on offcuts and I think that's a better solution. Alm good now and the body is ready, other than some small refinements. Started marking out hardware but question for you all. I was going to go for a single bl500xl in the bridge position but I have a lovely p90 that I'm debating for the neck. Still not sure which way to go. Thoughts?
  10. Pariahrob's build log

    I decided to continue testing on offcuts from my top blank. The thinned shellac seems to have penetrated a fair way but after routing a test pickup cavity ibthink it could do with the ca too. Routers aren't kind and the added stability can only be good. Lesson on learned. I think the shellac method would work perfectly for drop tops but this is way thicker. Onwards!
  11. KEA 2017 builds

    Very nice work. The build is great but I'm most impressed by the finish. Really vibrant and smooth.
  12. Pariahrob's build log

    Thanks for the thoughts guys. It was a spirit based application which was very thin. I have piecebif scrap that he tested and that now feels very solid. Mum more than happy to apply some ca if it's needed but I think he was right. All feels super stable but I'm yet to route any cavities. That will be the telltale moment. Fingers crossed! ps. I'm still undecided about the monkey grip. Argh!
  13. Pariahrob's build log

    Neither did I. A friend who builds classical instruments showed me how and seems to have worked. It was very thin and just seemed to suck into the wood.
  14. Pariahrob's build log

    @pan_kara I didn't before the rough shaping but have now. There are a few ways to do, including specialised resins/polymers that you heat to shellac (which I used as my timber is pretty stable). You can even use thin superglue at a push but not sure how well that would penetrate.
  15. Pariahrob's build log

    Yeah, me too. My gut says bolt on but that's more as it feels in keeping with the whole hot rodded strat type thing.