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  1. Dunno wot de smeg has gone on while i could'nt get in much, But, I guess i am a hobbyist, I don't make a living from doing re-fins, which is my main area, that and set-ups, and elecs Jer, your not an asshole Rob
  2. I'm entering the comicbook :-) Have fun, Oh and theres more pics on my site, For a little back ground info ... Comments welcome Rob
  3. I'm gonna enter my rg7 custom, I know it'll get no votes coz the other works are fantastic, But hey It's all good fun And Specs : Universe Neck, Blaze Pickups and black hardware, Body binding is black/white/black 3 ply and veneered top is trans ceder stain, Back and sides are black to match and keep in line with the headstock, the middle s/coil i had to route free hand which is why it's a little differant to the standard ibanez s/coil shape The top is my 2nd ever and my first go at binding, I'm happy with it and it looks stunning in the flesh Good luck everyone Rob
  4. Can i post an unfinished project? I dunno i'm just dumb and still new here Rob
  5. Thanks guys,I was kinda embaressed about putting on here But your comments are cool Rob
  6. I dunno,if these 2 are worthy of some of the fantastci work here,I'm genuinely inspired by all of the work i have seen on this site ... You're all an inspiration to me to better my workmanship Here they are Jem7MBK (oringinally 450 body,550neck,genuine pbk scratchplate,chrome DiMarzio Evo's,chrome hardware,and Duncan sds-1,Textured Black*metallic*) And Jem7DPV (originally rg560,DiMarzio Paf-Pro's and hs-2 s/coil,550ltd scratchplate,Textured ParmaViolet colour) Any comments are welcome,as is any advice *like give up* :-) Regards Rob
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