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  1. Agave Spirit

    Power Tools - Bandsaw and Planer questions in particular

    Agree with all on the Bandsaw. I have a Laguna 14" and it works great; however, I always go to my table saw for ripping and some crosscuts. I have a Jet standing drill press, Dewalt makes an excellent and affordable planer (DW735). You can upgrade it later to a Byrd shelix blade. Keep in mind that it is a 13" planer. I have a 8" Powermatic jointer and I love it but I also do others things in my shop besides building guitars so it comes in handy for building furniture. The planer and jointer go together. Other equipment that is useful for building guitars is a nice router table and a great dust collector. I actually would put the dust collector first, An air filter is also a must have in a wood shop. Something not on your list is lots of outlets and lights for all that equipment. If your shop is humid, get a dehumidifier. Also get an air compressor. Great for clearing dust off tools and projects. Also can be used for spray painting. I won't even get into hand tools.
  2. Agave Spirit

    What do people in humid climes do about rust?

    My shop is my garage so it is subject to humidity swings, I purchased a dehumidifier and that solves my problem.I keep it at 40% which is also good for storing my wood.
  3. Agave Spirit

    fretting hand saw, pull saw? dovetail? japanese?

    The use of a table saw and fret template is great but keep in mind that the StewMac blade is expensive ($100) for what you get and it will not work on a SawStop (which is very common these days) table saw because the blade is only 6", You will also need to build a sled but they are always used in the shop. A flush saw will not cut straight. It is designed to blend. I use a Veritas dovetail saw. it has 20 TPI and the kerf is 0.020". I built a fret cutting jig and glued rare earth magnets on the fence to keep the saw straight. Worked great, but managing depth was challenging because the saw spline was not parallel with the cutting edge. If I had to do it all over again I would have purchased a saw with a spline that was parallel to the blade and built a better depth stop.