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  1. Kenray

    Viola Fine Tuners on a Guitar?

    viola strings are ball end too!
  2. Kenray

    Viola Fine Tuners on a Guitar?

    hmmm...using the charts at Daddario: http://www.daddario.com/DAstringtensionguide.Page?sid=10920286-7cd3-4f2c-b7bd-54d1cffa53ea and the charts at violinstringreview [http://www.violinstringreview.com/uploads/1/5/0/1/15014224/tension_a_201409.png I see only 2psi difference. Is there another aspect I am missing? Am I not reading the information correctly? TIA
  3. Kenray

    Viola Fine Tuners on a Guitar?

    if you sketch something out, will you please post it here Greg?
  4. Kenray

    Viola Fine Tuners on a Guitar?

    and cheap too - the tuners are less than a dollar a piece http://www.ebay.com/itm/4pcs-Violin-String-Fine-Tuner-Tune-Adjusters-for-4-4-or-3-4-Size-Black-Gold-/380972957103?hash=item58b3c1fdaf:g:AlIAAOxy7nNTS7CZ
  5. Kenray

    Viola Fine Tuners on a Guitar?

    Yes Greg, yes Norris, and YES Andy - the reason this comes up for me is that my go to is to bend the living crap out of g and b. I have a floyd rose and love being able to make that micro adjustment with my right hand. Not a big fan of the floyd, tho. Don't use the guitar that much. I would find it interesting to put fine tuners on a Les Paul or similar. And tru on you Norris, it would look boss as heck.
  6. Kenray

    Viola Fine Tuners on a Guitar?

    someone at the Gibson corporation thinks there is a market for fine tuning tailpiece action, to the tune of $140 USD.
  7. Long time lurker, first time poster, forgive me if this is a silly question: Has anyone considered using viola fine tuners on a guitar bridge? I somewhat accidentally ran across these on a related web search, and am wondering why not install them on a guitar? I've never seen such a thing, but can't think of why it could not be possible... Thanks for your thoughts.