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  1. First full build from scratch

    Following the project guitar link from Prostheta I have started to make my templates from 9mm MDF which was the thickest I was able to source at my local DIY stores. I will let you know how I get on. At present I have rough cut the shapes and will now start to file and sand them to their final shape. I have been held up by snow and rain as I can only work on large pieces outside as I only have a small workshop/shed to work in.
  2. Hi. I have built a couple of kit guitars and now I am starting on my first build from scratch. I am attempting to make a Les Paul style guitar using an old oak table top. I have started with the neck which is about half finished. It looks ok but not as good as I had hoped. There are a few mistakes on it. Also I read that you should fret the fretboard prior to fixing it to the neck which I have done and now wish I hadn't as it would have been easier without the frets in place. I'm not sure how I can sort this out. I guess I can always make a second neck. Watch this space ????
  3. First full build from scratch

    Still not working sorry to say.
  4. First full build from scratch

    Have done as you said but autocomplete box not coming up. I may be typing in wrong place
  5. First full build from scratch

    Thanks again for the advice. you are right when you say saving a few pounds here and there makes a poor job I have found this with my last built and intend to make a much better job this time by taking my time and getting better tools. I will keep you posted but do not know how to tag you in i'm sorry to say.
  6. First full build from scratch

    Thank you for the advice. I will use plywood as you said. Even though I have built guitars from scratch I can see I still have a lot to learn about guitar construction but I want to improve and get better at it.
  7. First full build from scratch

    I'm thinking of using 12 or 15 mm chipboard to make the templates as it is cheaper than plywood. Any thoughts on using chipboard to make patterns
  8. First full build from scratch

    yes cost was a factor hence the 6mm MDF and the construction from re purposed/recycled wood which may not be ideal sometimes but I need to keep the cost as low as possible. which I realise is not always a good thing.
  9. First full build from scratch

    Thanks for the advice. I will be starting to make my templates shortly, probably from 6mm MDF as it is cheap and easy to obtain.
  10. First full build from scratch

    Hi, I hope to work on the overall finish of the guitar. As I am not keen on spraying, I have been using an oil finish but find it hard to get a gloss finish with it. I hope to get better at setting up the guitar and to this end intend to get proper tools for the job ie. fret flattening beam, crowning tool etc. I also hope to get more accurate when using a router as I think at the moment I am a bit scared, for want of a better word, when using it and I think because of this it is leading to inaccurate cuts ie. wandering off my line. So a few things to work on during my next build which I am looking forward to starting.
  11. First full build from scratch

    Next project is set to be a 58 Korina Explorer but there are a few things such as finish and set up I want to work on in order to improve and make a better guitar.
  12. First full build from scratch

    Hi, A bit of fret levelling and a tweak of the truss rod has sorted out the problem.
  13. First full build from scratch

    Hi everyone, Guitar is now finished and just needs setting up. when playing chords on top three frets sounds very buzzy. the strings are not catching the frets so I think the neck angle may not be quite right. Any ideas. Many thanks.
  14. First full build from scratch

    Now stained and oiled awaiting buffing and polishing.
  15. First full build from scratch

    Nearly finished. Dot markers now in and starting to stain guitar.
  16. First full build from scratch

    Finally finished fretting neck. moving on to final shaping next.
  17. First full build from scratch

    Hi. Last guitar I made I had trouble with the angle of the neck which resulted in the action been too high. Does anyone have any hints or tips for getting the correct neck angle to stop this from happening again. I was hoping to bolt the neck onto my flying v rather than glue it on as I did with my last guitar.
  18. First full build from scratch

    Thanks for help and advice. The problem with the frets been short was I am embarrassed to say a building error. the board was too wide I have now sorted the problem out and the frets fit much better.
  19. First full build from scratch

    Thanks for the advice. The frets came from China (maybe that's the problem). I will have to measure the fretboard and post how wide it is tomorrow. Would you say it's better to fix the board to the neck before fretting or fret the board first.
  20. First full build from scratch

    Still on with neck am now fitting frets and was wondering if anyone glues frets in if they are a little slack after fitting also I have pre cut frets as I have no way of bending them to shape. The pre cut frets are not quite as wide as my fretboard. Is this normal. Many thanks
  21. First full build from scratch

    Many thanks was not sure
  22. First full build from scratch

    Neck is coming along slowly. I have truss rod installed and neck ready for final shaping. When putting in truss rod is it best to put a fillet on top before fixing fret board. I am just worried about going too deep on neck and not having enough wood left to shape the back of the neck without sanding through to the truss rod.
  23. First full build from scratch

    Hi Prostheta, thanks for the advice yea mine has purple dye in it but I don't think it will be enough to cause a problem. I asked as it is easier to get hold of meths. most diy stores sell it.
  24. First full build from scratch

    Hi, Just a quick question you may be able to help with. Can you use methylated spirits to clean wood the same as you use denatured alcohol when cleaning off after sanding, as I know that meths does contain denatured alcohol. Many thanks for any help.
  25. First full build from scratch

    Have started on the neck and will post some pics shortly. The weather is holding me up at the moment as I work outside a lot when sanding and shaping.