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  1. First full build from scratch

    Finally finished fretting neck. moving on to final shaping next.
  2. Hi. I have built a couple of kit guitars and now I am starting on my first build from scratch. I am attempting to make a Les Paul style guitar using an old oak table top. I have started with the neck which is about half finished. It looks ok but not as good as I had hoped. There are a few mistakes on it. Also I read that you should fret the fretboard prior to fixing it to the neck which I have done and now wish I hadn't as it would have been easier without the frets in place. I'm not sure how I can sort this out. I guess I can always make a second neck. Watch this space ????
  3. First full build from scratch

    Hi. Last guitar I made I had trouble with the angle of the neck which resulted in the action been too high. Does anyone have any hints or tips for getting the correct neck angle to stop this from happening again. I was hoping to bolt the neck onto my flying v rather than glue it on as I did with my last guitar.
  4. First full build from scratch

    Thanks for help and advice. The problem with the frets been short was I am embarrassed to say a building error. the board was too wide I have now sorted the problem out and the frets fit much better.
  5. First full build from scratch

    Thanks for the advice. The frets came from China (maybe that's the problem). I will have to measure the fretboard and post how wide it is tomorrow. Would you say it's better to fix the board to the neck before fretting or fret the board first.
  6. First full build from scratch

    Still on with neck am now fitting frets and was wondering if anyone glues frets in if they are a little slack after fitting also I have pre cut frets as I have no way of bending them to shape. The pre cut frets are not quite as wide as my fretboard. Is this normal. Many thanks
  7. First full build from scratch

    Many thanks was not sure
  8. First full build from scratch

    Neck is coming along slowly. I have truss rod installed and neck ready for final shaping. When putting in truss rod is it best to put a fillet on top before fixing fret board. I am just worried about going too deep on neck and not having enough wood left to shape the back of the neck without sanding through to the truss rod.
  9. First full build from scratch

    Hi Prostheta, thanks for the advice yea mine has purple dye in it but I don't think it will be enough to cause a problem. I asked as it is easier to get hold of meths. most diy stores sell it.
  10. First full build from scratch

    Hi, Just a quick question you may be able to help with. Can you use methylated spirits to clean wood the same as you use denatured alcohol when cleaning off after sanding, as I know that meths does contain denatured alcohol. Many thanks for any help.
  11. First full build from scratch

    Have started on the neck and will post some pics shortly. The weather is holding me up at the moment as I work outside a lot when sanding and shaping.
  12. First full build from scratch

    At the moment I want to see if I can use the same wood from the pallet with a piece of oak in the middle to strengthen the neck. I think it would be an interesting experiment as you normally use hard woods for strength and sound. I plan to bolt on the neck so if problems occur at a later date I will be able to remove the neck and replace it.
  13. First full build from scratch

    New guitar is coming along very slowly but not long till start on neck.
  14. First full build from scratch

    Hi ScottR. I am making it out of reclaimed pallet wood.
  15. First full build from scratch

    Update on build. Have now joined and sanded boards flat and have joined two boards together to make body. On the bottom board I have routed out channels to run wires through for pick ups ect. Not shown on the pic but there is a lat both top and bottom across board to help keep it straight.
  16. First full build from scratch

    Hi, Not much done on new guitar of late. I have been busy helping a friend to build new counters and fit out his new shop and have been making a bird table for my partners sister. I hope to get back to the guitar soon and will post an update as soon as I can.
  17. First full build from scratch

    Thanks for your comments. It does make more sense to make templates. I thought it was a waste of time but believe me it is not it is the best way to make a guitar. I have also been able to put the templates together to get a good idea of what the finished guitar will look like and how it will eventually go together when the separate parts are finished.
  18. First full build from scratch

    I have now finished making my patterns from 8mm MDF. The half pattern is hardboard as it is only to use to mark the positions of the switches as I am now not fitting a scratch plate as per the plan I have. I have also made (Pattern without paper on middle of pic) a cavity cover pattern from two pieces of MDF glued together and cut larger than the cavity cut out.
  19. First full build from scratch

    without a doubt Prostheta I learned a great deal from my first build so my next one will be much better. I hope to build most of my guitars from reclaimed/recycled wood if I can get hold of enough wood to build with.
  20. First full build from scratch

    It sounds ok. More towards sounding bright like a telecaster, though the action is a little on the high side
  21. First full build from scratch

    Now I have finished my Jr guitar I am starting my new project. A flying V style guitar from pallet wood if I can get hold of some old pallets.
  22. First full build from scratch

    Here are some pics of the finished guitar it is a 59 Les Paul Jr. It was made entirely from an old round table top. The neck was made from strips cut down as was the fret board which was cut to thickness and sanded from an 18mm thick piece of table. All of the veneers for the headstock and the scratch plate were made in the same way as were the cavity covers. As it is all made from an old table top it is not a Les Paul but rather a "Tay Paul Jr. guitar".
  23. First full build from scratch

    Thanks for tips. Radius is 12 inches. The fingerboard cut rom a piece of oak using a bandsaw. The dots are sparkle I got off e bay Sorry took so long to reply my internet has been off. The guitar is now complete and I will post some pics shortly
  24. First full build from scratch

    This is a pic of my neck so far. It has a flat spot in the middle the only way I can think of getting rid of it is to take out the frets sand and re fret
  25. First full build from scratch

    Hi. When I started the build I made my patterns from hard board as I had some laid around. Next time I will use MDF as I have found that the board is much too soft when using it with a router with the bit tending to go where it wants rather than follow the pattern. A valuable lesson has been learned and also many others as I continue my Les Paul Jr build.