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  1. That's what I'm thinking too. I just find it rather hard generally to imagine how it's going to look "in real" and so I've probably tended to feel more on the secure side with the "classic" horn-shape. nice! I wasn't aware of the BC Rich models actually, really neat looking guitars! Thanks for your reassurance! I'll stick to the original plans then. If everything works out I'll be able to start building next week! Next steps will be lasering (or routing) the templates and wood selection. My grandfather used to keep a huge collection of planks in his workshop which we began to sort a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately I didn't get to really look out for suitable pieces, so that's still to be done - hopefully there's some clean wood I can use. Anyhow, as far as I could make out there's plenty of basswood, ash (european) and also some walnut and plum. (and tons of oak... but as I read it's not very recommendable; maybe as a top or for some part of the neck if I can't find something better?) cheers, Lukas
  2. ... hm, how do you edit posts around here? Anyhow, here a the two final versions I will choose from. I think I like the one with the upwards-pointing horn a little better, but then again.... What do you think?
  3. This is it! I like that solution, thank you! Thanks for the welcome and the compliment Though in the meantime I have made a slightly altered version, not sure yet which I prefer... I'll attach both versions below. What do you think? Regarding the strap buttons, yes, I thought I put the front one at the back. So what's news: Yesterday I talked to a friend of mine who's working at a workshop at the institute for architecture here in Vienna. Originally, I just intended to ask him whether he could do me the favour and print my drawings 1to1... In the end he offered me to use their laser! Now, I think acrylic glass and such would be a bit over the top for a first build and also I don't want the project to become too expensive (after all I might just screw this up big time!). But some preliminary 3mm plywood templates are a great start, don't you think!? Anyhow, I prepared myself to convert the drawings into some usable files tonight. Pickup, Potis, trussrod etc just arrived today so I figured I can also check and recheck the exact measures. The only thing that's missing now is the t4m bridge and locking nut. And therefore I am a bit worried about my dimensions: In my drawing I assumed a string spread of 35 mm at the nut (42mm neck width) and 54 mm at the bridge. Since when I started I didn't know what hardware I'm going to use I just took some random average I found somewhere on the internet. Now, the spec-sheet Alberto from t4m sent me says that the min. string spacing at the nut is 7mm, while at the bridge it's 10mm. It also says that the width of any single unit of the nut is 7mm. So my measures might just work as they are, right? Curtisa, could you verify this and maybe tell me a bit more about your experience with this hardware? Really nice that one gets so much help around here!!
  4. mhm, makes sense. As you said though its probably a minor issue, right? Also, wouldn't you have the same or an even bigger inconvenience if you put the access at the body end? i. e. either you'd have to remove the whole neck or have the gap between the fingerboard and the neck-pickup. Or is there another, more elegant way I don't know of? Another matter... I'm kind of unsettled with the body shape. On the one hand I pretty much want to stay kind of traditional, on the other hand, you see so many headless guitars with rather small and unique bodies - for a reason I suppose. Are there any rules of thumb regarding the overall balance of a guitar? weight or size ratios between neck and body and such? Btw.: your HM6 "Halcyon" is beautiful indeed!!
  5. Ah, thank you for the hint about the t4m-nut! I haven't considered that! And a nice adaptor plate indeed! Still, couldn't you avoid this problem by putting the access cavity between the zero-fret and the locking nut? I haven't got any trussrod here at the moment (it is under way) but I imagine about 3/4"-1"of space between the zero fret (or the fretboard for that matter) and the nut. Or would the neck get too weak at that point? Thanks also for your advice on neck dimensions. I think I might just stop by the local guitar store next week to take some measures
  6. A very fine day to all you luthiers and enthusiasts of this awesome platform! As a total newcomer to guitar building I've already learned quite a lot just reading your posts and browsing through your pics (which, frankly, can also be a bit intimidating form time to time! ) -- so thanks for that at this point! Anyhow, as you might have guessed from the title I'm planing to build my very first electric guitar and I thought, well, why not designing it myself too! After heaving read and watched my way through almost all I could find on guitar building (online as well as offline) and since I have neither ever designed nor built a guitar I thought about keeping it as simple as possible. Roughly, thus, I had the following in mind: headless (bridge and locking nut from technology for musicians) 25" scale length bolt on neck glued-on fingerboard (22 frets) depending on the outcome of this probably only 1 pickup Now I've begun to draw a 1to1 design which I attached below (scaled down to a reasonable size I think). I was thinking about making the truss rod access (not marked in the drawing yet) at the "peghead"-end of the neck. However, this is one of the points I'm least sure about at this stage. I mean, how to let the neck end in general and how to position the truss rod... Any suggestions? Another thing I'm a little confused about are the dimensions of the neck. As far as I could find out, the standard thickness at the body-neck transition is roughly 1", right? But what about the rest of the neck until the nut - is there some value I can orient myself by? It would be great If someone could give me some advice here! Also, what do you think about the design in general? (are the proportions ok, etc?) Of course, the drawing is not fully worked out yet, after all there are still some things undecided. But I think it shows my basic idea of the guitar. cheers, Lukas
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