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  1. DanTheGuitarMan

    what brand are these

    thanks, that is them i googled wilkison tuners and they popped up
  2. DanTheGuitarMan

    what brand are these

    hello, new guy on the block. just picked up a squier as a project to build my ultimate guitar. it had different tuners on it and wondered if anyone knew the brand. they are made in korea and feature an m or w on them
  3. DanTheGuitarMan

    5 way switch help

    so i am currently doing a hhh strat build. i am using a non genuine 5 way pickup selector. i want to setup the selector in a way i can have pretty much the same as a normal strat but with one position running the bridge and neck so i can copy a gibson mode. here is kinda what i had in mind: switch position 1 - neck 2- neck and bridge (or neck and middle) 3 - middle 4- bridge and middle (or neck and bridge) 5- bridge thanks in advance for your help, i have been scratching my head on how to wire it. i also attached the switch i am using