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  1. mherby

    Rattle/Spray Can Problem

    All the practice adds up, already got plans in the works for the next build. Just have to ignore the fact I've just sprayed £13 of stuff on the guitar (I'll pretend the sealer, primer and colour coats were already on there...)
  2. mherby

    Rattle/Spray Can Problem

    Ah ok, I hadn't thought of depleting the propellant whilst there is still lacquer inside. Maybe next can I'll be more careful with how I hold the can. I'm not very experienced with all this yet! Learnt a lot of things I won't do on the next build already with this one. Good idea on the drop fill lacquer though, will keep the can aside. New can turned up at work today so I can get on!
  3. Hi, I was all ready to move on to my second coat of clearcoat, but the rattle can wasn't playing ball. Essentially, the contents were jetting out in a bubbly mess, not misting nicely. I tried a different nozzle, and warming the can up in warm water but no luck. Is there a trick there I'm missing to get the can to work again? I make sure to hold the cans upside down and empty them after use and couldn't see any blockages in the nozzle itself.
  4. mherby

    String Through Question

    Glad I asked the question now then, thanks for the info.
  5. mherby

    String Through Question

    That's perfect, thanks! Can I also ask, would you recommend angling the bridge whilst I'm at this stage?
  6. Hi All, New to guitar building so starting fairly simple by stripping and rebuilding a Warlock guitar I've got hold of, thought I'd do that before attempting a 'from scratch' build. In terms of wood work there aren't really any changes being made to the guitar, it's having new pickups/electrics/hardware etc but I'm not overly concerned about those bits. The one thing I would like to change is that the guitar currently has a wrap around bridge which I'd like to change to a string through type (as in the attached image). My question is, after the bridge/saddle, is there a set distance you need to observe before the holes through the guitar? I've had a google and a look around on the site but can't find anything definitive so thought I'd ask. I have a pillar drill/jig etc for drilling the holes. Secondly, all the images I've found of string through setups, the bridge is at an angle, is this a required feature of that setup? If so, I'll need to fill the current bridge hold and re-drill. Thanks in advance for any information or advice you can offer!