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  1. tucson

    Question for Curtisa

    Hey Curtisa thanks for the response. After checking that video I think it sounds pretty much like it's supposed to. On that fly guitars web site they had sound clips for a 400. http://www.flyguitars.com/sounds/1971_SB-400[both10-10]f_rw.mp3 Also this video at about 6:00 minutes in Once again Thank You for your help and knowledge!
  2. tucson

    Question for Curtisa

    Hi Curtisa, you helped me out last week and I wanted to ask something if I could. Everything is working as it should on my bass. Tone adjusts fine, pickups on and off with the switches etc... The thing is if you have both pickups on it sounds great but if you switch off the bridge p/u it gets a brighter more trebley tone. You can tap on the p/u's and tell the neck is on bridge off bet it's brighter than with both on. Does that sound funky to you? Also is there a way to make the sound, everything overall, warmer or bassier? It's got highs for days but lacks bottom end in general. Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. tucson

    wiring help please

    Once again right on with your diagnosis. New pot fixed it. If you were close I'd buy you a beer but Australia is a long way from Bakersfield, California. I'll have to settle for telling you thank you, sincerely thank you!
  4. tucson

    wiring help please

    Yes Curtisa that is exactly what it's doing, and when it gets to 2 there's a little click and it goes back to full treble. Not a physical click but an audible electronic click. I have some extra pots around here and I'll try swapping it out. Again, thank you so so much!++
  5. tucson

    wiring help please

    Curtisa thank you sooo much! You nailed it. I swapped the pickup wires on one and that took care of that issue. I did have the bottom lug grounded but looking closer I could see a blob of solder had ran down and was real close to the middle lug. I addressed that and now it has tone adjustment. One little hitch is that the tone works like it should as you turn it down but when it gets to about 2 on the knob you can hear a little click and from 0 to 2 it has full treble. Any ideas? I can't thank you enough for your help! I'm so glad I posted here. For you to just read it and tell what was wrong is very impressive! Thank you!
  6. tucson

    wiring help please

    Hey Curtisa, thanks for the reply! I found that website a couple of months ago. Actually that's the only way I knew it was a SB-400. Wired the way it shows there the tone knob makes no difference. The switches control the pickups correctly but if you turn on just one pickup, neck or bridge, it sounds pretty good. If you turn on both it only has about a quarter of the volume and it's real trebely. I don't think I mentioned before it's all brand new switches, pots and wire. I also just had the pickups rewound. I'm no luthier by any means but I've learned a lot on this guitar. I had to steam the fretboard off to fix a broken truss rod. I learned every pitfall involved in the refinishing process. It's really coming out nice though. I actually even played a gig with it already but I'm just trying to work out the details. I'm so close!
  7. tucson

    wiring help please

    I've completely restored a '72 Gibson SB-400 bass. I'm down to the wiring to finish it. It's got two single coil pickups, two slider switches on-off, one volume and one tone. I found a schematic wiring diagram at Gibsons' website but I really don't know how to read it. What I need is a pictorial where it's all drawn out so I can tell which lug on a pot, or which connections on the switch etc. Or if anybody knows how such a combo should wire together it would really help me out. I've tried several different ways but haven't found the one to make it work like it should. Thank you in advance for any help.