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  1. WilliamK

    First build. Thanks!

    Thanks. My third one turned out even better. Happy to offer any help. Just shoot me a message
  2. WilliamK

    Epoxy as an inlay

    I am thinking of creating an offset soundhole for my next acoustic guitar. I wanted to use black epoxy over an area of about 3”x4”. Do you think I risk making this area “un-flexible”? My concern is both altering sound quality but also effecting my ability to arch the top (although I could add the epoxy after arching).
  3. WilliamK

    First build. Thanks!

    A few construction pictures: rib bending, back bracing, rib construction, top bracing and attaching to ribs, hand carved neck and pour filling before finish.
  4. I'll submit my two guitars for this month's selection. Two because if you are going to build one, why not two. This is my first attempt at building a guitar. All my woodworking experience has been with right angles. I have only been playing for two years. There were based on a Gibson J-100 style using mahogany back and sides with sitka spruce top, rosewood fretboard/bridge/headpiece. I have named them "William" and one will be gifted to my teacher. I have an unfinished basement I use as a wood shop. Unfortunately, no heat. I chose the plan base on what I thought I could make and learned various techniques from books and Internet videos. I have attached an audio clip of a friend playing one. IMG_0702.mp3
  5. WilliamK

    First build. Thanks!

    Yes, I built these two based on a Gibson J-100 plan. I have attached some more finished pictures. I have some of the various stages of the build process if interested. Check out audio of my friend playing one. IMG_0702.mp3
  6. I joined earlier this Fall and posed a few questions. I wanted to thank those that responded and helped with my first guitar. Figured if I was going to make one, I would make two. One is a gift to my instructor.
  7. I am at the pore filler stage of my mahogany back and this curved line showed up (see picture). Do you think I can sand it out and fill again? Would I have to redo the wash coat before refilling? Does the whole back need to be sanded to make sure everything is even or can I just address this area?
  8. I have rosewood veneer on the front and back of my head piece with a mahogany neck. I am planning on pore filling with Behlen Pore o pac mahogany filler for the neck, back and sides (also mahogany). Looks like I should pore fill the rosewood. Most of what I have read suggests the medium brown pore o pac for rosewood but was wondering if the mahogany filler would look that different?
  9. I have cut a mortise and tenon for my bolt on neck for my hollow body guitar following directions to set the neck angle at the bridge so that a straight edge off he neck is 3.5 mm off the bridge location. With this angle, the fretboard is elevated off the guitar about 3 mm at the sound hole. I have read that "elevated fretboards" can be desirable giving the body a chance to resonate. In these articles they support the under surface of the fretboard with an extended piece of the neck. I suspect this elevation is to some degree normal but also a reflection of the arching of the top -- perhaps uneven. I am also wondering if some of this will go away after actual set up once the truss rod is used to set the neck. I won't be playing the higher frets and this is not a cut out so does it matter? How much elevation is acceptable? Appreciate everyone's input on my other questions. Pictures soon.
  10. Building a bolt on hollow body. Starting to think about fishing and leaning towards NC sprayed. Do I spray with the neck on or as two separate parts?
  11. I have a hollow body with a spruce top and Rocklite Ebano binding. Binding looks great but after sanding, I now have black powder in the grain of the spruce top. I had applied some shellac prior to binding as I used CA glue and wanted to limit CA staining (which worked great). What can I do to get the black dust out of the top? I’m not ready to start finishing sanding yet. Do you think it will clear with finish sanding? I read one report about using naphtha. Can I use this to clean before applying finish? Right now it looks sad and I need reassurance it will clean off.
  12. Newbie here. Trying to determine the final thickness of my head piece for Grover 102 tuners. I have looked at spec sheet but not sure what dimension to use. I plan to veneer the head piece. Any thoughts on how to determine final thickness to shoot for would be great.