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  1. Radius In Acoustic Top

    The actual resulting radius in the top is less than the radius of the brace as the top tries to force it straight.
  2. Radius In Acoustic Top

    Radius braces glued to a flat top creates tension in the glue joint when the clamps are removed. They are fighting each other.
  3. Radius In Acoustic Top

    Thanks for the response. I feel that the tension put into the top from a flat gluing surface gives this guitar I just finished remarkable volume, It seems to blow away my 1998 HD-28.
  4. Checking In Lacquer

    I appreciate your many posts but I am losing interest in this Forum.
  5. Radius In Acoustic Top

    Okay got it, Thanks
  6. Checking In Lacquer

    I have just noticed some "internal" checking in the lacquer on my 1998 HD-28. I never expose it to any cold. It is just under the area my arm rubs on while strumming. I wonder if this is caused from many years of my arm rubbing and hitting this area. It is not on the surface but embedded down under the surface.
  7. Radius In Acoustic Top

    I still am not sure about this topic, I am waiting for a response from StewMac. It seems gluing the braces down on a flat surface vs. a radius surface has put some extra stiffness in the top. It sure sounds loud and clear. I don't know if this is good or not. I have 3 more kits to put together soon so I would like to know what is best for the future builds. Also, how do I view my recent Threads and Posts? Usually there is a "Control Panel" on these Forums for that sort of thing.
  8. Radius In Acoustic Top

    I don't understand what this "Edit" probation is all about, I have never seen that in any Forum yet. So my very first posts their is no ability to Edit at all and then after some time, I guess a day, I can Edit the post I just made only for a short periods of time afterwards? Then at some time in the future I can Edit freely?
  9. Radius In Acoustic Top

    Can you Fix "Acoustic" in the main title please. Thanks. I see I can Edit this post but not the previous posts. When can I Edit those?
  10. Radius In Acoustic Top

    Here is my 1998 HD-28 that is about to get a bridge replacement.
  11. Radius In Acoustic Top

    Hi Scott, I just have misspelling. feel free to fix them if you want. I always need an Edit button.
  12. Radius In Acoustic Top

    This is how I put the taper on the top and back ribs. One side of the 2x4 is for the top with a steeper angle and the other side is for the back with a shallow angle. Now that I have the 28' radius, I may use it for this job for the top. I don't have a dish for the back.
  13. Radius In Acoustic Top

    How do you edit a post? I see no Edit button?
  14. I did a Google search for 'Radius In Acoustic Top" an found this Forum. The thread I was reading is now "Archived", so I could not post. I just finished a StewMac Rosewood Dread kit. I glued the top braces to a flat surface like the instructions directed me to. I also now have a 28' radius dish for the next guitars I am building. I am not sure if I should use it as the guitar I just finished has incredible volume and bright tone with great projection, it puts my HD-28 to shame. I am wondering if this is because of the 'Pre-stressed top". Thanks for your help VP