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  1. Ibanez headstock shape ?

    I bought this long piece of ash over two years ago, and back then I had no idea what to do with it other than guitars. I noticed from far away that in that ash-pile there is a blank big enough to make one piece bodies, so that I had to have (they sold only whole blanks). That blank was 2,5 meters long so it was cut in 5 pieces. I have two bodies with pretty straight grainlines, so to me those two doesn´t look that exciting. There was this idea floating that maybe I could put a flame veneer on top of these plain bodies (two pairs of veneers), but now I´m not so sure. Gluing those would be a pain, but i could always use routing templates as a clamping surface. Maybe glue one half at a time ? Then there are these other two with nicer grainlines and very clean edges from routing (made improvements in my routing technique). These won´t be having any veneering done but I have black grainfiller so maybe I´ll try that on one of these. Fifth body was split up and made in to a top and a bottom. By the way have you ever had to explain your compulsive behavior to yourself ? Like; I had to make these because they were looking at me.
  2. Ibanez headstock shape ?

    I was planning my guitar projects, and while looking through my old photos there were few from my building process. Usually I just focus on the task at hand and not taking photos, but this time there were few somewhat successful ones. My routerplaner setup mostly aluminium, sledge would be great to build from aluminium too, but would need some kind of slippery plastic bottom. 3-piece neck blanks, somewhat curly maple and wallnut middle. Headstocks will be needing "earpieces" .
  3. Solly’s Guitar build diary

    Great looking RG body, nice piece of ash. I did also my first two bodyshapes with drill, jigsaw and router, that was a tough job.
  4. Ibanez headstock shape ?

    Yeah I bet it is, I got a taste of that while making templates out of thick plywood. And I have already sanded off routing marks from few bodies. It´s hard to tell what is sufficient enough, and if they are going to show in a certain angle only. There were also a few dents on my template which left few really shallow waves on the bottom part of bodies. Picture would tell more than words ofcourse but I think those kind of imperfections can be hidden with surface finish.
  5. Ibanez headstock shape ?

    Little hard to see, but those scratches are mainly on inside curves of both horns. The hardest part to sand ofcourse. I didn´t secure my routing template with enough doublesided tape when routing this body. It was first of few bodies I made. It came out smaller than my template on the hornside but bottom is what it was meant to be. This body can´t be 7-stringer what I have been talking about because of smaller body but it´s going to be a guitar anyway. There are some dents and holes from too eager routing but I´ll leave them as is, too hard to fill and can´t sand shape any smaller.
  6. Ibanez headstock shape ?

    Neven you seem to have worked a lot with ash, I have few ash bodies also. I´m not totally sure what kind of scratches will show in finished guitar body, because I haven´t finished that kind of wood yet. It seems that specially endgrain parts are showing those scratches pretty easily. Finish is going to be some kind of clearcoat, I have a bottle of truoil so maybe start with that. Ofcourse advice from anyone willing to share is taken with gratitude. I have sanded and then scraped to see what it looks like and then sanded again and so on... Is this method going to take me anywhere ? Can I finish on scraped surface or does it have to be a little coarse from sanding ?
  7. Ibanez headstock shape ?

    I had two screws on the side of my scarf joint, apparently it wasn´t enough. To me it seems that absolutely hardest thing in any woodworking is making good glue joints, it needs a lot of planning and drytesting and quick hands. I was planning to use in next gluejoint some kind of bolts that go through the whole thing and then just lift them out after clamping. About fretboard gluing, I haven´t done that yet at all. I was thinking about it ofcourse and planned to pin fretboard from locking nut screwholes and from body end, there is extra wood that I can cut off. Can´t wait to take some photos and showing off my mistakes
  8. Ibanez headstock shape ?

    Thanks Neven for a great point, I was a little afraid of proceeding because of fear of ruining my headstock. When rotating tunerline do you redraw the whole headstock ? I think I can now draw my own plan with your example. When I was glueing scarf joints on my necks everything went well but at some point those headstocks shifted a little and had to be separated. I was affraid of reglueing those necks and sure did learn a lot about glueing wood. I was also a little too eager to jump on to next stage and shaped those headstocks already in rough shape. Then I decided I wasn´t satisfied with my work and cut those headstocks out of necks. Soooo that means that I just now have to make my plans using those preshaped headstocks.
  9. Ibanez headstock shape ?

    Hey thanks, I somehow missread that max file size is 0,5 mb. Ok so I´ll just add that same picture in here also.
  10. Ibanez headstock shape ?

    Not too much progress has happened on my guitar projects, but I´m slowly getting back to it. Few other projects are on my list first. Even some of my christmas presents are still rough planks. So many questions and so many things to do, but I wont litter one post too much because some questions might get lost in text wall. I was thinking how to embed pictures in my post. I don´t yet have any picture sharing account but I have used dropbox so I´ll just try that first. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ax3jbv9zscg2tx7/WP_20171218_12_18_18_Pro.jpg?dl=0 About that picture; It´s showing two of my 7-string ibanez style headstock templates. One on the left is a little shorter and one on the right is stretched 6-strings drawing. Left one has centerline on the center of stringlines, so stringlines might match nicely. Tuner posts are not perfectly spaced though and it looks in my mind that last tuner is too close to end of headstock. Shape leans more to right than other model. Right one is too long and centerline doesn´t match with stringlines. Just so that if anyone finds those plans online and is planning an Ibanez style build then these are my discoveries. I have compared these with pictures of real headstocks and none of them seems to match perfectly. Anyways what I finally decided to do is to build them both with minor changes and then see witch one I like better.
  11. Ibanez headstock shape ?

    Thanks a lot Scott, i´ve already enjoyed every step on the way. Working with wood is so pleasing to me. And you know what they say about hobbies, "if it doesn´t take all your money then you have wrong hobby". I was going to use locking nut with string retainer if needed. Neck angle somewhere around 12 degrees, so I wasn´t worried about strings lining up perfectly. Though it would look better if strings continued in a straight line from nut to end of headstock. I quess I just have to draw those tuners and plan the angle of straight side of headstock to match spacing of locking nut if i want straight and even spacing of strings. I believe tuning machine makers have recommended spacings for their tuner models so maybe start planning from there then.
  12. Ibanez headstock shape ?

    Thanks guys I like to draw by hand and I´m using autocad to mainly printing some templates or other shapes. Working with autocad is pretty slow for me so I just use it as an additional tool. Dwg-file is CAD file and for future it would be best to start learning to draw with computers better, but I´m more pen and paper kind of guy. One of my building projects is going to be a drawing table with real old school architects rulers and aluminiun rails. About functionality or looks, I wasn´t trying to create exact replica because then I could just buy the real deal. I wasn´t worried about functionality either, not until now because it indeed looks like my design might be 20+ mm longer than factory neck and maybe it won´t fit in case ? Never had an Ibanez case in my hands so don`t know about that. I dont have much first hand experience with different kind of guitar equipment, only from pictures. Never played live, only bedroom gigs. It would be so convinient to have a bunch of musician friends to test all kind of gear and take measurements. Yeah I quess Andy you are right about putting something my own on my guitars, I don´t want exact replicas but in style of original. I do this same mistake often that im too obsessed about little details that I forget about the big picture. Quickest way to overcome shortsightedness is to ask another opinion. Thanks for easing my mind. If I find myself making progress on my projects should I just post It here or always make a new thread ?
  13. Hello I am building my first few guitars right now and as I make progress I sometimes get disheartened by many questions floating around and by lack of experience. I have already read a whole lot about guitar building and spent time reading on many forums including this one. I really like the atmosphere in here so decided finally to join in. I like Ibanez style headstock and body shape, but sadly I don`t have any Ibanez guitars. So I decided to build a few guitars in the spirit of Ibanez and not exact replicas. I bet many others have battled with headstock shapes but I couldn`t find a good source for 7-string headstock. I have a dwg-drawing of 6-string ibanez JEM made by someone enthusiastic about guitars but not totally sure about 7-string shape. I took that 6-string shape and lenghtened it with one more tuner and redraw the rest of headstock by hand. Now this looks good to my eye, except that my neckblank has a brown middle laminate of wallnut and if you follow the centerline of neck to the end of headstock it doesn`t come out same point as it would in Ibanez headstock. So in other words headstock is balanced a little bit differently. I actually have one dwg-drawing of Ibanez Universe with headstock shape on it. It leans a little bit more on right side and looks shorter, too short compared to pictures because last tuner looks too close to the end of headstock. So i figured that it must be drawn from a picture with headstock leaning away from camera, that would cause headstock to shorten up a bit and to lean more on right. Thats what I noticed when looking at pictures and comparing them. So the real Ibanez 7-string headstock is leaning more to right (front view) than my modified and stretched 6-string headstock. Was that universe headstock legit after all ? How long are those headstocks usually (6 & 7 string) measured along straight side of headstock ? Anyone have any first hand experience with this ? I quess there could be more potential Ibanez experts on that one other forum, but I like this friendly atmosphere better so that`s why I`m reaching out in here.