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  1. Solly’s Guitar build diary

    That's a sexy looking head stock and logo.
  2. Obol guitar build

    Here is how this guitar will be assembled:
  3. Obol guitar build

    I haven't figured shrinkage into my pattern. For this reason, I am not comfortable starting on the wood parts until after the bronze is cast. Once I have the part cast I may have to move the mounting positions in the wood for the brass shell. I know the shrink rate for aluminum, if I have to design tooling, it is normally for vacuum form tooling. If I had added that shrink to this pattern, it would have been very small. The other factor that I have not made adjustments for it wax shrink, as I am sure I will experience this as well. Hopefully those decisions won't come back to bite me.
  4. Obol guitar build

    I have seen an image of the guitar when doing an image search for bronze guitar, but I was unaware of the video. Who knew that dipping a guitar in molten metal wouldn't destroy it? You would think the wood would move, or crack or split at glue joints. The grain has obviously raised in the process.
  5. Obol guitar build

    I haven't really done that great of a job describing this build. There will be a wood back, and the top will be .125"/3.18mm thick - this is target thickness. This bronze shell will be tapped and have the bridge bolted to it. Ideally, I would want the bridge to be part of this casting. I am treating this bronze shell as a large extension of the bridge. The pickups are actually attached to the wood neck. The strap buttons and mono cable are also mounted to the wood. This bronze shell will only contact the wood body of the guitar in the four boss positions. When the player is holding the guitar, whether standing or seated, the wood will prevent contact with the bronze. The outer perimeter of the bronze should therefore vibrate freely. At this moment my calculations are showing 6.155lbs for the bronze shell I eliminated the material between the pickups that is shown on early renderings to further reduce wight. Conservatively, my current estimate for guitar weight is 8 pounds.
  6. Pariahrob's build log

    I agree that the laser does create a concave kerf when it has to cut through thicker plastic. What is nice about thick acrylic, is that is doen't crack as easily if you are screwing your pattern to the material you are cutting.
  7. Obol guitar build

    Success! Got over the first hurdle.
  8. Obol guitar build

    Bronze is really friendly. They make bronze rods for tig welding so you can virtually eliminate large blemishes. Hammering does work well for small porosity. Bronze also combines very well to stainless steel. I have some stainless steel hardware welded to the back of the casting with bronze. I have also used a large washer slightly offset on a mandrel in a drill. The offset acts like a little repetitive hammer.
  9. Obol guitar build

    I research rhodium. Bronze does plate well.
  10. Obol guitar build

    Here is a bronze I did a couple years back. That process really made me want to explore the idea of utilitarian fine art. These are the same colors I am aiming for on my guitar body:
  11. Obol guitar build

    I was curios about casting out of aluminum, but aluminum cools too quickly and probably couldn't completely fill the cavity. I would need to make a much thicker pattern for aluminum. Bronze flows better though thinner spaces and cools slower. But yes, one could cast in iron, but I would imagine that would be like playing a boat anchor. Bronze is very dense, but it can be cast thin. Bronze has also historically been used to manufacture instruments, albeit in different manners. What is really cool, is that iron oxide, along with liver of sulfur, ferric nitrate (and others) can be used to patina the metal. Iron oxide makes bronze turn reddish. Now a gold guitar, that is actually very doable. I just need funds.
  12. Obol guitar build

    That is correct. This tool will allow me to make multiple casting if I desire. This is a very accurate way to translate a form into wax.
  13. Obol guitar build

    The silicone was poured last night...
  14. Obol guitar build

    I am very much making this process up as I go along. I used to work as a pattern/ model maker, so I am familiar with many techniques and materials. Building a guitar, however, is new territory.
  15. PRS-like project(s)

    Really digging the pickguard, and the relationship it has with the body profile and components. This guitar has a little bit of a Rickenbacker vibe to me