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    Steel body strat

    Awesome, that is very appropriate material choice

    Steel body strat

    I really like the horns, and that they are offset. What are your thoughts on finish?

    Obol guitar build

    alright, I measure the distance between the center points of the two bridge post studs: 3.085 on the bronze and 3.1248 on the master. That distance shrank by .0398" -so about .013 percent of shrinkage

    Obol guitar build

    I took some measurements. Firstly, the shell is actually measuring close to .125" thick, it just seemed thicker to me. For the two images above: measuring 1.279" compared to 1.290" = .011" difference (this is not exact) For the two images above: measuring 2.840" compared to 2.842" = .002" difference (this is not exact) I will take a picture of the bronze piece sitting inside the silicone tool at some point to give a visual sense of the shrinkage. Now that I look at these images, I really should have taken the measurement of the distance between both bridge post hole locations.

    Obol guitar build

    I honestly do not know what that number is, but both the wax and the bronze experienced a percentage of shrinkage. I can measure the distance from the bottom flat edge of the bridge pickup cutout to the center point location of one of the bridge stud holes to get a number that will give me a good enough idea what the difference is. I do know aluminum's shrinkage it is .0156" per inch.

    Obol guitar build

    It shrank in a very uniform manner and didn't potato chip much at all. I haven't measured the shrink yet, but I will take a look at that this evening by comparing it to the master.

    Obol guitar build

    Is seems to be around .250" thick (at the most ) in places now. Once I get the outer surface defined, material will get hogged out of the inside with the goal of achieving a .125" wall thickness. When I picked it up from the foundry it weighed eight pounds, but it needs it to be closer to six pounds. This weight was prior to having the sprue bases removed and flash ground off however.

    Obol guitar build

    I have not been keeping track of the hours too well. maybe 60+ in modeling it on the computer 25+ preparing for casting 20 in sanding grinding I usually only spend an hour or two working on it every other day, and lately the work has started demanding more muscle. After a couple of hours my hands a beat, and to tired to practice the guitar. I would like to do a demo of this guitar when it is completed, but I need to greatly increase my playing skills before that happens. The Foggy Geezer is a very well rounded IPA, and it is my favorite IPA at the moment. Although War Pigs it is a collaboration between 3 Floyds and Mikkeller (two of my favorite brewers), it seems like it will be a permanent release. The Geezer is definitely hazy and dank ( but not resiny) and it is also fruity and very easy to drink. Their Lazurite is also good. Highly recommended!

    Obol guitar build

    Maybe that's what I have been picking out of the palms of my hands at work today.

    Obol guitar build

    Lots of filing to get surfaces back to a smooth plane where metal shrank to form concave areas. Now that I have the top surface established, I can define the edges of the surfaces that surround it.
  11. Beautiful skull skills, the grain is awesome!

    First full build from scratch

    One way to trick the eyes it to create a gap all the way around the edges. It is much more difficult to decipher discrepancies when two edges are not contacting one another.

    Obol guitar build

    Yeah, I am not messing with that. I wear a respirator. I can't decide if aluminum welding fumes are the worst I have experienced, or if it is the exposure to burning and sanding super glue. But yes, I may end up with no sight, no sense of smell, and one or two less fingers at the end of this process. Will I be too crippled to play a guitar?

    Obol guitar build

    Grinding in low light is proving to be preferred method. Out in the sunshine, the reflections cause temporary blindness. The goal is, however, to cause temporary deafness.

    Obol guitar build

    I bought a pencil grinder to remove material from the inside of the casting. I like this tool, it is proving to be quite effective.