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  1. This is going to turn out real pretty! By the way, old jointer blades make fantastic (flat) scrapers. We switched to helical so we had a pile.
  2. Hello, Here is an image of my guitar design I am preparing to build. I am very excited to see this project start to take on its physical form. Already, in reading though some of the builds on this forum, I have gleaned some very helpful insights. Thanks, Paul

    Obol guitar build

    Beer cheese soup is pretty easy to make, and you cant swing a cat around here without hitting a cheese maker or a beer brewer. This winter has been a challenge space-wise. My wife got a kiln and a pottery wheel so we dedicated two little rooms to that equipment. All my junk is piled in the other rooms of the basement, and underneath somewhere is my workbench.

    Obol guitar build

    Not only do we have brats, but the brewery here makes a "Wisconsin poutine" which has brats cut up into it with deep-fried cheese.

    Obol guitar build

    I think it was .25mm- which was a tad over-kill. For now, I am leaving the blocks on the sides of the neck for places to clamp the fingerboard on.

    Obol guitar build

    and here is a shot of the back after the rough pass-

    Obol guitar build

    Spring is approaching, and I am getting back to progression!

    NGD Ibanez Prestige Rg657ahm

    My first electric guitar was a Jetking 2, which I still have, but obviously this is no comparison. I must say, this guitar stays wonderfully in tune and the super wizard neck is simply sensual. This finish is definitively not resilient, (hard to determine without handling it prior to purchase) but that is the nature of this type of finish I suppose. Oh, and that single coil with the split humbucker setting is pure delight. I have been on the fence with purchasing an Ibanez rg652ahm for the last year without the (crowded/ obnoxious?) single coil position, but these are the tones I am finding the most pleasant.
  9. What he said- Well deserved!
  10. I would call it inTENONtional.
  11. The level of craft is almost surgical!
  12. Absolutely gorgeous build. How does it sound?

    New Magnum build

    This is a very stunning build. The fingerboard is SICK, and the quilting it very luscious.

    Three new rockers are coming to life

    Magnificent, Beautiful body and a lovely headstock form!

    Bronze guitar

    How do you address porosity in the castings? When you finish a piece for a customer is any porosity acceptable? This issue is a struggle for me because I would like to eliminate every small defect, but maybe a small degree is acceptable like small knots in wood. I haven't encountered any voids that need filling on my guitar, but I have been peen hammering the small defects which becomes its own challenge for creating smooth surfaces. Paul

    Telecaster for a friend

    I really like the guitar colors and how the pick guard's angles are parallel to the angles of the guitar body.

    Obol guitar build

    Yes, knew about the DrNo Skull, but I didn't realize how awesome the eyeball knobs were until now.

    Bronze guitar

    This is fantastic! I like how you achieved such an organic form though your process. It is so cool that bronze can be realized by marring age-old processes with modern technology. The central form looks like something out of the Dark Crystal.

    Obol guitar build

    This is a guitar pedal design I am working on-

    Kemp Guitars 2017-18 Build Thread

    super-sexy binding. oh yeah baby

    Three new rockers are coming to life

    Wow, this build is impeccable and possesses so many awesome design details. I have never really liked the flying-V platform until now.

    Steel body strat

    I am exploring of effect of resonance with my build with almost the identical theories you have. With my build I am hoping there will be a noticeable resonant frequency that will feed into "sympathetic vibrations" or harmonic oscillation. The reality is, the only true way to know the outcome is through building a complete guitar, there are just too many variables to speculate.

    Obol guitar build

    That is an interesting video as well. I have not seen the tool that is used to do the first surfacing operation prior to the flywheel surfacing before. Foundry work is fun to watch, but there are so many elements of the process that make it very dangerous. I used to do pattern work on core boxes that belonged to a railroad foundry and I never envied the workers who had to do the iron casting. North of my house by half an hour is the Kohler headquarters where one can tour the different facilities form porcelain work to iron casting. Seeing them construct a cast iron bathtub is something to behold.

    Obol guitar build

    Thanks Splintazert, That video does illustrate the exact process I followed. The only difference is my process is much sloppier and typically involves damaging whatever clothing I am wearing.