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  1. Hello, Here is an image of my guitar design I am preparing to build. I am very excited to see this project start to take on its physical form. Already, in reading though some of the builds on this forum, I have gleaned some very helpful insights. Thanks, Paul
  2. Obol guitar build

    How far from the bridge. Basically looking for the sweet spot. I have all the room in the world for height. Paul
  3. Obol guitar build

    Thanks, I will aim for one inch. I have seen 2.5cm referenced for this dimension in other places which is basically 1 inch. This is my first guitar build, and I am doing it a little backwards because I want to cast this crazy bronze piece before I build any other part. It is easier to machine material away (if I needed to get the pickup closer to the bridge) than add material.
  4. Obol guitar build

    I am double checking all my math and now I am starting to scrutinize some of my decisions. The dimension from my high E-string saddle and the bottom edge of my bridge pickup is .75 inches. I based this off a hollow body les-paulish guitar's dimension I have. It seems like that dimension may shorter than what I am seeing being done. Does .75" inches seem reasonable, or would it be safer to bump it up to 1 inch territory?
  5. Top sanding - help

    I would try really localized compressed air to start with if you haven't tried that. Fine grey scotch brite should help too. Paul
  6. PRS-like project(s)

    I think the tannin is what gets activated when you apply the mixture. I sprayed some samples with a spray bottle and the overspray blackened the pine workbench as well. The wood seems to absorb the vinegar mix really well, so just like dye, bleeding is definitely something that can happen if over applied.
  7. PRS-like project(s)

    I have achieved good results by "ebonizing" wood. Basically, you dissolve steel wool in a jar of vinegar over five days or so, strain out the liquid and apply it to the wood. After a minute or so, the wood will blacken. I have done this to walnut, and the wood as black as ebony. Different woods may not darken as much as walnut however.
  8. Obol guitar build

    Some time this last month, I gained access to a good 3d printer. Prior to that, this wasn't a project I had planned on starting any time soon. It still is a gamble, because I am asking the foundry to cast this part with a thinner wall thickness than ideal. So far, my wood is selected for the back and the neck, and a black Schaller Signum bridge is on order.
  9. Obol guitar build

    The top shell will be .125" cast bronze. This part should weigh around 6.5 lbs. The back will be ash and the neck will be maple.
  10. Obol guitar build

    and another:
  11. Obol guitar build

    Here is the whole guitar: