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About Me

Currently recovering from a hand injury having severed the flexor tendons in the first and middle fingers of my left hand so guitar playing just about possible but is not as good as it was.

I am a Fender lover. I have a Fender Fat Strat, a Fender Sonoran and a cast-off Squier Strat along with a Tanglewood archtop, and my first ever electric guitar, a 1980 Daion Strat Copy and my first acoustic, an Eko Ranger and a Marlin Sidewinder I bought for some perverse nostalgic reason as I used to have one at some point. Oh, and a cheap 'n' nasty left-handed electro-acoustic I bought when I thought my hand injury might mean I would never play again.

I also play keyboard.

As of November 2017, I just finished customising my first kit build and intend to go on using pre-made necks and my own design based on a standard Strat scratchplate.

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