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  1. mistermikev

    Recessed Mini Toggles

    bracket is a good idea. afa post - thing about me... I gotta lotta ideas I stole that I wanna try - who knows what build they will end up on but will do if/when!
  2. mistermikev

    Recessed Mini Toggles

    nice contribution... good idea. I could see plexiglass working well as a bracket... could use the volume pot as the mount for it. Might have to steal that idea at some point!
  3. mistermikev

    Four new rockers are coming to life

    I concur... amaz-balls.
  4. mistermikev

    anyone use a radius jig?

    true dat!
  5. mistermikev

    Bokchoi's Double Humbucker Tele

    hehe... I would react to this post but I've run out of reactions... so in short - looks good!
  6. mistermikev

    anyone use a radius jig?

    Roger that... oddly enough at first I was trying to sand down the high spots... and in the end I found that full length strokes worked better. Also trying to lighten up my pressure - both things you have advised. so thank you for the good advice!
  7. mistermikev

    anyone use a radius jig?

    right as rain as usual. I suppose in the end - even if I use a jig/router - I will have to sand it to get the tool marks out so... no way of escaping! Have to get better at sanding to a dimension for sure. I think the thing that has been holding me back there, is I was using a 3m sanding block... only 4-5" long. I've recently picked up a harbor freight auto-body sanding block. it's about 14" long and has a nice big handle... for $7! working pretty good so far because this morning I sanded my neck blank and it looked pretty straight. We'll see what happens after a few days of 'adjustment'!
  8. mistermikev

    anyone use a radius jig?

    hehe... my whole thought process on that is "yeah, YOU might be able to keep it straight but me - unlikely!" I find it difficult to get a perfectly straight flat neck blank! goes something like: sand, sand, sand... still a crack of light... sand, sand, sand... dang it it still hasn't moved... sand, sand, sand... and on and on like that! more importantly... I feel like it is the same technology - to radius a body or a fretboard. If I can learn how to make it work for one - the other will be a piece of cake... maybe. Also if I can make a radius that flips I'll be able to make better fb sanding blocks. Seems like a lot of benefit from one skill/jig.
  9. mistermikev

    32" scale p bass "the picalow"

    thank you sir!
  10. mistermikev

    anyone use a radius jig?

    thanks as always for the advice. doing it by hand... I'm not sure it would be accurate enough to glue a top on to afterwards. and the top in mind is too thin to carve the radius into. I don't know... will have to think on this some more but i appreciate the feedback.
  11. UPDATE: *-==========08/12/18==========-* made a little more progress this weekend... 1 outta 2 ain't bad: toggle cavity control plate worked swiimmingly - that dewalt saw is awesome... used a bigger saw for the other cavity but failed as the blade was too thick... so I'll have to pickup some 1/8" mahog for that. revealed some nice grain planing down my neck blank...
  12. mistermikev

    32" scale p bass "the picalow"

    thank you gentlemen! (sorry didn't catch these responses right away)
  13. mistermikev

    anyone use a radius jig?

    good to hear from you prostheta. that jig is very nice - hardly worth the work to build one but then the experience is worth something. I've seen/heard of lam fingerboards before... I think they offer it as an option at musikraft or warmoth. to be clear... the laminate part is regarding a possible 60" radius on a radiused body using a 3/16ish top. my thinking is to build something that could do both a 20" fretboard radius, and then be re-used for a radiused guitar top. for now its just dreaming but I def appreciate the input!
  14. mistermikev

    anyone use a radius jig?

    for anyone wondering the same thing (how far can wood bend without steam or releif cuts)... this is an interesting read regarding cold bending... https://www.popularwoodworking.com/techniques/bending_wood_the_wright_way summary: recommended radius/thickness 2-4" radius - 3/32" 4 - 8" radius - 1/8 8 to 12" radius - 3/16 12"+ radius - 1/4"
  15. mistermikev

    anyone use a radius jig?

    Sorry, kind of jumping back and forth between radius for the fretboard and radius for the body. if you mean the comment: "...consider is how to manage the radius but miss the neck/fretboard´╗┐ on a neck thru guitar" -I was talking about radiusing the body and missing the fretboard/neck when I radius the horns. afa radius a fretboard attached to the neck... no need to do that here.