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  1. mistermikev

    individually wrapped pickups

    I believe you mean 1 pole = 1 coil... so multi pole multi coil pickup aka single string pickups. dimarzio makes a bass pickup like this but it's really a big fat humbucker looking pickup with 8 coils inside. I believe alembic was one of the first to do it. also perhaps Kay for 6 strings? I don't know of too many who make individual poles/coils for sale. You might have to either diy or find someone who winds to do it for you. here is a link I found for someone who sells some... http://ubertar.com/hexaphonic/one_and_two_string_pickups.html I have done something similar to this in a few of my basses... dimarzio makes a j pickup that is two smaller coils. between that and a p pickup I have mixed bridge/neck half coils. it resulted in some surprisingly great sounds. hope that helps.
  2. mistermikev

    Reshaping Pickup Cavities

    I come from a long line of "if it's worth doing... it's worth overdoing". look on craigslist for a router you can find one for $25 easily. my vote would be to make templates, cut out a square, fill that square with wood, then rout the pickup proper. Epoxy is great stuff and will work for sure... just not fun to sand. I filled a guitar that had been shot 3x... had to sand down the overfill and it was difficult because the wood around it would sand sooo much easier - and it was maple! so my advice would be - if you are going to do it - be careful to not overfill. I would use cardboard/tape to make a 'barrier' that you could fill and hopefully be close to done.
  3. well, I dunno - never could tell the dif between parkay and butter so...
  4. mistermikev

    How do you cut your f-hole? What bit?

    missed this a while back... thank you for your advice!
  5. wow, nice job on the parkay (butter). looks very impressionist. sb cool.
  6. mistermikev

    Help with first guitar build

    honestly soldering is not hard... I would go that way either way because those clips are the equiv of transistor standoffs... one good jolt away from problems imo. i was about to tell you coil splitting is not a good idea but I guess that model is a 3 coil emg... so you should be good there. cheers
  7. mistermikev

    First full build from scratch

    wow, that's turning out really nice. have you mentioned what finish you are going to go for? with it being all blonde like that I would think something lighter in color would look great. keep up the great work!
  8. I dunno, perhaps I should do it myself... gonna be hard to match that finish. was going for a very natural look... almost unfinished. all joking aside: you are a super nice guy for stepping in on that. respect.
  9. no... quit joking around... clearly the neck profile is all wrong! and the fretboard profile... and if you want to split hairs the scale length could use a little work... and the finish... but other than that! it's very close! (hehe).
  10. scottr you da man. I nominate for member of the year... always quick with advice here on the forum and I certainly appreciate that. andy - mistakes: I know them well. nice recovery. on that note... I wonder if you'd be able to help ME with a similar mistake scottr? below is a pic of a neck I built that was supposed to be a 27" scale fanned fret neck... boy is my face red as clearly I did not hit my mark. (hehe)
  11. got my set neck stock planed down and sanded... installed my truss rod in the bolt version. used a bull nose 1/4 in combo with a normal 1/4 bit so that the bottom of the channel is mostly radiused except for the parts where the truss requires a flat bottom. sharpened my chisel and cut some corners... voilla, fits like a glove.
  12. "like all the bowling alleys had been destroyed... sos I spent most my time looking for beer". and that would explain why all I have to show for the last two weeks is the following... here's how I did my neck pocket for the bolt on w 7" radius at heel: 1 rough cut around neck pocket leaving approx 1/8" gap, cover neck template with masking tape... 2 clamp everything down and ensure it is on center... 3 fill 1/8" gap with epoxy... 4 break the pieces apart - later I will use this as a guide to make a 3/4" template. same process for my trem rout cover... made some truss rod templates: finished neck pockets: kept checking my birdseye and it was stable over the last two weeks (since I rough cut it) so I planed it down and it's ready for final shape cut. made a template for my gretsch inlays... will lay this at an angle on the fretboard to keep the inlay flat on the radius and then dremel out the areas... today I plan to plane down my set neck version, and perhaps do the final finish trim on my bolt version... my whiteside bit was like "what b17c#, what!?"
  13. May have to try that some time. very nice. thanks for the tip.
  14. looks pretty smooth to me. nice work. what kind of poly did you use?