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  1. that is the positive lead for the battery... both pickups have to have pos leads touching battery... if not... they no worky. how you connect them... wire nut, solder/shrink-tube, just twist them... is up to you.
  2. not surprised... i listen to kingdom over and over... my lanta that guys voice still gives me chills every time. I wore out my tape of touching tongues... no idea what he's saying but man alive can he sing. back then I didn't even realize he played guitar. rarely a singer that sounds equally good with that screaming tone as with a smooth note. afa queensryche... one of my fav recordings of him was "We're stars" in the 80s... "Hearing aid". only a few bars but man... I don't think he got enough credit for his powerful voice. another guy who can just scream or go clean and equally great.
  3. right on... looks like a pretty rock solid way to do it. perhaps more effort than typical but looks like it would result in more precision than typical. I'm going to keep it in the back of my mind. I usually use penny nails, just drill a hole through once I have it clamped and push the nail in... then pull them once glued... but the nails do somewhat get in the way of clamping. Long story short... I like your method!
  4. looking really great! pretty elaborate method to keeping your fretboard straight. nice work.
  5. that guitar is really nice... i esp like the back. something really attractive about it. so it plays better for you... mark that down as a win!
  6. def some interesting stuff there, esp like your take on the f hole. fattening it up looks v nice and more than that would be a more practical design. originally my big problem was tying the headstock to the body more... but in playing with my design it occurs to me that there isn't much room for a logo with current headstock... so it seems I'm getting further away as opposed to closer together!
  7. hmm, that's kind of what I was wondering and looking for... "does everyone else's planer get loud". Perhaps mine isn't too bad. When it's just running it's not bad at all... and depending on how much it takes off it's not loud... but you take a 1/16 and it's terrifyingly loud! then again I have a marshall full stack in my office so... not sure my hearing is the best now! other issue is it doesn't have a dust/chip port... which makes for a lot of cleanup but I spose all my tools make for that.
  8. right on. i have a craftsman that doesn't have any issues with snipe... but it is VERY loud even when only taking off 1/64th so I wonder if it's not the best... also I have to admit it kind of scares me! might be watching craigslist for something a little better.
  9. hehe, had to read that first sentence 3 times before I realized it wasn't a mechanical planer. hand planer... respect. I might have to try that sometime... but for now I try to do it with a mechanical planer. thanks for the response!
  10. good to know. I spose it's easier to get that initial level surface prior to full hardening too. thank you sir!
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