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  1. quite the adventure... just thought I'd share. any similar experiences? I bought a pc 6902 with the plunge base on craigslist for $60... but the bearings were about done. getting the router out of the plunge base - took me about 3hrs. after removing all screws and such it wouldn't budge. chewed up a mallet pretty good but finally got it out. learned i would need an impact wrench to get the collet off... found one on cl for $20 and got it off. got the bottom bearing out... but the top bearing had 'become one' with the spindle. got a pulley puller from the auto parts store but just bent the arms (cheap $6). So then I bought a 3" gear puller on amazon for $9. wouldn't fit due to the girth on the fingers of the puller. took the puller apart and ground down the fingers... finally got that b-tard out of there! Put it all back together and sweet success. Runs smooth as silk, no noise, no heat. Silver lining: I now have all the tools to do my fixed base 6902.
  2. mistermikev

    Couldn't resist - new project

    looks pretty cool to me. exciting design.
  3. very nice startup... will be watching.
  4. mistermikev

    first floating trem guitar build

    looks like a nice build. it is very similar to some ibanez or washburn I have seen no?(the spider web) cheers
  5. I believe you... but I've had my first heart attack and would like to avoid another so......... NOPE! hehe. plus then someone is going to release a video of me screaming like a little girl... and I'm not sure my ego can survive that!;)
  6. thank you skyjerk. kind of the first thing that came to mind... a slide guitar (delta blues) and it's got cloud motif. I can use the good mojo tho - thanks for that! never forget my highschool-band-drummer... he did skydiving a few times... broke his leg... looking at the back of his car you could see his skydiving enthusiast sticker and behind that a set of crutches - cracked me up. full disclosure: I'm afraid of that feeling you get on a roller coaster!
  7. mistermikev

    T Bass

    now that is clever sir. love it.
  8. mistermikev

    T Bass

    I too am a big fan of your washer trick... def going to use that and thanks for sharing. Love the ritter basses... the most unique designs I've seen in the commercial market for a long time. Looks like you are on par to do it justice. Will be watching. afa the saddle grounds... had never thought about the fact that you probably need x ground wires... or some loop-to-loop tom foolery... good to know. Cheers
  9. mistermikev

    Wiring Idea For Dual Humbucker

    my pleasure.
  10. mistermikev

    Wiring Idea For Dual Humbucker

    here's a few verified one's I've done...
  11. mistermikev

    Wiring Idea For Dual Humbucker

    as curtisa mentioned... you COULD treat each set like a tele setup... but you'd only have 4x4=16 combos as you couldn't turn either completely off (unless other controls were involved). I've done lots of work using a 3 way plus a 4/5/6pdt rotary... much simpler operation. lots of dif ways to skin a cat.
  12. mistermikev

    the mv shelter for abused guitars...

    back in the day I worked at a music shop for a stint... my boss used to joke that "these guitars are made from the finest tone-woods.... ground up and glued together". Full disclosure: I own an ergodyne that I love! cheers
  13. mistermikev

    the mv shelter for abused guitars...

    so much for the tonewood argument (awe snap... no I didn't)
  14. wow, that turned out great. I really like the offset rosette. as usual - awesome work!
  15. mistermikev

    the mv shelter for abused guitars...

    that isn't that bad. Those factory finishes are hard to take off, but I would bet if you let some paint stripper sit on it for 3hrs... a putty knife would scrape it right off. Then a little sanding and voilla! Def a nice looking guitar - worthy of a refin!