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  1. feeling pretty lazy right now cause last I looked at this thread, what, a week ago??? you had just rough cut the top and not much else. someone has been busy!
  2. I would play that bass even as a 4 string. love that thing. new octopus looks crazy nice too.
  3. thank you sir. now I've got "black velvet in that little boy's smile... black velvet in that slow southern style..." running thru my head! haha. thanks again!
  4. that's awful kind of you to say Bizman. very kind of you to say. I have some horror stories of sanding back on black. the dust becomes new dye and even w/o moisture causes blur. Just trying to avoid making that mistake... again!
  5. hehe, qc. that's a nice way of looking at it. afa dry... I let it dry fully.
  6. well... admittedly my binding went sort of grey. I don't think you can really avoid that because even tho the wood was sealed with ca glue(and a LOT of it) the dye went right up to it... and turned the binding darker. I'm actually debating if I'm going to switch to a black pearloid pickguard because the white is way too bright now. that said... I kind of like it. if I had to do again I think I'd paint the binding channel white.
  7. btw, nice to get some feedback because my wife poo poo'd it right off the bat!
  8. technically you can mix either with water or alcohol. I mixed with water but drew back with alcohol. water only because I'm told it will fade less with water, and alcohol only because I didn't want to warp anything. nope, no sanding back whatsoever.
  9. thanks for the reply AD. don't mind if I do. sanded to 220. raised the grain and sanded again. mixed keda and some stew mac black (keda has a lot of blue in it) with water. mixed the die a little lighter than I needed cause I have had better luck sneaking up on the darkness I need. did about 3 coats, then took alcohol and drew out a ton of color. switched to a new rag a couple times and kept drawing out black until my rag came up clean. now I'm just using watco nitro clear. probably do another few coats today and level it all out sat/sun.
  10. thank you. Yes, I hear that. Many many times, I rushed it at this stage and flubbed something up. feet don't fail me now!
  11. so many nice things there. very well done. lot to be proud of.
  12. I guess they are $60,000 guitars so... one could save a lot of money buying a $1000 piece of wood!
  13. looks like a corvette with the hood open.
  14. welp... some on rall guitars that are 500k but the forum logic is catching it- keep getting 'forbidden'. just do a google search for "flat potentiometer" or "thumbwheel potentiometer". I actually have a couple at home, not even sure why I bought them. you could simply cut a nice 5 way switch opening in a guitar and mount this on an l bracket or something. that'd be pretty hidden. doh, wasn't logged in... here we are:
  15. probably something to be said for "once you get 10lb moving it's harder to stop". I'm told there is a lot of variance in the older les pauls in terms of weight and sustain. So even in the golden era... there are good ones and bad ones. not entirely sure about the wood thing because I've heard 335s and even thinlines that ring out like crazy. I 'spose like anything else... it's a lot of good things combining together and certainly the wood is a factor. further, I think sustain is often the wrong word... and people probably mean projection. Even a crap neck joint seems to ring out for a long time. I doubt anyone is sitting around saying "yup, this one goes to 2:03 and that one only went to 1:47". that said, with a louder projection the sustain would be longer. afa old les pauls... I love the feel of a 'fretless wonder'. it's not even that they play lower... they just feel like they play lower as the low frets make the neck feel super thin. Always chasing that feel on a neck.
  16. I'm kind of with AD on this one. for a set neck... sure you want it fairly tight, but even then you want some give as wood is going to expand/contract and that can break the joint. For a bolt neck... I would want it tight, but def not tight enough to pick up the guitar or you are going to have finish cracks in the area at the least. Honestly I think a big ole gap in a bolt neck would be fine from a functional stand point but A) it looks like poor craftsmanship and B ) there can be tuning stability issues if the neck can move around. the fact that the sight says it improves sustain suggests to me they are selling sizzle. "show me". Can't blame them tho... that's how you sell guitars. the guitar most synonymous with sustain is the les paul... I think that has little to do with the set neck join. 1 part myth and 1 part big ole piece of wood. neck thru - I used to think they would have better access to upper frets... but you don't need to look very far to see all sorts of examples of set and even bolt necks that have access that is just as good. it's all good.
  17. I don't know if any plating is better than any other... other than gold tends to tarnish easier than anything else. afa classical tuners... they generally have a different mechanism ie require slots with holes for the turning shaft... so prob not going to work w/o modification and are generally not as good. i'd look at gotoh, wilkinson, hipshot, grover, tone pros, kluson... sperzel actually is a different (dull) finish that fairs very well against time but not quite as attractive imo.
  18. denatured alcohol (aka lighter fluid), mineral spirits... and if that don't do it acetone will.
  19. you can certainly wire straight to the jack... and in fact it will have a small benefit to your full vol. but I'd suggest you at least add a kill switch... because on stage you do not want to unplug your guitar at stage volume. even if you don't care about your amp... you are likely mic'd by the house and I bet they will not appreciate the sound of you unplugging at full volume going through the house setup. you could have one of those planet waves disconnect cables and that will accomplish the sm. if this was the task for me... I'd probably try and get more creative about it. Honestly a volume control is a useful item to have so I'd wire one up and hide it. page had some cool flat potentiometers under his lp pickguard on a guitar... that's a idea. or you can just have them hidden in back. 2 cents
  20. welcome back. purpleheart all the way!
  21. thank you sir, that means a lot. looking fwd to my fav part today... putting on some color. thank you for taking the time!
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