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  1. quite the adventure... just thought I'd share. any similar experiences? I bought a pc 6902 with the plunge base on craigslist for $60... but the bearings were about done. getting the router out of the plunge base - took me about 3hrs. after removing all screws and such it wouldn't budge. chewed up a mallet pretty good but finally got it out. learned i would need an impact wrench to get the collet off... found one on cl for $20 and got it off. got the bottom bearing out... but the top bearing had 'become one' with the spindle. got a pulley puller from the auto parts store but just bent the arms (cheap $6). So then I bought a 3" gear puller on amazon for $9. wouldn't fit due to the girth on the fingers of the puller. took the puller apart and ground down the fingers... finally got that b-tard out of there! Put it all back together and sweet success. Runs smooth as silk, no noise, no heat. Silver lining: I now have all the tools to do my fixed base 6902.
  2. mistermikev

    Couldn't resist - new project

    looks pretty cool to me. exciting design.
  3. very nice startup... will be watching.
  4. mistermikev

    first floating trem guitar build

    looks like a nice build. it is very similar to some ibanez or washburn I have seen no?(the spider web) cheers
  5. so this is what I'm basically shooting for... I used pics of my actual top and my actual tailpiece here so... going to be fairly hollow: got a few templates made so far... challenges: I'm a little unsure how my binding transition between neck and headstock should play out. ideas include A. trying to put a slight angle on the headstock and keep the transistion straight(only have 7/8" material so... i don't know. don't really want to glue in a scarf either so... maybe not. B. just cut the headstock binding channel while the headstock is full thickness and simply stop the binding at a point close to the transistion. C. I'm doing a headstock overlay... could bind it prior to install or cut it short to make the binding channel (I believe this is what norris did?). next step: make the body route template. ... and templates galore: some wood pile shots: UPDATE: *-==========08/09/18==========-* so... I've broken ground. starting off at 6lbs 7oz... that is fairly light for 2" frican mahog, yes? all for now. UPDATE: *-==========08/12/18==========-* made a little more progress this weekend... 1 outta 2 ain't bad: toggle cavity control plate worked swiimmingly - that dewalt saw is awesome... used a bigger saw for the other cavity but failed as the blade was too thick... so I'll have to pickup some 1/8" mahog for that. revealed some nice grain planing down my neck blank... UPDATE: -==========08/20/18==========- obligatory forstner shot and after some work with the bowl bit... down to 2lbs 9 oz started to work on joining the top... with the bit taking off 1/16" on either side... =====================update 08/21/18 mr natural: you da man. used your trick for gluing up my super thin top. worked like a charm! Here's a shot of the top being held down by a bunch of slate tile. UPDATE: -==========08/26/18==========- glued my top on... used my dremel to cut the inlay channels in my fretboard... final product... routered off the excess on my top... sounds great when you finger drum on it! no puppy toys were harmed in the making of this photo... UPDATE: -==========09/03/18==========- so did binding this weekend... went pretty good all things considered. I taped/dry-fitted and bent the binding first... using a hair dryer (heat gun is just too much for binding I think). Then I used ca glue to go around the body again and pry-apart/glue/re-tape. and a closeup... started carving down my neck too... I still haven't round a good bandsaw so I used a jig saw. This meant a lot of excess to remove... so I just used a straight edge and multiple passes to prevent blowout. one step closer! update 10/1/18
  6. I believe you... but I've had my first heart attack and would like to avoid another so......... NOPE! hehe. plus then someone is going to release a video of me screaming like a little girl... and I'm not sure my ego can survive that!;)
  7. thank you skyjerk. kind of the first thing that came to mind... a slide guitar (delta blues) and it's got cloud motif. I can use the good mojo tho - thanks for that! never forget my highschool-band-drummer... he did skydiving a few times... broke his leg... looking at the back of his car you could see his skydiving enthusiast sticker and behind that a set of crutches - cracked me up. full disclosure: I'm afraid of that feeling you get on a roller coaster!
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    T Bass

    now that is clever sir. love it.
  9. mistermikev

    T Bass

    I too am a big fan of your washer trick... def going to use that and thanks for sharing. Love the ritter basses... the most unique designs I've seen in the commercial market for a long time. Looks like you are on par to do it justice. Will be watching. afa the saddle grounds... had never thought about the fact that you probably need x ground wires... or some loop-to-loop tom foolery... good to know. Cheers
  10. mistermikev

    Wiring Idea For Dual Humbucker

    my pleasure.
  11. mistermikev

    Wiring Idea For Dual Humbucker

    here's a few verified one's I've done...
  12. mistermikev

    Wiring Idea For Dual Humbucker

    as curtisa mentioned... you COULD treat each set like a tele setup... but you'd only have 4x4=16 combos as you couldn't turn either completely off (unless other controls were involved). I've done lots of work using a 3 way plus a 4/5/6pdt rotary... much simpler operation. lots of dif ways to skin a cat.
  13. just some random guitar pics... this one is a hamer steve stevens I bought when I was 14. It was in the northridge quake (95?) sitting in front of a laney half stack... the quake launched the head of the stack onto the head of this guitar! Had repaired it then but didn't want to break it the rest of the way off... 10 years later it finally broke again... popped her all the way off, scraped the old glue off, glued it back up and added a mahog overlay for strength... carruthers tele. traded on cl for it. had some red overspray that seeped into the laquer so stripped it and did a refin with true oil... family photo below is a 'dillion' that I bought on cl for $25. It had been shot 3 times with a .22. You can see the shots bottom/middle. filled the holes with epoxy and did a paint job, added hot rodded buckers and it's been a fav ever since! the mv shelter for abused guitars does accept donations (imagine music "arms of an angel")
  14. mistermikev

    the mv shelter for abused guitars...

    back in the day I worked at a music shop for a stint... my boss used to joke that "these guitars are made from the finest tone-woods.... ground up and glued together". Full disclosure: I own an ergodyne that I love! cheers
  15. mistermikev

    the mv shelter for abused guitars...

    so much for the tonewood argument (awe snap... no I didn't)
  16. wow, that turned out great. I really like the offset rosette. as usual - awesome work!
  17. mistermikev

    the mv shelter for abused guitars...

    that isn't that bad. Those factory finishes are hard to take off, but I would bet if you let some paint stripper sit on it for 3hrs... a putty knife would scrape it right off. Then a little sanding and voilla! Def a nice looking guitar - worthy of a refin!
  18. so a while back I posted here and elsewhere about some really nice 1/4" quilt tops I got from my new fav seller downhomewoods over on etsy. At the time I asked them if they ever carry any 3/4" tops as I plan to do a lp style as my skillset develops... perhaps they listened or perhaps it's coincidence, but they now have a few 3/4" flamed maple tops so I snagged one and another 1/4" top. Though you guys might appreciate a look:
  19. mistermikev

    bought a 3/4" flamed top... have a look?

    I've read that wetting the surface down right before planing can help that. Failing that... a router planer has worked flawless for me. i use a nice whiteside bit. Planed down my flamed maple neck w no issues. Next on my list is a planer so perhaps I'll feel those woes soon;>
  20. mistermikev

    the mv shelter for abused guitars...

    you want gawdy... I have just the thing - an 89 jem fp... that's the one with the flowers all over the body, pink pickups, bright green vine of life! afa massacred body... redo that succer! nothing some sanding/heat-gun/paint-stripper won't fix! or, if that don't work... glue on a top! Would love to see that and folks here are so generous with info you can't hardly go wrong! Cheers and thanks for the reply!
  21. mistermikev

    the mv shelter for abused guitars...

    do you have an abused guitar? would love to see it!
  22. mistermikev

    anyone use a radius jig?

    so I've done some looking around at ideas for radius fretboard jig... was planning on taking a shot at it. my plan was to mount my router to a 24" board and do a radius cut... then move back an inch (compensating also for other side of blade) and cut another line. do that twice to make two 12" radi cleats. attach together with a 3/4" square in the middle to mount my router on either side of it. Should be able to make radius blocks, then flip over and radius a fretboard. if that makes any sense. my question is... anyone use this type of jig and comments on how well the idea works? pitfalls? I'm guessing your best results will be running the router up and down the wood length-wise and then moving along the radius for another pass?
  23. mistermikev

    anyone use a radius jig?

    right on. good idea. I may have to find a local granite or solid surface shop. As an alternative... I have been using a harbor freight auto body sanding block. They are actually really nice for $7. checking against my straight edge they produced straight results.
  24. hehe - well I hope this doesn't end on the bonfire! I figure as long as it plays and sounds good... the rest I can live with. I have been known to OOOOOOOOOver analyze things... that's just who I am. The actual work for this build probably could have been done much faster but i always opt to 'think about it' for another day to ensure I'm seeing it right in my head... still end up doing stupid things like putting the binding on before checking the depth. Anywho, thank you for the encouragement!
  25. you are too kind. That is a real compliment from someone I respect as much as you given your outstanding builds so I'll try not to let it go to my head! on that note... I did the neck binding w/o checking depth on my fret slots. I've only done minor sanding so I should be ok... but add that to the list of learning experiences! oh well... I have enough binding left that if I need to pull it and redo it I can so... we'll see. Thank you as always for your support and encouragement.