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  1. so... if I may... how did you draw that octopus? by that I mean, what tool did you use? fretboard looks great btw.
  2. I feel like the back might be mocking me tho... "You'll not top this!". ok. we'll see. going to try to do a cherry burst with a preval kit and some watco lacquer and aniline dye - any advice on that? I'm guessing you just mix the dye w alcohol, let it sit for a while, and drop some in with the lacquer?
  3. I fear this may be the dreaded "back eclipses front" build for me... but not a bad problem to have at all.
  4. not that you need another 2 cents on this... but if the neck is diving... and this were mine... I'd move the upper strap pin closer to the centerline of the guitar. basically on the back of the heel. or move the tail pin further from centerline. It'd be a shame to add a piece of metal imo because the guitar is so beautiful and that would foul it for me. also, I'm a big fan of the sg and most I've owned had neck dive. I've replaced tuners (obviously not an option here) to some success... and used straps with raw leather back to minimize it. had gone with bigger metal knobs to weigh down that side. at one point I had added some sinker(fishing) weights to the ctrl cavity. I hate to add weight to a guitar but I'd hate more to do something that would visually compromise it. just one a holes two cents.
  5. that's probably a better way to do it. last couple builds I wanted to change the color at the last min cause the wood was pushing me in a dif direction... but I wouldn't let myself because "I set out to do this... I'm doing this!" who do I think I am? babe ruth? just go w the flo.
  6. like that silver(ish) look to it. looking fwd to watching your progress.
  7. see all these folks on facebook complain about having to be isolated and alone at home... and I'm like "welcome to my world". total hermit here and I like it that way. Wish I didn't have to go into work (I could totally do all my work remote), but I'm thankful to have a job. Can't say that much has changed for me other than lighter traffic and using more hand sanitizer.
  8. "I can't be held responsible for things I say and/or do... also... I'm not good with numbers... and letters... and things people say"
  9. yes lets go back... also apparently yellow rose is 4/4. well, on the bright side that confirms that this was NOT yellow rose!
  10. now that you mention it... I think you are right. (I'm senile). I learned it from a "master class with albert lee" book about 20 years ago. It was an off the cuff recording of him that doesn't appear on any of his albums. in my defense... both are waltz!
  11. yup. big albert lee fan here. this is about the only thing I've ever heard him do that I can actually play!
  12. sometimes I wish I had kids... so I could make them build kewl guitars! haha. looking good. looks well planed after all. nice job.
  13. verry nice. if I did my guitar oustide with no protection like that... it'd have 2lb of dust bunnies by the time I took it in! looks lint free and coming along nicely!
  14. tru dat. on all levels. many here responsible for all I know. I've been playing this guitar non stop! getting my investment back!
  15. thank you biz. that is 'yellow rose of texas' by albert lee. doesn't sound very hard -like his typical stuff... but all over the place he does doublestop slides where he changes the distance between the two notes he's sliding. still learning that song 20 years now! thanks -you are very kind.
  16. when i first started partscaster building I would always rush at the end and screw something up. actually had to learn myself to not do that. harder than it looks right(being patient)!
  17. well thank you sir! It was a great improvement over my last attempt for sure! Norris - literally rofl
  18. (I'm out of likes... but I tried!) thank you sir. Means a lot to me - the support I get from members here... and the tips/tricks... so can't say thank you enough. Don't know if I've interacted with you before but if not - nice to meecha!
  19. sorry, I never did post pics of my bench (I'm senile) but I just assumed EVERYONE saw them in my over documented build threads! haha! look forward to seeing your bench jaycee.
  20. right on. I bet that sounds great. In this case the seymour doesn't quite hum cancel perfect with the p90... i guess the p90 is just such a big footprint. Could be improved there but they sound great together.
  21. Couldn't agree more with both above. PGOTM has been overflowing with great builds lately and I have actually been sort of scoring entries based on: 1 pt for looks/shock factor, 1 pt for "heart", 1pt for newbie here on the forum, 1 pt for build quality. Unfortunately we have several newcomers who all scored a 4/4... so I had a really hard time voting. I feel like I should apologize to anyone I didn't vote for - I actually feel guilty! Nice job guys - take a bow!
  22. for some reason my response disappeared... perhaps I hadn't posted it thoroughly... in case it ends up here twice: I'm be short... Thank you ScottR - that means a lot to me and you've been a great help on many builds so... you get 3% of my cudos right off the top. P90 - I have them in another guitar... but I abso love this setup. Should have tried it sooner. You'll hear it in the video but the bridge is seymour vintage strack and the p90 is bootstrap squeaky clean. There will be many more P90s in my future. With the hollow body contributing a little bit... it reminds me a lot of a 335 but not quite as huge sounding. It is a nice pair. Love to hear your thoughts on the video... it was up for me when I clicked on it. here's the link just in case: demo
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