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  1. wait stop!!! pretty sure putting a tele bridge on a jackson dinky esque body with jackson style headstock... it'll explode the first time you hit a low e. I mean... look what happened to mick mars? totally kidding of course. at first I thought you were going to make an mdf guitar for a sec... and then you whipped out the lima... and man what a nice piece of limba. That is going to pair very well with the ebony fretboard and black hardware. drooling. great scott that's a great starter build. right on.
  2. well, you could try to lay down a sheet of paper on either side and carefully spray in some black, or use a bendable ruler to allow you to do a black magic marker line... and I think if you first hit it with some acrylic clear followed by lacquer you'd probably be ok... or you could just replace that section with a new piece and try to blend the joins with acetone/melted-binding... but in all honestly I think this would be a complete 'redo' for me. Binding isn't ever really 'fun' but it's not all that hard. It looks like that is on the top side... and I would look at it every time I play the guitar... and it would get under my skin.
  3. well see there... you DO... because you correctly identified it as a sequence of random characters! haHA!
  4. right on. three days in and I'd hate it. the missing piece of this puzzle is that I grew up in wisconsin... it gets VERY cold there... but yes, perhaps not as cold as the siberia where bizman lives. yes, the smell of ice melting... that's something you wouldn't understand unless you lived in a cold region. Very distinct smell of the ice melting and the earth being exposed for the first time in 6 months... perhaps it was only pleasant because we knew winter was over... but I guess I'd have to smell it again to know (it's been 12 years!)
  5. wow, like a dissertation in finish application. well done.
  6. seeing your two posts bizman/scott... on the one hand I think "well the wife has been thinking a lot about moving to texas... and scottr says it's only 90s there and nice! (it topped 100 today here and not nice) and on the other hand I see that wood pile and some snow and thing "yep... that's where my bones belong. the sting of cold in the winter but nothing like the smell of summer approaching/ice melting".
  7. having recently done some carving on ash... I can really appreciate how nice and clean your carve is above. doing it on mahog is one thing... but ash just fights you the whole way. cudos to some clean carving.
  8. looking good. finish reminds me a little bit of the root beer jem.
  9. nicely done sir. head stock compliments the body rather nicely. are you staying natural w it?
  10. since I am not allowed a reaction....... if by some stroke of luck you know what this unlikely chain of symbols means... lmk.
  11. kind of surprised that pics are so prevalent. had never seen one. def unique.
  12. respect... my forearm hurts just watching!
  13. thank you sir. beginners luck I 'spose. thank you for saying so komodo.
  14. how the heck did you get in b4 me... must have hit send at the same time. well thank you for that!
  15. hehe, thank you sir. I'll get started on that doo doo build straight away! If I haven't said it enough... thank you for all your encouragement. Many things I've learned from you and other members of this community and I hope I show enough appreciation. also, shout out to @ShatnersBassoon - all the builds were very nice this month but his stood out to me as something very special and I would have been proud to loose to it.
  16. I appreciate the offer but jpg is fine. the way I would use is just the body shape as a reference. if I were to build I would probably go with my own scale length and perhaps change other details so the main thing I do is just take the body shape and use it's outline. I can see they need to be scaled but the hard part of getting the curves is done so... great. the seagull is an interesting one for me - have not seen that model b4. no bc rich expert but I've been around.
  17. what a great share. I too love the planning part a lot and have done the eagle myself but a few oddities here that are not in my collection and I will add. thank you very much for that.
  18. the three pickups are in series. depending on the pinout of the on/on/on the way this should work is if a pickup is in the middle position only the positive OR negative of it would be connected to live (ie it would be off) and the signal would be passed on the opposite lead to the next switch in the series. it looks like there are two tone pots are both active and just giving sort of a coarse vs fine tune of the treble bleed off. the solo switch bypasses the tone pots and the vol pot and sends the potential 3 pickups to the live. I dunno if that makes it clearer for you but it's my best shot. probably important to note that the solo switch would just be an on/on dpdt... unless you want a full mute at the middle position of it.
  19. I think often times you think of how you should have done something... and it makes what you have seem inferior to you... but 9/10 that only seems that way to you. I've always loved those inlays because they are simple... but look elegant. I don't think you could really improve on that altho I'm sure your other idea would look great too... just as great.
  20. right on. that should be lovely. looking fwd to seeing it.
  21. right on. I figured as much. I am going to be doing a fretless bass here in a min so... will likely do that for the binding as well as do some veneer fret markers. s/b some fun. anywho, guitar is looking great with the back carve and all. what r u doing for color? is this one purple too?
  22. correct me if I'm wrong but if you used the two sides of a 5 way strat switch as neck1 vs neck2 and just switched the live to either one side or the other side you'd really only need one pole and two throws. this does not allow for the typical multiple tone controls (at least not the conventional way of doing it).
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