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  1. thank you sir. hope you are looking forward to answering stupid questions and providing a shoulder for when the crying starts (hehe).
  2. right on. i was actually thinking of metalflake for a minute... would be pretty cool... but then I'll be picking small flakes out of every nook and cranny for the next year! (you know how that goes!)
  3. right on. that def would be a nice sparkle... not all that pearl tho, but would look nice. have bookmarked it.
  4. that guitar wouldn't look right with waterslide or paint. def going mop there. Just it'd be nice if I don't have to cut it myself as that logo would be tuff to get right. Really want a more classic look, but not sure about cutting it myself. for that reason, may take an easier route depending on what I can find.
  5. I guess in that instance, might be better off dying black after filling grain.
  6. I was more thinking about availability of the inlay. I don't recall where, but I'm sure I've seen std 'gibson' inlay... would be pretty easy to take that and mod it to 'Gipsum' whereas 'Givsum' might require cutting it. If I was cutting myself I could go all the way to "Gig Bum". hehe
  7. truth be told I was playing with my axefx3 for about 6wks straight... quite the distraction. but lately: picture me wringing my hands and plotting world domination via tele build - lol! afa paul caster... more of a teLes but i digress! thanks for the reply AD
  8. black pearl - good call. that's def a winner idea. afa hardware/pearl - kind of commited as already bought. Really wanted to try the trem king and they don't offer it in black chrome. Still wondering how one cleans that filler off the other parts tho... I suppose just light sanding.
  9. thanks for the reply biz. I was thinking it might be really easy with gipsum as I'd be able to splin the b and just cut the top off an o assuming I could find a logo but - "giv sum" - certainly food for thought!
  10. acoustic bridge and semihollow... right on. Did not realize the pickukps were acoustic flavor - interesting. thanks for the answers.
  11. well, if anyone can fix that I trust it would be you. looks very nice. Just noticed how the upper horn bents up... that's a nice detail. Rock on!
  12. very nice. finish is stunning... gonna have to try an airbrush sometime. some nice detail there around the truss rod and the cover. Totally disappears in your photo. bravo. have been considering a piezo bridge myself lately. Would love to hear your demo. In the helix you can add an ir from a full acoustic - have you tried that? How is it? Worth it? I have axe fx 3 and have played with acoustic ir but it's just not satisfactory with no piezo. Sounds great on my actual acoustic.
  13. so officially starting up my next project... 3 teles. Working on templates for now, and have setup my body blanks... but figured I'd kick the build thread off. so first up... "The Broadchaser". Planning this to be sort of a 'modern classic' - vintage looks with modern electronics (more than likely 6 way rotary). The main milestone here will be doing a relic finish. This one I'm calling the "Gipsum Les Flaws". Sort of tongue in cheek - not sure if I'll stick with the inlay/name as I don't want to anger the gods... but this should be a carved flame top over a quilt maple body... laminated set neck, 27.5" scale length baritone. finally, what I'm calling the "Tuxedo". 30" radius top and bottom. Semi hollow. that's what I'm aiming for anyway. As always all comments, questions, jokes, asides, bedtime stories, laughs at my expense, completely unrelated content - welcome in my thread.
  14. so have been working on templates for my next build series and will be opening up a new build thread for it soon. Still working out some details. One of the builds is going to be all black. Was planning an ash top for that one. Just plain black would be too boring... but don't want high contrast either... and haven't settled on an idea yet. for example - all black: and black w white: was thinking I might try to do what I see here with the black and white but go satin black vs flat black. Maybe just mix in a little blue with the grain black? Or perhaps some black mixed with silver. Something that would make the grain stand out a bit more than all black above... but not THIS high contrast(black and white). since it's going to have pearloid binding and such... perhaps melt some binding and mash it into the grain? might be a bit much there. so, tell me what you know about achieving this effect, and perhaps some ideas for "black on black"... if you don't mind.
  15. I mean to trick the guitar teacher into 'making sure your guitar was ok' hehe. For $20-30... I bet 9/10 guitar teachers would let you just record them for 1/2 hour. Hell, some might do it for free just to play such a unique instrument. Anywho, I'll quite beating the dead horse.
  16. just thought of a solution... you need a video camera and to pay someone for a single guitar lesson.
  17. I would be willing to loan you my vintage 1983 lotus in the meantime (hehe - I don't have a lotus). While I would def love to check out a build of yours, and would do anything for you... gosh that'd be an expensive way to get a recording of that guitar... If only 're-guitaring' was a thing!
  18. well, your in luck... if you want to simply mail it to arizona... I would be willing to take one for the team and do a demo for you (hehe - might take me the rest of my life to send it back tho). bet it's going to rip.
  19. -might be just the thing I need to take me to the next level. P90/single/p90... I do hope you'll do a vid or audio demo? Looks like you went with strat wireup?
  20. I dunno man.... If I was building it I would have gone WITH strings (is string-less catching on?). Other than that looks outstanding!
  21. few other options... use actual circuitboard (use an old pc motherboard) and remove any components (would be some work), or buy an unpopulated board... you could use clear waterslide and silver art deco film... or actually buy some copper clad board and etch something into it (not all that hard). If it were me... I'd probably make some artwork in photoshop and send that to a vinyl sticker mfg. just some thoughts.
  22. right on, have some macassar on a fav bass... has some blond streaks but not quite that 'over the top'. gonna look nice.
  23. "It's the little things" - looking good. I especially like the delicate little 'nipples' on the f holes. Tiny details like that are so easy to loose and really add a touch of class. nice work.
  24. looking good bruther. esp like whatever-the-hell is going on with that fretboard grain (the two blonde streaks on the bass fretboard). Good choice in wood that.
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