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  1. I am so flattered by your use of noice... it's very noice. note the axe fx iii in my setup - it's new: that is going to be the reason I get nothing done for the next month!
  2. I actually just don't do side dots... but was referring to those lovely fret markers. they kind of look vintage like cream with a hint of orange. what material?
  3. doh, missed the part about strings popping out. as the good advice given... you'd have to somehow lower the trem assembly... perhaps check that you have the spring in there correctly or if something is pushing it away from the body.
  4. probably not a big deal... you just need to intonnate it. If you have a really accurate tuner (really should be strobe quality). my advice would be, once you have it intonnated, mark it with something temporary, and get some 3m double sided tape (the really weak stuff) and apply to prevent rocking/movement going fwd. A gibson tech did this to my es295 for me and while a purist might say it is a barrier to tone... a lot of pros with archtop bridges do this.
  5. I did a set neck on my sweet spot blue and it was spoke wheel - adjust thru the 19th fret. Honestly I don't see any reason a set neck would be a problem. Like anything else you just have to plan ahead in terms of how it's going to interface with the (potential) top of the guitar... but it's no dif than anything else I spose. afa gotm... cool and congrats!
  6. I like your sense of humor. I'm crusing along thinking "well those dots look real nice, wonder what he used" then blammo Rick Flair to the face! I tip my hat sir!
  7. wow, did not see that coming. I can't stand wearing my face shield for more than 10 mins when my garage is that hot... and sweating so much that I'm concerned about slipping. Def not ideal for me!
  8. um.... my eyes are up here ADFinlayson. also, I now have TWO great racks... pics to follow soon (have to clean my room)
  9. just one question... how often do you do woodworking in your sauna?
  10. ooh... that's chilly! poor you. it's going to be a breezy 112 in phoenix today. I know, I'm so spoiled. In my garage, aka my sauna, it reg hits 120+. I complain but truth be told it is the perfect place to dry wood out!
  11. well... yes... um... I like my TOAST just slightly toasty... perhaps a little more toasty than it was in the video... so it was on it's way to being toast for the sake of argument. my wife likes it super crispy... which is a sub category of toast known only as 'BURNT TOAST'! (I take it u r a burnt toast guy, eh?)
  12. lots of options there... you could buy some clear waterslide decal stock and print on inkjet(most common printer), if you want black headstock then you'll just have to paint in some details on the decal or mask off an area of the headstock and paint it white and put a color decal with black edges over it. I/we can walk you through that when you get to it.
  13. more than likely you risk sanding thru doing that... but I would. you COULD just sand up to the face of it and leave that untouched.
  14. since you have to pull out the switch... you need to cut both pickups and the live to the switch... then reconnect them exactly as they were later. the jack should stay with the pots and wired up. afa headstock... IMO you should make it yours... put something you like on it. you could paint it black, and do some waterslide decal on it. print it out on an inkjet or laser printer as just an outline of the letters, then paint the inside of the letters with a gold paint pen. then stick it on and clear over it. or do deco foil in chrome or gold.
  15. hehe, I bet. my shoulder hurts just looking at it!
  16. now worries. looking fwd to seeing some pickguard photos.
  17. right on. in that case perhaps forstner is the way to go. or you could just use a straight edge to do 'lines' with the router. leaving a 3/8" barrier between each 'line' for strength. or... what I did on my delta lectric... is just cut some 1/8" mahog into strips and used it to strengthen the top in critical areas. that was a 3/32 maple top over an almost full hollow body. I imagine any of those solutions would work great.
  18. I did forstner weight relief on a p bass build... brought it all the way down to 10 lbs! Unless you do it really aggressively I don't think it's worth it... just my opinion. I have a bad back and wish I had gone full semihollow on that build.
  19. I wouldn't get the duct brand because A it will likely keep paint with it in coming off and B it's very thick. I would just use the 3m carpet tape - it's very thin and will stick very well... less likely to take paint with it when coming off altho still a risk. afa guitar fetish... haven't tried their tuners but if you are looking for less expensive options that are solid the wilkinson locking are pretty decent and in the under $30 range. they use them on reverend guitars so... no one complains.
  20. you mean tuning knobs themselves... or the machines+knobs. knobs themselves - evilbay. you can get tuners there too. grizzly has some great deals on some gotoh but I think they are all gold. afa pickguard... wd will make one to your specs using any material you like but it's spendy. if you can find a pickguard you like... you could just use carpet tape. just a thought.
  21. you had me at 'flamed mahog'. looking fwd to it! welcome!
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