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  1. also you are in a jail cell with two guards. one always tells the truth, one always lies. there are two doors. one is your freedom and one certain death. what one question could you ask to guarantee you your freedom?
  2. sacrificial board... that's a solid idea. thing that could work well. thanks for the tip.
  3. right on. my concern with the stick would be twofold.. wouldn't be as secure, and wouldn't be as repeatable. would def work and quick and easy def has it's merit. multiple passes: this is the issue... on that first pass, with the planer setup high... the wheels might not grab until it gets almost all the way through. my concern is safety as the there will likely be no grab from the wheels until it gets half way there... and I do not like the idea of touching anything while it's in the planer. the main issue is a kickback could def break your hand. worse you get pulled in. I know there is some slop where the wheels actually drop down further than the blade... but how much. I guess the only way to know is to find out. have you done this?
  4. also, thank you for the reply/support biz! also... you are very quick with yer drawing of such things - cudos!
  5. yes, this is what I meant. I was thinking it might be a solid idea (if I was going this route) to use a piano hinge or door hinges at one end... then perhaps use t-nuts and bolts at the other end to be able to raise/lower it and a center piece that would be attached at the sides to allow the t-nuts to swivel. ie a center piece that is attached to the sides via bolts... with two t nuts say 3" in from the edge, then a 'u' shaped cut in the top board that the bolts could sit in... with a nut under that board to fasten the bolts to. one issue I see, is that the rollers aren't going to be able to grab on one side of the board(left on your pic), or I'll be taking off a LOT as it hits the high (right side) of the board. my auto planer is working great... but the one side needs to remove +-1/4".
  6. preface: so... originally I was thinking i was going to do a 1 3/4 wide neck for a 4 string i'm going to build... did up my laminate blank... then changed my mind to 1 1/2 due to exploring my sr890 recently. so... right now the inner lams are both approx 11/16 each which would cause my accent veneers to run out before the headstock. probably would be fine... but I think I'm going to cut a v into the center pieces with a 1/8" bit, then cut them on the bandsaw... then how to resurface them? how do you cut a taper in the lams for a neck - specifically how to surface the lams? option 1: to make a jig for my auto planer. anyone have any such jigs? option2: is to setup my router planer to do a surface... but this leaves mild tool marks that'd have to be sanded out. that's fine when you are doing a fretboard because it's ltd real estate... in this case it's a 42" long x 2.5" thick blank... would like a better option. non-option2: I 'spose one might use a hand planer but I don't have one... so that options out.
  7. hmm... well I don't recall. but I'm guessing it's super heavy duty and probably pretty. and it can talk??? that's a keeper.
  8. for the record... I admire your spirit of minimal tools and find a solution in what you have. good on ya.
  9. you have a router and a hole cutter?
  10. well... I've since built a work bench that is some 15' long. with benches and jigs... some guys make them pretty but I only have two requirements: longevity and function. after building 15' of very functional bench... I find I use 7' of it and the other 7' is just the place where I place the tools I'm 'gonna use again in a minute'. long story long... probably could have just kept a 7' bench.
  11. wow, pop goes the woodgrain. love it. such a warm sandy feel... then fire.
  12. before seeing this... I had just decided that I want a purpleheart fretboard on my next build... but had I not thought of that before I'm guessing after seeing this it would have been a given as well. looks great. nice work.
  13. lovely build. I would like option 3 please. do a veneer, then a burst. (i am not capable of coloring between the lines... what are lines anyway other than suggestions?)
  14. Def have to keep track of what bottle is what as he goes! one take away for me is filtering the dye. I was going to try this with a t-shirt before I saw this video and seeing him do it kind of give me confidence that it will work. he does use a few powdered dies in there and mixes them with alcohol but doesn't filter them. def a lot of vids from him! some stellar finishes too. appreciate the share.
  15. well... I'm learnin! today was reading about how to take a compressor and use it for an airbrush. by that I mean a shop compressor. it's something I've been thinking about getting anyway... but have held off because in order to run an air sander or a full spray gun... I'm told you need at least a 15 gal. slowly inching it's way up the list. would love to be able to blow things off/out from time to time too!
  16. looks great. body shape - quite fetching.
  17. IDK of any specific model that does that... but both seymour, emg, and a few others do noiseless active pickups that are single coil sized.
  18. and boy do you bring it out! tru dat my friend!
  19. honestly can't blame them. actually, it's kind of boss. "no you can't build those! now build them for us"! honestly gibson gets a bad rap, but one could def argue they earned it. just wish they'd bring back the spirit they had when they came up with the sg90 and the like. that steinberger trem had a ton of potential and those guitars in that series for me, are some of the best looking gibsons ever made. guess I'll have to make my own!
  20. right on. have not see those vids but will watch tonight. I was reading some posts at tdpri where a guy mixes dye powder with denatured alcohol first, lets it sit, then mixes it with thinner, then combines with lacquer. In my mix I easily went as thin as a 50/50 mix between lacquer and thinner and still trouble. perhaps I could go even thinner but I suspect that's not the only problem. it's wierd, if I hold the can upside down it sprays fine indicating the tube and tip are fine... but put the tube back in the lacquer/dye and it won't spray. I too have considered an airbrush. bought a cheap harbor freight one that I haven't even used because I was debating if I should just buy an airbrush compressor. I see a few on evilbay and craigslist for $40ish so was thinking that'd be the max I'd spend before considering spending a lot more than that to get a decent used compressor and real spray gun. I like the idea of the finer mist from an airbrush. should be good for a lot of dif things. anywho, I def appreciate the replies and will check these vids out tonight.
  21. i saw that video too... but what he's doing there is spraying dye with no lacquer... if I'm not mistaken. yeah, his results aren't great as it keeps running. I would think it would be a lot dif to spray actual lacquer. anywho, do you have something you use to shoot something you mixed? I have an airbrush too... and that might be what I try next... but based on my experience the issue was likley that I used keda dye powder instead of liquid. the powder not dissolving fully was clogging the device.
  22. so... got my preval tonight was planning on doing some cherry burst. using watco gloss lacquer. I mixed up about an ounce of thinner with some aniline... swished it around a lot... then added about 5oz of lacquer. damn thing will not spray anything unless I'm sitting there shaking it... and then lacquer is coming out the little v hole. so I thought perhaps it's still to thick and I prgressively added thinner until it was really thin... figured perhaps watco requires no thinner? so I started over with about an oz of original mix and mixed in 5oz of lacquer. still no love. tried a different nozzle, tried a different filter tube. any guess as to what I'm doing wrong?
  23. I am aware... they also do not exist anymore... and that was 'sposed to be the "hehe" part... alas my humor isn't nearly as funny outside my head. it's quite ironic because (and correct me if I'm wrong) gakki is connected to the origins of the ibanez lawsuit era models. so connecting the dots, gibson sued them, then made them produce guitars for gibson, that have become arguably more popular than gibsons.
  24. right on. never hear of orville sueing anyone hehe.
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