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  1. I wish it was a basement... but no... just the garage. technically my kitchen becomes my workshop from time to time (wife hates that!) and so I am going to clam 1 1/4 workshops.
  2. wow, that's going to look great when it's done. looks like you got-her-on-the-run. nice work. soon my garage will be tollerable for more than 10mins at a time.
  3. open it up and inspect. more than likely the mono jack has been disconnected or perhaps is making contact with the shield. ask youself: what changed? new cable?
  4. well the good thing is.. at least in my experience... it's a very forgiving finish afa if you get a divot/blemish because new coats actually melt into old coats. stuff smells something aweful tho.
  5. tar-swallow... that sounds like trail jibberish (hehe). eh, super jumbo, advanced jumbo, round shoulder dreadnought... who can keep any of it straight.
  6. right on... someday there is a jumbo in my future or even it's predecessor (I forget - what's the one that's bigger than a jumbo?). hard to get a sense of perspective thru a pic. bet it will sound big!
  7. is it me... or is that bigger than a jumbo/dreadnought? love the simple beauty of it. normally I like things gawdy like... add some diamonds on the edge, 52 inlays, etc... but this makes a good case for sometimes simple is more refined. nice work.
  8. as you know no expert here but having done it with the watco nitro in a very dry climate all sounds good except you may need more than 10 coats (very thin for me). I would plan to spray it up and do a wetsand right away to see if you can get to a very smooth surface before you start the 'waiting weeks' because you'd hate to wait and find out you need more clear. also... given your wet climate you may want to wait a little longer between coats. just some newbie thoughts.
  9. hehe "what do I win?" -a fir lined bathtub? looking at it... looks like the spring might be sitting up on the edge... perhaps not seated. hope it's that simple.
  10. looks like a million bux. nice work. I support the choice to keep it tele/singlecut! bravo.
  11. roger that. For the record I never questioned why the top was so thick... just the back. Could be pretty cool tho. Something about a thick guitar that is comfy... but not too thick (ie 295 thick!). rock on.
  12. carve is fascinating... will be lurching on this one for sure. I can't help but think that guitar looks really thick but that may just be the 'uncarved' nature of it. Have you weighed it? Is it heavy? Anywho... I LOVE where this is going.
  13. that is totally inappropriate....................................................................................................................................thank you for that!
  14. wow, nice progress. looks beautiful. love the inlays.
  15. right on. that pickup cleans up nicely. were you recording with a mic or does the mustang go out usb or something? sounded like an 'in the room' sound. I have a buddy who plays out w a fairly professional band that swears by the katana... he gets decent sounds out of it. anywho, nice guitar!
  16. watching now... guitar looks great. sounds good. has some nice clean sounds out of that bridge. must be underwound a bit? sounds nice with a bit of gain. some nice noodling. inlay looks fantastic - great job all around.
  17. was thinking "why in the world did he finish binding the whole thing if it was short"... then saw your recovery. nicely done. cudos.
  18. fwiw op... I've got a number of necks that only have tru oil. Musicman uses a dip in tru oil... lots of other guitar mfg use tru oil for the neck and while it doesn't have quite the seal that poly or nitro might... good enough for them/me. I too have used nitro over tru oil (sweet spot blonde). seems to work fine for me. Even if the neck gets dirty after a while... it'd be pretty easy to clean it up and apply more tru oil. just a thought.
  19. damn... if I can get past you putting your crotch in my face I'll try to watch this thing a lil later! bam! crotch to the face! guitar looks beautiful tho... really nice.
  20. perhaps this will excuse my tardiness... right stide rack... second from the bottom...
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