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  1. nothing like the thrill... that first time plugging it in. Got a taste myself last night -I was playing guitar till almost 10pm! (that's really late for grandpa here!) Fired up and worked right out the gate. First thing I'm gonna do when I get home. Anywho, this is about you: congrats on a fantastically successful build.
  2. some good points there... where's that easy button!
  3. I was thinking about scarf but then thought about the truss... those have an anchor no? do they just unscrew? I've never taken apart a single action nor built one so have no idea. seems doable. seems like there have been lots of options put forth... I'm certain than any one of them could be done if the will is strong enough.
  4. the trem I posted a link to actually has a hole for truss adjustment in the headstock end. you'd prob have to fill in the area a little with epoxy but I think it could be done... and I'd love to see someone do it. there is a fixed bridge version of that trem too... probably a better bet as being from china. I look at it this way - you can always steam off that neck and build one if it doesn't work. w the fixed bridge you might have to fill in some holes but I don't think you'd even have to route it... the only question would be string height... that might require a recess. probably a bad idea since you got 2 of 3 luthiers saying no.
  5. here you go: https://www.ebay.com/itm/6-Strings-Saddle-Guitar-Tailpiece-Tremolo-Bridge-For-Headless-Guitar-Replacement/263794614610?hash=item3d6b626152:g:2PkAAOSwRWRbPEdc good luck side note: I am so tempted to buy this just because i want "overlord of music" on MY guitar!
  6. I don't like to post things that could get the forum hassled. there is a reason you won't find too many us sites making blueprints available. also, at full size my drawings tend to be a gig or more. here is a link to a thread where I post a guitar design I made using the same basic techniques but not full size: here's a link to fret2find for building fretboards: http://www.projectguitar.com/fretfind2d/ with this tool you can create a full pdf/image of any fretboard size. if you can work with images, it is pretty straight fwd to lay one on top of the other and then change the opacity of the one so that you can see the other below it. from there you just rotate your picture to get it close to lining up, then scale the image and get it close to size. then small adjustments to both until they align. I will tell you that if you hunt around on google for "jackson king v" plan you can find them and even free (elec herald) - i can't verify how accurate they might be. I know nothing about the KV1... can't verify it's dimensions compared to that.
  7. so basically a partial tap on the second coil. I like that they do interesting stuff... just might be a good idea to not go the direction of apple and make wiring/color info more widely available.
  8. snap apparently I still didn't get it - I am thick. I thought the 101 might be equiv of that vangoh painting with hands to the face and mouth open w susprise. LOL never even occurred to me. "I see the forest but where are all the trees?"
  9. i suppose it is workable... not sure it's what I would do. putting the tuner behind the bridge migh result in some issues with string breakage and over time you may be grinding down your saddle pieces but I don't see why it wouldn't work. also... I know the guitar you mentioned and it just didn't appeal to my eye - that is not to say that it couldn't be made more appealing. had you considered trying to fix the headstock? esp if you ever plan to part with it - I think that'd likely be a better option IM humble opinion.
  10. iow, I don't think they are just trying to be mean!
  11. I think the reason they do this stems from some of the other things they do. with their rotary switch for instance... if you want to get inside coils vs outside coils the orientation makes it work. if you try it with a seymour, you'd have to rev the wires.
  12. it would just give you split. would work just fine, in fact it is what I suggested in my pm. funny, what andy proposed above is the alt solution for what I was saying earlier to avoid getting a N to N connection. you are just changing the order of the one pickup to be SN instead of NS.
  13. I don't know the dimensions of that guitar... but if you know the scale length... and how to photoshop... go use the fretboard maker they have here on this forum and make a fretboard to that scale, then bring in the image of that guitar and the fretboard image to a photoshop project. lighten the opacity on the fingerboard and overlay it with the image. then scale up the image till it matches the fretboard frets. you may have to rotate the image of the guitar to match the fretboard. I've done this many times and it is all I did to build my avatar guitar. there was no drawing available for that shape so I just used a good head on image and fretboard overlay. there will be minor amounts of distortion depending on any angle to the image but it can be extremely accurate.
  14. sent you a diagram via pm, but also found this: https://www.stewmac.com/How-To/Online_Resources/Learn_About_Guitar_Pickups_and_Electronics_and_Wiring/PRS_Humbucking_Pickups.html it is interesting to note that stew mac shows polarity and doesn't have a bridge vs neck... it could mean that by splitting both this way you wouldn't get hum canceling when combined i you'd get two north poles. if that is the case... then you'd have to wire the second dpdt up differently... sending the live from the 3 way to the middle lug, then one outter lug to the red, one outter lug to the white, black going to ground. Can draw that up... but might be over thinking it.
  15. Okay at a stoplight... So White's go to either side of the three-way blacksmith go to ground and the red is going to go to the middle log on either dpdt switch. Then the opposite log on either dpdt switch is going to go to ground. That should do it I can drop diagram when I get home
  16. Okay I'm driving in my car right now, but when I get home I can probably answer that. With on on it would be much simpler than they have it drawn there all you have to do is take that middle wire and tap it to ground in one of the positions and you'll get single
  17. guitar looks magic! nice work. I don't know the prs pickups wire colors, and it's hard to know w/o knowing are those on/on/on switches? seems probably that they are and they make the opposite connections in the middle position? so in pos 1 you get outter coils, middle you get humbucker, and pos3 you get other coil? if your pus have 3 wires I would bet the middle wire is just a coild tap... ie the series connection between the two coils. this would make your wiring a bit more difficult to get either coil... either way the first place to start is what do the wire colors represent?
  18. I was WAY off... I'm going... well 101 in binary is 5 so FFS5?
  19. noice! I get the impression I'm about to be an idiot but I don't get that one? hint?
  20. apparently the new owner has big plans for regaining a signif part of the marketplace but he's got an uphill battle. Honestly sonar is software that tries to do everything, and does more than most, but some of it is VERY buggy. try to move a track off the screen... instant kaos... but prog doesn't even handle it gracefully... you just all-of-the-sudden can't open your track or do anything with it. Found a few issues like that... nothing that would stop me from using it but kind of made me wonder what I'd find if I really got to know it.
  21. mac... WHYYYYYYYYYYY! "Do you have anything that doesn't perform any better, is completely proprietary, and costs 4x? Yessir we do... you want a mac!" Art dept uses mac... god I hate having to support them. I guess they have hurt me... and I haven't healed. glad someone got some use of this! I played with it quite a bit and it really does have some nice features like track templates. Still am not a huge fan of the piano roll. Also, the main motivation for me was sysex... if you save a dump of your guitar patch... you can set it up to automagically load that patch back into your device when you load up a song. This is very useful as I tend to mess with my guitar sounds so much... and then later want to go back and add to a recording only to discover I can't quite get the sm sound. After jacking around for a while with it, I learned that my podhd is incapable of sysex bulk dump (POS!). Don't laugh... the pod does a lot of things well, but I'm about done w it, shouldn't have ever sold my digitech 2112!
  22. thank you scott! there are def some deep artifacts in the best side so u r correct afa probably in the 1" territory after planing. I sort of feel like it would sort of be a shame not to use it's full girth as I don't suppose I'll come across quilt this thick and nice again... or at least anytime soon. I like your answer! I'm sorry @Curtisa - I missed your post (forrest/trees). No disrespect meant. I could probably get 3 1/4+ tops out of this... but given my resaw skills I'd probably come away with 2 triangular shaped tops! Also, I have 3 or 4 quilts that are 1/4" so I'll probably try to do a carve but I very much appreciate the suggestion! @ADFinlayson wish I could help you get some but I would guestimate shipping would be in the 'not worth it' realm. Also how come you guys all speak english wrong (jk, I love the uk accent I just think it's funny when americans think english is their language and everyone else speaks it wrong)
  23. hehe... 55378008 came to mind. also 3MTA3 - think that was on a beastie boys album cover. anywho... will have to come up with my own. I love hidden messages in art. when I was young and stupid(er)... I did a guitar painting and it had this background that was all little symbals that seemed to be random... but I had hid a message there regarding our school principal and v. principal... the piece got selected to be displayed with several other pieces as part of 'parent teacher conferences' week. Thought I was so smart... bringing friends up to show where it said "gobin sucks". I still have that painting... will have to scan it in one of these days. I'm all about nibs... both the fret type and the licorice type!
  24. nice job on that neck heel... looks comfy.
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