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  1. yeah, about that... I'm not decided on what I should do... perhaps if I work it out here in text it will come to me. So I have a west african ebony fretboard on the way. I was planning on taking a piece of leftover from the top and planing it down to about 1/8" and overlaying the headstock and doing a nice 1/8 round on it. I was planning on using other scraps to make some fret markers. I think what I'd like to do is to tape off the walnut and just do clear over it. then dye the burl medium blue and sand it back in hopes of just getting light blue veins. The difficulty is... how is that going to work out on the fret markers and ebony fretboard. I will likely need to dye the fretboard black. so I guess I should do that before doing the fret markers... then dye blue over it after the fret markers are in and sand back. I want the fret markers to match the body and headstock but am not exactly sure how that plays out best. then again the lovely cream of this burl would really look nice all natural against an ebony fretboard. I'm not sure if the burl will stand out enough without some sort of dye. perhaps instead I should go with a light tan dye and sand back? any thoughts and ideas appreciated. what would you do with it?
  2. so started on my neck this weekend... just started planing it down. below a shot of my planing rig. got my body all buttoned up.
  3. wow, that really does sound acoustic. the mm majesty and parker fly all have similar. with a piezo, controlling the highs cutoff point through the circuit would probably be crucial as w a guitar oriented circuit it would likely introduce all sorts of unneeded noise (if used for bass). will have to do some more research on that point. perhaps pull apart my ibanez and try to reverse.
  4. right on. I have a piezo in my ibanez ergodyne that sort of got me into it. It is a very bright crisp sound, and I'm not sure I'd want it on its own, but mixed with another pickup it sounds pretty good. I figure... if I'm going to go active anyway... and if I'm going to that type of bridge - it might be fun to diy it.. I'm very confident with building preamps. I've built many. 7 of my current guitars have everything from musican bass/sabre clones to lakeland/fender deluxe clones, jackson mid boost, alembic stratoblaster... the list goes on. Just another of my hobbies. afa connectors... I've never done that. Always just figured it's easy enough to solder something else in if I change my mind. I generally test things out pretty good on a test harness first anyway. speaking of which I just put in a 9v box in this bass. Got my roundover bit and rounded off my edges. Will post some pics again soon. cheers
  5. too flat... so if I'm reading you right action would be too high then? Couldn't you just lower the bridge? Guess I'll just have to take your word for it - a shame to toss away your work... your stuff is really nice. I hear ya on the burnt it thing... if I screw something up it is like an obsession to obliterate it so I can move on and forget! I've seen that a few times with other woodworkers. "bury my mistakes"! did you do an acoustic electric bridge on that? do your own pcb/preamp? I was looking yesterday to see what was out there as I'll probably do bit circuit etch in the next 4 weeks and might want to add something like that in. I saw a few ideas but nothing I'm sold on trying yet.
  6. both are so beautiful, but yes, the wenge one really catches the eye, but not going near the idea of fan fret any time soon. do tell prestheta... geometry? never heard of it. afa I know the neck is not an angled pocket... right? so I'm guessing fretboard was too high? multiscale was off? what was the downfall? afa carve... learn me... my thoughts were to get a 3/4 chamfer bit and then carve back from there with rasps? also, was thinking I would do mine as a neck through. build the three pieces, carve the inside cuts but leave the edges square, use a mirror pattern to gue them together. this is a ways off as I have yet to complete my first bass and my next will be some sort of reg guitar... but somewhere down the line. was hoping I could get a full size pdf with the layout/lines of the carves and the body and headstock shapes if you have it. mine was simply done in photoshop using a picture, the pen tool and then smoothing... so it's drifted from orig quite a bit.
  7. not sure I follow? you don't play? you maybe need some 'the house on the rock' contraption? (if that's the case you can always send me your guitars to test play hehe!) or do you mean pickups ... that's another direction I need to explore... building my own pickups. It has been my experience that in most cases (pedals/guitar) you can buy stuff way cheaper than you can build... but you can build stuff 1000 times better than you can buy. It seems like pickups would likely be the same.
  8. You mean neck plates? Guess I've just not seen that before. Can't imagine doing it freehand. am still on the fence about what I'll do there. might go for the sclupted/inserts for a bit more challenge, then again I never play above maybe 17 on a bass... and only if I'm playing zep's/ramble-on! ps I just noticed that you have built 'the next bass on my list'. a carl thompson. I'm a huge les fan and have been working on a drawing of his 32" bass. that bridge piece looks intimidating as hell! amazing. am going to have to give that thread a read through. any chance you would pity me and pass along any design docks? if not, I understand. I want to do a 32" 5 string version and have all sorts of ideas about an acoustic preamp/bridge. I've done some work with piezo on my diy elec mesh drum kit so... have some piezo ropes lying round I was using for ride cymbals.
  9. so... some minor updates... here it is after routing the f holes, the pickup cavities, and the neck pocket... then after routing out my control cavity odd... after removing this material the bottom felt really light and it kind of made me think this thing is going to be heavy. funny how balance can hide weight. Should have picked up a scale to get the actual weight. Am debating if I should give it another pass on my router sled - at this point I'm at 1 7/8. could remove an eighth. also need to do a battery compartment and am considering buying a plastic one or doing it myself. saw norris's cool idea to inset the neck plate - might steal that.
  10. find myself thinking "It's too bad I have all these great guitars". I can really see myself getting into this 'passion' but I suspect it's a lot like salt water coral, or pedals, or home built elec drums in that you can just toss money at it in so many different directions and find yourself spending all the time on the journey(building) instead of the destination(playing). (that's fine by me)
  11. jeez this forum... I've got the but and based on all the cool guitars I see I'm going to have about 900 guitars if I build all the ones in my head now... very cool. now I need one with wenge. Looks sort of like the neal schon model as I remember it. what you did with the dots - so simple, but the effect is really classy. very creative. love it.
  12. you got my vote on the top carve - I love it. one of the things that stood out before I read any of this... but what do I know. I just know what I like. That would is beautiful to me. Def clear worthy (NO GOLD TOP!). Nice work!
  13. will have to watch this one for great ideas I can steal!
  14. wow, just wow. so many things I love about this build I don't know where to start. the f holes = awesome. the binding, the shaping of the edge up to the binding... that is excellent work. really just some nice work all around.
  15. that, I'm told, is maple burl. its from canada so it might be "maple burl a". (hehe). here is another shot after routing and with some water... the couple of void spots were pretty 'punky' so last night I was removing some material with forstner and blew out a small piece near the neck joint. should be fine anyway but glued it back in. in retrospect probably not the best decision to have it so close to the neck pocket area but I was trying to minimize it so... alas we'll see if it causes any more problems. If I have to I can always trim out a piece and glue something back in but like I said it's right on the pocket so... may not be a problem. hope to get back to routing the pickups and f holes tonight so- something to look forward to today while I save the world from badly formatted data. so below is another "crazy mike's wireup" I did for a 7 string washburn. think I might use a variant to wire this up. the three way selects between parallel/series - inside/outside coils. a nice marriage between simplicity (3way) and lots of options with the rotary. will do a ebmm diy preamp for this one so have to decide if I need a separate battery cavity. also need to decide if I want to redo my pcb layout. I kind of like the idea of A) board mounted pots and/or B ) putting my trim vol in a spot that would be adjustable through the f hole. Not sure if I have the effort in me as my current layout has been verified a few times. plus still have to etch a pcb, drill it out, populate, test, etc. sounds like a lot of work so will have to check my bag of assembled stuff and see if I have one in there as an alternative. thinking 1 vol, 1 rotary, 3way toggle, bass w push pull for true bypass, treb w push pull for bright.
  16. thanks for the response. nice description ala buff through gloss to gloss. I wetsand with 1k and up... so no real matte layers. I hear ya tho... if you wetsand with 600 and then break through... yeah - you will see the transition. I've made the mistake in the past of wetsanding with lower grit and not bringing it up to 1k and under the gloss - even w/o breaking through - you could see a slight 'haze' if you look at an angle. I dunno, all I'm saying is it seems to me a lot easier to do poly after to and get a completely flat finish that is high gloss. my only complaint with that is the couple of store bought types I've tried have yellowed a bit. Prob my fault for using minwax and other common poly. what do you use? I don't have a sprayer so... I think next build I will try some reranch can laquer or perhaps a better poly. I think spray works best for me afa final layers.
  17. thanks for the response, sorry, must'v missed it. i appreciate the encouragement on the neck/body difference. it has grown on me and others comments helped for sure. 90% of what you said to me makes sense with my trials and tribulations except 1 part. it seems to me that with poly... once we are above the wood... I can wetsand and don't have to worry about wetsanding through one coat and into another... ie as long as I don't sand down to wood it is ok: once I buff/polish you won't see the transition between the two layers. with to... you have to be able to wetsand and not break through the top most layer - even if you don't break through to wood - you have to maintain that top layer - which I found virtually impossible. just leaves polishing and or buffing. seems like you have to lay it on so thin that it is smooth w/o wet sanding at all. maybe that's what you meant, or maybe I just didn't find a way to do it. lot of imperfections in my final layer that you won't see unless you catch the light just right. again, if I had to do over I'd just poly over the top and do my normal wetsand routine. the to does not seem to suffer the yellowing - which I like, but the amount of work is just redic. not doing that again! going to look for some better quality poly that hopefully will remain more clear. thanks again - I can't tell you how much I appreciate the response!
  18. this won't be the most scientific answer and I know that's probably what yer lookin' fer so take with grain of salt... in this case the preamp isn't using a volume on the backside of the circuit... so I would go 250k
  19. very nice reply mr natural. your name suggests perhaps you have a background in professional wrestling? hehe anywho, i guess we all have our own feared tools. as a woodworker - I knew too many people with missing digits and 9/10 were from a tablesaw... few from a shaper, none that I know of from a router. that said, I am very aware that any tool can hurt you on any day. as far as blow out... seems like downhill routing and good blades does the trick for me... at least on walnut. thank you very much for checking out 'boozer'. I very much appreciate your comments. do you have a youtube channel? happy to return the feedback if you do. cheers
  20. thank you sir. have quite a ways to go yet but gettin' there. not bad for a first anyway. prob finish up the body this weekend. might try to tackle the neck wood with my jigsaw. after all the horror stories of folks trying to cut 8/4 with jig saw... mine powered through like it was butta - at least doing straight lines anyway. cheers and thanks for the response!
  21. I don't care if no one ever responds to my posts... I'm having fun so... here is my progress so far: had bought a delta band saw - just an 8". hoping I'd be able to re-saw the 5" 6/4 walnut I bought for a neck... didn't work so well. actually got about 6" into it but just was stopping the saw at that point. I suppose if I bought a better blade perhaps I could muddle through but figured I'd "go with the grain" and work on the body for now. used my router sled to plane it down to approx 1.5". calipers says I'm within 8/1000 thickness on all measured edges so - close enough for me. so drilled some holes and used my jig saw to ruff cut the shape used my drill press and barrel sander on it...but right away blew out a small piece at the bottom edge. so I read up on downhill routing and switched to my whiteside bit 3/4 instead of 3/8. that worked a lot better. the chunk was glued back in but I think it was completely routered off in the end so - no worries there. routed out my f holes cavities and gave her some random weight relief... applied black epoxy to some voids and glued my top on. till next time!
  22. so... needed to join a .4 maple burl top together. have no jointer and anyways I'm not comfy on a jointer - I guess because I've only used them a handful of times. anywho, here is a video of the how I prepped my top to be joined using the frontside/backside router trick. It's a fairly well known technique but haven't seen a lot of vids on this so thought I'd share. sorry, too big to host here so... youtube it is... video of prep on maple burl top
  23. so... finally got her finished. below is a shot of my pre-wiring. Still have some dialing in to do...my wiring worked right out the gate. I've included an updated version of the drawing - only change was I had made a mistake naming one of the wries and I redrew the ground wires for clarity. I knocked the poles out of one of three dummy coils and am going back to nock out the poles from the others when I get to it. seem to get more hum from them. not sure if it's something to do with the poles or just due to the series wiring vs parallel? afa series vs parallel on the non dummy pickups I absolutely love it. much more output but less highs. perfect for in front of my marshall. 3rd mode is even more output and fat. really happy with that as well. knobs and 5 way tip turned out pretty nice for a first time shot. "Texas Stratovarious(parts)" get it... it's a strat made of various parts! haha! I've copyrighted that and if you use it I will sue you for all your guitars and amps! The gold foil logo was next to impossible for me to get 100% right. In the end I settled for one with a few minor blemishes. and here she is... my wife's first comment was "that neck doesn't match that body". She's right. and the headstock yellowed a bit with the poly I put on to seal in the decal. All told, pretty happy with it. Plays amazing - really have to hand it to musikraft - didn't even do a fet level cause I figured I'd see how it played... keep in mind I like very low action. no buzz whatsoever. neck is ridgid as all hell. one small adjustment and it has been rock solid. trem/tuners stay in tune better than anything other than a floyd. it is way better than my guitar with 6 hole and graphtec + sperzels + 4 springs. Gotoh tuners are easily the smoothest I've ever felt. thanks for all the support and reading my blathering on! oh, and a few notes on finish: the body is nbto (nuthin' but true oil). I'll never do that again. what a gigantic pain in the u know what. it is very glossy, but has small imperfections. I may have to try to hand buff them out. kept sanding through layers of tru oil with 2k grit paper. then you'd get white lines where one layer stopped and the other started - even after buffing. tru oil is just too thin to really wet sand. If I put it on thick I'd get 3d finish where the tru oil would bunch up. put it on thin and you'll burn through with any sanding. ultimately, I built up enough finish to wet sand and still have finish underneath. then a final thin 2 coats with no wet sanding.
  24. I've built a few of these... http://www.runoffgroove.com/ruby.html very easy, sounds great, batteries last forever in it, surprisingly loud.
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