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  1. Used the stewmac laminate jig to make my binding thicker than normal to match the design. Only like 30 bucs. Oh also got a buffer wheel, and a bunch of wood cam clamps at an estate sale for 125 bucs. Really great deals out there if you look
  2. Update. Really soft carve. I did bring it in all the way to the side of the pickups but I want to keep the carve simple and rounded. I'll finish it when I get the binding in. I'll do the fine sanding phase after the filler & before the primer. Start hanging him next to his brother.
  3. So about 30 min into it I nicked myself and my 6 yr old son brought me a bandaid. Then he said I needed a cofee break and got me a cup. Then he said i should take a break and watch a show with him. Guess what it is. I'll be back in about an hour lol
  4. Time to carve. Love carving with just the lamp. Really helps with seeing the angles. Use to be an apprentice for a sculptor and always loved turning on some tunes with that single lamp and a slab of stone.
  5. That makes sense. Sometimes you just need someone to pull you back to ground level thanks bizman
  6. This is kind of an out there idea. What do you guys think of having a multi spieces control cover? I for sure don't want it the same. It's either that or just wenge. Wenge would match but would the multi piece still be in the same realm of the design? You'll see the laminated neck as well. I may just make both. If it doesnt work on this one I know itll work on a white version later.
  7. Welcome aboard! Any plans for your finish yet?
  8. Routed the pickguard cavity. Put it on a 2 degree pitch to give it a little more life. Really happy with it. Oh and finished up the control cavity
  9. Scott what do you use to dress your frets? They come out great.
  10. Cut the fretboard to size and ended binding it since the inlay was hitting side. Had a little tearout on headstock plate and will finish that tomorrow. Control cavity is routed and pilot holes for controls are made. Here's my test fit to make sure my centers are still good and see the progress. Going to route the inlay the pickguard next.
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