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  1. So decided to go another direction with the color. Made lots and lots of samples and I ended up going with blue. I in turn also decided to bind the headstock plate and make pickup ring covers out of some extra mahogany I had. Was fairly successful but one of my holes was a little to close to the edge so i have to make a new one. I'm also up to knob design 4 now. Still haven't chosen one I've liked. I know I want it to match the guitar in either the mahogany or the gold. Not sure yet. lol, just noticed my pics are going through all the seasons. Well, this one includes a fair amount of dog hair too!
  2. sorry I've been away for a while with work. Working on my project has been slow at night but I'm getting pretty far into it now. I guess the fast forward version of the project is everything has been going pretty good. I think a lot of it is I has to do with having time to think about whats next since I'm doing so little at a time. I did change the electronic setup. I"m going to use a 10 position freeway blade switch and a push/pull pot as a kill switch. I'll be using that pull function like a standby switch. My knobs did not turn out the way I had hoped with the sleeve. I think I'll perfect it on the next build but honestly I just wanted to move forward with the guitar for now. I do have a plan for the future but for now I made some mahogony knobs with the same gold mother of pearl inlays on top. I'll paint those knobs most likely black with the color scheme.
  3. Been trying different things, techniques before I do the neck. Built all my jigs, got my supplies now. Here's my prototype compound radius jig. 12" to 15.5". Reason for the weird 15.5" is I wanted to be equal the ratio of string spacing. In theory its the right amount of radius for my nut to bridge width change. If anything it was challenging. Remade my lathe jig for my knobs too. My old one didn't work for how small they were so I made a new one. Here's a pic of the compound radius jig.
  4. ZekeB

    anyone use a radius jig?

    I don't know if this helps but this is what I made for my compound radius jig.
  5. My second option is this which I'll probably end up doing. Seems the shaft isn't ferrous so I can just use a magnet ring to make the cap removable.
  6. Been thinking about this all day. I thought about using a collet on the top cap but I want it to be low profile. I don't want to use some type of plastic on the inside. Didn't want the set screw to show and it needs to be functional. I've done something similar with a chess set piece I made. I know its a bit involved for a knob but I got time to kill and I think it will be pretty cool.
  7. Is that spline shaft ferrous?
  8. I've got a plan for this. I've made some sleeves in the past and made a little jig. Its two cone looking pieces that have a open bolt between the two. I put my piece around the bolt and just tighten it down before i put it on the lathe. I like the idea with the grub screw.
  9. On my business trip here was able to CAD out my knobs. What you guys think?
  10. ZekeB

    design (not cosmetic) feedback...

    Its funny because I was asking all these same questions and after I actually built the body I ended up changing most of those variables because they seem to all be tied to each other. If its an original design I think the best thing you can do is make a prototype shape out of some laminated cheap wood to see what it actually feels like and also helped me with how i wanted to do my cuts and see where I might have complications. I think your neck pocket will be fine from what I've seen from other designs. I actually had an engineer test and see if my neck would be structurally good. I think the average neck pocket length is around 3.5+", 2" being the shortest I've seen. I'd just make sure your design has the right cavity depth you need for the controls you want to use. I think the belly cut will really be found when you actually build it. Mine was nowhere near what actually worked for me. Looks like a cool design!
  11. Thanks for the kind words. I'm thankful to have a strong community to learn from and help me get things right the first time. I can see how trial and error on your own could be a very long agrivating endeavor.
  12. Lots more sanding to do but it's coming.
  13. Went back and brought that carve in to the inner contour line. Really like the result. Feels a lot fuller. Time for sanding. Thanks for the advice SR
  14. No I think you confirmed what I was feeling. I think that will help give it a little more organic feel. I'll balance it out tonight