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  1. I love how you have the template on there. Is that done using some type of glue? Very cool.
  2. one more note. changed the design to compensate a traditional truss rod at the the headstock vs the body with a hex nut. Added some ring covers as well. to help fill out the void area.
  3. Oh, and I got an assortment of hardwoods to make some control knobs. Got wenge, zebrawood, padauk, walnut, and few others to choose from.
  4. Thanks for the input guys. I've going to need a 1 3/8" depth for the switches I want so I'm going to keep it a little broad. I think I'll enjoy a fuller body as well as long as its fitted to me. I'm going to make a big control cavity which I think will counter the weight problem. I'll also be carving a good bit of the top maple as well so I'm aiming on those to help make it a reasonable weight. Just ran it the through for the clean cut on the router. Turned out real clean and sharp. Sanded the top and the figure is nice and strong. Here's the shot without mineral spirits.
  5. I did some research last night as well. I'm going to keep the thickness. I think it'll make it feel more for and organic with the carving room. Thanks!
  6. oh, and some rough cuts on the shapes:
  7. Some new developments. Didn't like the plane so I made a sled jig for the router. Worked great. Didn't take long at all after everything was set up. Down to 1 3/16" for the lower body. That leaves 3/4 for the maple top for a total of 1 15/16". Wanted to see what you guys though about that thickness. Seriously thinking about bringing it down to 1" to have a 1 3/4" guitar. It may be worth noting the top will be a deep carve. 1/2" carved top. Don't know if that would effect anything. I know I may being picky but this is my first big build so everything is priority until I know what I'm doing.
  8. I used a 24" hand saw. It took a while but it paid off. Just a matter of taking your time and finding that rythym. Just a labor of love and shallow pockets, haha. I enjoyed it regardless. My planer is a little too narrow too so I'll be getting some more cardio tonight.
  9. After planing I'll find my center lines for the body and cover plate to line the grain up. redo my larger template and start shaping the body and routing a preliminary cavity where the neck pocket will end but top plate will cover.
  10. Resaw the mahogany for the backplate cover. Took a while but was a nice clean cut. Shouldn't be too much planing
  11. Glued. Here we go.
  12. ZekeB

    Doodle Design

    Thanks! Yeah, my first guitar didn't turn out so great either. You still have that sketch lying around? I'd love to see it. I'm on board with you for originality. I love fender and gibson but I just want to see something new. I could look at the GOT winners for hours. I've got a pretty good sized collection of ideas so its really fun to finally build one and bring it to life. I can tell its going to be pretty addicting. Kind of like building your own line of guitars.
  13. ZekeB

    Doodle Design

  14. ZekeB

    Doodle Design

    I like to design guitars when I'm not trying to figure out how to build one. Just thought I'd share here. Calling this one the Osprey. Wanted a really bold binding with purfling. Also worked around the idea of having pieces of hard woods like ebony and rosewood maybe as the scratchboard like an cello or stand up bass.
  15. Your right about the knobs I'll definitely be spreading those out