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  1. ZekeB

    Anoher Design - Inigo

    Ah I really like that. Fits the flow of the shape
  2. ZekeB

    Anoher Design - Inigo

    I liked the horn idea. Here's my attempt to meld it together. I didn't want to be too aggressive with the corners to take away from the body. I just copied the rigid corner where the binding ends on the horn. I. also don't want to get too far from the few inches of width i get on the headstock. Thanks for your thoughts guys. I actually meant to put this thread in the design bar forum section. I'm not sure how to move it or if I could. Thanks.
  3. I'll try it on the next stained guitar for sure. Thanks for the tip
  4. The key to the black undertones is the color wash. After you sand it back don't do multiple color washes. Just use a higher concentration and wipe on once using a clean part of the cloth for each rub. I did it based on skyjerks root beer float build thread. I washed out the black color the first time. It may seem dark at first but it seems to brighten up as it dried I did a tru oil coat over that then the nitro.
  5. I spent a long time trying to figure out just that. The fretboard is a lot thicker than originally planned so I used that distance to justify the covers. I guess it was just an opportunity from a mistake. The string distance from my playing is just right with the covers. The top piece of the cover is thinned down to get the most room after I set the pickup height.
  6. Pickup cover preview. Thoughts welcome
  7. A little better shot. Ignore the orange peel
  8. Just waiting for the final sand now. Really like the finish. It seems darker in doors. It's almost turquoise bright outside. Just seems more dynamic. The slimmer neck with true oil feels great too
  9. ZekeB

    Anoher Design - Inigo

    That's not bad idea. I wasn't sure about the headstock either honestly
  10. ZekeB

    Anoher Design - Inigo

    Thanks Mike. I'm thinking a neck through with a drop top. What's the n2?
  11. Been working on this design for a while. The extra support around the neck is kind of the defining feature. That and I needed a guitar for the future that uses the purfling I decided would be too much on my current build. I'm dubbing this one, Inigo.
  12. ZekeB

    The Black Queen

    I really dig this design. Very cool
  13. ZekeB

    Build #2 - The Osprey

    got my material ordered. Just need to finish up the refinish job I've got going so I can get into this one. Here's the back carve plan. Got a maple top from the folks you suggested on etsy mike. Thanks for that.
  14. Here's a list of my modifications: I'm rounding out the carve on the top. it will accent the features on the horns. I'm also going to add some contour lines sculpting out the area right above the middle contour line. Actually I was inspired by your Sauron guitar ADFinlayson. The sections that meet the neck will be smoother transition as well. Going to rebind it and carve some of those channels that were too shallow around the sharp corner of the horns. Adding some gold MOP to the guitar knobs. Adding the new covers (really excited about those). Carved the neck back some more to fit my hand a little better how I play. Its not perfectly symmetrical because I adjust my hand differently as I go up the neck so I made some small transitions for that. Figured out my mistake on the paint job the first time. Going to add the black, sand it back, then add the higher concentrated blue WITHOUT WASHING OUT THE BLACK. Then as I put on the finish I'll spray some black to very lightly burst from the binding. The finish on the top will be tru-oil under and nitro (mohawk) on top. the finish on the back and the neck will be just tru-oil. Here's a pic for the contours. I've been carving with a lamp in the dark to see the sculpt. I really helps a lot. I find I get lost in the grain pattern if I don't have some type of way to differentiate. Hopefully the B&W helps see the contours
  15. Resculpting the top some. Want it to feel more organic. Also some alterations to the neck for feel. We'll just call this Mako 1.1. Oh and got a better camera!