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  1. ZekeB

    Lots of designs

    Haha. Just add a few inches and move the bridge!
  2. ZekeB

    Lots of designs

    My builds are pretty slow going with work and have a lot of time in between so my guilty pleasure is just making some fun designs at night. The Mako was my first build and I'm working on the Osprey at the moment. I've made quite a few designs but these were my favorites. Not sure what to go for after the Osprey. Just thought it would be fun to share.
  3. ZekeB

    would love your honest first impression...

    Love the thought into the build Mike. Really interesting from the conceptual to actual blueprint.
  4. Hey thanks! Haha, I'm totally for a band. "Woody Doodiddlers." That's great.
  5. ZekeB

    Build #2 - The Osprey

    I love the contrast. How does a wenge body sound? Is it pretty heavy?
  6. ZekeB

    Build #2 - The Osprey

    I have the body wood. Made a visit to clark's lumber in Houston. Pretty cool store. I still need to get a laminate for the neck. I'm thinking Wenge against the mahogany? Any suggestions?
  7. ZekeB

    Build #2 - The Osprey

    Its for me at the moment. I have a few inquiries though so who knows. I agree with you mike and andy. I think a fretboard inlay is needed. Markers or something.
  8. Learned a lot from my first build. Feel like that's an understatement. Altered my workflow plan based and I've started to procure some parts for my next build. This guy is going to be a laminate neck through. Whats going to be unique other than the body design is the pick guard. going to make it out of Macassar Ebony, and Zebrawood and then put an inlay in there. The body will have a matte black symmetrically rounded over top. I want the binding & purfling, pickguard, and fretboard to be really accented. Not sure on a fretboard wood yet. I'm thinking something with some good looking figure. Any ideas?
  9. Here we go. Big thanks to the projectguitar family for helping me through it. This is the Mako I Wood - Honduras mahogany body, figured maple top, macassar ebony fretboard Scale Length - 25.5" Compound Radius - 12"-15.6" Pickups - Tom Anderson pickups H2, SF, SFR (neck) 10 position Freeway Blade switch Master Volume & Tone Pots Push/Pull volume pot to act as a kill switch (standby switch) Schaller Non-Tremelo Bridge This is my 1st build. I've done other wood work but nothing to this scale. Spent about a year reading, researching, and designing before going after it. I built it in my garage starting with a few tools. As it progressed I accumulated more and tried different things before moving forward. Some worked, some really didn't, haha. I had an idea of what it was going to be and I didn't think I would break from that plan but I was pleasantly surprised it changed it so much. As I built it kind of took on its own character and I just went with it. It definitely took longer to change things but on the artistic side its a lot more pleasing to let the design take its own course. The other element was how it played. I'm much more a musician than a luthier and I'm really happy how well that turned out. Sounds nice and smooth with plenty of ringing sustain, some great flexibility, and low consistent action. The original idea was to take all the elements I love from other guitars and make something unique with all those variables. I feel I was pretty successful in that regard. I really enjoyed the whole process and this definitely won't be my last build. Thanks!
  10. Ok. Got it wired up and sounds beautiful. I’m taking a long approach to finishing this. I’m going to play it for a while and come back and spruce up some things. I wanted to have a finished project I want to take notes to see how it plays and make those changes as well. Still need to at some cosmetic things like my bridge gold screws and fix my inlay for the truss rod cover. Also going to add a matte sheen to the knobs and covers to help bring it together a little more. Regardless im stoked to have a guitar I built and already have plans for the next. Thank you guys so much for the help. I’ll get some better pictures soon but in the meantime here’s some good ole fashion iPad pics. Heres the Mako I
  11. I'm waiting for the poly to cure at this point. been working on fine tuning all the little stuff like knobs and remade the pickup ring covers again. Getting better at it. Just routed out the middle on the table router and cut the outside with a dozuki saw and sanded them down. Just read Skyjerk's build thread and realized the black got washed out trying to dye the blue in. Really good thread full of information, as are many of these. Really trying to refine the balance on the top. Going to keep the Mahogany items a matte against the gloss of the maple. Also going to put a gold cap on the toggle switch to even it out a little more.
  12. This is great. I sprayed on the coat I feel more comfortable with wipe-on and I was honestly thinking about just thinning it 50/50 to wipe on that final coat since its already flat. If this cycle doesn't work out I'm doing exactly that. Thank you guys for the help.