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  1. Good point! You are both totally right. Was partly an act of frustration really.
  2. Unfortunately the wood has split and also the router slipped, causing quite a gouge. In the bin now unfortunately. These things happen. Thanks again anyway!
  3. Thanks for the advice! I did think about the router and double sided tape idea, but wasn’t sure about accuracy. I will give it a go today, maybe try both a router and straight edge with sandpaper
  4. I have a ziricote fretboard blank (no fret slots) that is thicker on one end, it gradually gets 1mm thicker. Anyone have any ideas on the best way to remedy this? I don’t have a planer/thicknesser unfortunately! Its flat on the bottom (gluing area) but the top is rather skewed. Cheers for any help
  5. This build is so stylish! Ever so slight Ricky vibe I’m getting, but it definitely has a unique look to it. Anyway lovely work!
  6. Cheers man. Yes, looks like that may be a goer. Also mentioned the old Peavey Rage to my brother as I remember really liking it all those years back.
  7. I just can’t make my mind up on a nice little practice amp to go with it. Something fun with effects, that doesn’t break the bank and doesn’t sound harsh I guess. Hmm
  8. Congratulations! Beautiful guitar and I dig the inlay! I got some ziricote myself recently.
  9. My first foray in to Guitars of The Month! I remain humbled at the sheer artistry on display from all the usual members, here is my contribution. This is my 4th build, built in my shed in the back garden. It’s kind of a modern take on the Fender Esquire style that I have built for my nephew Louis. I hope it lives through many happy memories! The Norway Maple I purchased initially weighed a tonne, so a lot of planing on the router was necessary in order to bring the body thickness down from 45mm to 32mm. At I think I got it down to a reasonable weight. A few things I noticed during the build, one big thing was that I am now a definite fan of those old style split post tuners! They hold tuning so well and I just think they are a really nice design. The EVO gold fret wire surprised me as I thought that the hardness of it would present some real challenges, however it really wasn’t too bad to use. I think it looks great too, will no doubt use again. One thing to bare in mind about Norway Maple…it really doesn’t like power tools a huge deal, what I mean by that is that it burns/scorches really easily! In fact it came to me part scorched where it had been cut to size. I’m not sure if this is something particularly common when it comes to this species… Im not sure of the precise brand of the pickup but it has a very cool distinctive sound that is hard to pinpoint in terms of comparison and it handles volume a lot better than my other builds. Ever played a left handed guitar? Not easy haha! However I believe I have given it a more than adequate test run. Anyway here are the specs- Louiscaster Left handed Set neck 25.5 scale length Body wood- Norway maple Neck and fingerboard wood- Flamed maple Back plate wood- Walnut Finish- Tru oil Fretboard radius - 9.5 Graphite nut Split post Wilkinson WJ55 Tuners Pickup- Alnico 5 Hot Rail P45 from CHGuitars Spoke wheel dual type truss rod Jescar EVO gold Fretwire - Medium Here it is!
  10. Figured the problem out. Was an earth issue, should have been on to the pot itself.
  11. I’ve never quite 100 percent figured out why I have so many problems on the wiring front, I’m following all the instructions as far as I can see. I’m getting hum but no sound from the guitar. Any ideas? I’m not running a wire under the bridge because it’s a telecaster setup, I’m taking it that’s not why?
  12. Certainly happy with how it plays. I’ve learnt that fret erasers are a godsend! Help with those smooth bends.
  13. I confess that I actually gained inspiration from how Ben from Crimson Guitars does his covers.
  14. Yes I think that it’s so feature laden with design decisions, the recessing, the curves, the scroll, that an F hole would detract from all of that somewhat. It’s beautiful as is.
  15. By the way, the fact that this is your first build is a bit depressing...I’m on build number 5...let’s just say it’s taken a while for me
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