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  1. ShatnersBassoon

    even better - quilted maple for $30

    Phwoar, nice wood (she said)
  2. ShatnersBassoon

    Guitar template design

    What program do you guys like to use to draw out your designs? I would love to get to grips with something where I could do full scale, realistic looking models of possible future creations! Maybe something where I could superimpose the photos of the woods I am using on to the designs. I believe Sketch Up is good? I’m pretty computer savvy although something that doesn’t have an insane learning curve would be cool. Cheers!
  3. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    Thank you so much for the detailed reply! Knowledge is power . It’s a Jimmy Page style system I am doing (apparently), hence more wires than normal I guess. Actually it’s just about finished now and it doesn’t look as crazy as I thought it would! Nevertheless I will definitely be checking out some wiring erotica and gleening from it
  4. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    Whats baffling me is that the number of wires required for this, in addition to the ones already in there (including another 9 grounding wires) will make for something of a rats nest. Is this normal?
  5. ShatnersBassoon

    32" scale p bass "the picalow"

    The bass. Your u2 style guitar design looks cool in a retro kind of way, Will be following with great interest!
  6. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    I am indeed using iron gear pickups. Just needed to look more clearly at the print out, thanks!
  7. ShatnersBassoon

    32" scale p bass "the picalow"

    Looks marvellous that. Super classy!
  8. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    OK so have been taking my sweet time with this build and I have ran in to a problem. As you can see below the wiring diagram that came with the wiring kit that I bought (Jimmy Page push pull style) does not correspond t0 the colours of the wires (I bought these pickups a long time back and Ive read somewhere that wire colours used to be different, maybe thats related to the confusion?) Also Im not sure what it means on the instructions about the ground connections being soldered together? Any ideas? Thanks. Heres another photo I took recently, drilled all the necessary bits for the knobs/electronics since then. Still needs more finishing etc.
  9. ShatnersBassoon

    Depression and music

    I don't remember posting this! Argh...beer Thanks for the reply though!
  10. ShatnersBassoon

    Depression and music

    This may seem a rather personal thing to post amongst people who I don't even know, however I would like to know peoples thoughts on this.... At the risk of sounding like I am romanticising, so much of the old material that have wrote , and that I have been happiest with has been born from a certain melancholy. Its been a release when I have been truly 'down'. I don't mean 'sad'...hopefully people can relate to what I mean. Lately nothing has been inspiring me when I have been writing and its beginning to really worry me...throughout my life its always been a refuge, something that has been a support that keeps me sane....anyone else been through this? Im not hearing emotion when I write!
  11. ShatnersBassoon


    This wood seems to get a tough wrap from woodworkers I have spoken to in person (admittedly not guitar builders). They generally tut and look skywards upon hearing the species. It seems that it is generally thought of as quite a poor quality wood, often referred to as 'bastard mahogany'. However to me its a very nice looking wood! I suppose the grain structure is at the route of most peoples gripes? Thoughts? It seems to be quite widely used amongst guitar builders these days! Is it all just silly snobbery?
  12. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    As I thought, cheers No exposed threads with this rod (modern two way).
  13. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    OK...a couple of daft questions. I haven't routed out the access point for the truss rod yet, whats to stop the truss rod just falling out? Is it relying solely on the tight fit to keep it in place? (Not a problem because I managed to get it nice and snug). Also, when it comes time to glue on the fingerboard, does the glue go on to the truss rod too? Does it matter? Cheers.
  14. ShatnersBassoon

    Four new rockers are coming to life

    Hey! I’m sure posting porn is against the rules? All looks beautiful to me!
  15. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    Thanks man. I have needed another passion for a while now (don’t like to use the word hobby)...it’s hard getting motivated sometimes so positive words are great to see!