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  1. Congratulations on the win! A fantastic guitar, mean as hell
  2. Cool! I like the black one the best though. The proportions work well with it and I like the modern look.
  3. Cheers for the info! Come to think of it Ive never needed to alter the saddles so that they are towards the nut, always needed to back them away.
  4. OK so I know how to place a Tele bridge and a Strat bridge, but is there anything to bare in mind when placing a Floyd Rose style bridge? (or at least I assume that's what one would call it). Its for a headless guitar Im building. I know that on a Tele its preferable to place the saddles at about 60 percent of their travel (at least thats what was recommended to me). Thanks in advance.
  5. I was going to post this myself just now. Amazing work. That fretboard ended up looking a bit like Zebrano, nice! I would be a bit concerned about the hardness though, even though he did glue the frets in.
  6. This is pretty innovative! I’m not always a fan of these making guitar out of crazy materials builds but you are doing something quite different here. I love the way that the pens are arranged horizontally. And it’s cool how you have used it as just the top. Anyway it’s looking sweet!
  7. Looking great! The modern clean lines, combined with the contours are very appealing. Awesome stuff.
  8. Sounds roughly what I’m aiming for. I was tempted to get the 81/85 set but was hesitant on account of worries about them being a bit of a one trick pony and having a slightly clinical sound.
  9. So, Im building a headless at the moment and wanted something that was capable of very modern progressive tones but with a hint of the vintage thrown in. Spurred on by sound clips and extensive research I have *gasp went the active route and bought a very competitively priced set of EMG 57/66 's. I understand it to be a typically highly defined active but with a hint of the PAF sonic palette thrown in. Looking forward to fitting them! Anyone here got any experience of these?
  10. Amazing entries this month. All of them. I thought nothing could come come close to the Scroll and Burl guitar but that Warrior guitar is mightily impressive too.
  11. Beautiful work of art. It makes me want to play guitar, build guitars....and I kind of want to eat it...having a strange craving for seafood all of a sudden
  12. Thanks for all of the advice! Maybe I won’t level the zero fret along with the others, that would create a tiny bit of clearance
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