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  1. ShatnersBassoon

    Full carbon fibre neck...

    Now Im thinking maybe a fretless bass. Worth a try, seeing as the carbon Fiber is now free!
  2. ShatnersBassoon

    Fret levelling

    Hmm...I can’t seem to get it quite right. I have raised the action a bit and that seems to help, but not convinced that has been the problem. I seem to be filing and filing with little result. You would think these frets were stainless steel or something. Rather confused right now. It’s playable but not perfect. I’m using a knife stone sharpener for the full level. My spot levelling is rather ineffective, some results but not enough for my liking...is it meant to take this long? Does anyone here live near the Stockton on Tees area?
  3. ShatnersBassoon

    Full carbon fibre neck...

    I wonder if a truss rod would work in a CF neck? It is really stiff stuff isn’t it.
  4. ShatnersBassoon

    The Wahlgaard II project.

    True, sorry I’m not sure why I posted that to be honest, it’s an awesome looking guitar!
  5. ShatnersBassoon

    The Wahlgaard II project.

    CNC is a skill in itself from what I have seen. I follow 'Highline Guitars' on youtube and its obvious that its not as simple as putting a guitar template in to the machine and pressing go...the guy certainly knows his stuff. I think occasionally inconsistencies can equate to a certain kind of beauty? I suppose its a bit like painting a landscape as apposed to taking a beautiful photograph of it...a different skill and aesthetic.
  6. ShatnersBassoon

    The Wahlgaard II project.

    Aint it just! Its so beautifully crisp! Ive been looking online recently for CNC machines, you can get kits that can do routes for inlays etc for not too much outlay at all, problem is you have to assemble them yourself and learn how to sort out the software/programming; its a whole other skillset.
  7. I have a possible contact with regards to getting offcuts of carbon fibre relatively cheap. Im intrigued about the idea of a fully carbon fibre neck (probably minus the fretboard), probably laminates of a few thick pieces....no truss rod, warp resistant, straight as a die and very smart and modern! If anyone on here has experience with this I would love to hear your thoughts. I've always been interested in this as Im a bit of a Shawn Lane fan and he had a signature Vigier that was reinforced with CF, and didn't have a truss rod. Ofcourse this would mean adapting to a playing style where the neck has no relief....I believe Jeff Beck has a pretty straight neck, but I digress....
  8. ShatnersBassoon

    offerup score...

    I believe that making ones own pickups is perfectly viable. By the look of it its not completely daunting! Will try it...some day.
  9. ShatnersBassoon

    Fret levelling

    Actually, not so bad now I realise I only have 3 frets to go
  10. ShatnersBassoon

    Fret levelling

    Makes me want to throw my half completed guitar in the bin and just forget about it all God I wish I knew someone in person who was a guitar builder. This isn’t easy!
  11. ShatnersBassoon

    Quick Neck through question

    Cool, thanks. So I guess it’s mainly an issue of aesthetics and tradition.
  12. Hey dudes. Whilst making a neck through, how necessary is it to use a laminate design? Depends on the wood to an extent I’m guessing? I have a long piece of Sapele and it got me thinking. Appreciate any thoughts!
  13. ShatnersBassoon

    Ovangkol LP rebuild

    Lovely stuff. I love Big D’s videos, his tonewood reviews are great! I also love Highline guitars on YouTube. A tonne of great tips, especially when it comes to finishing.
  14. ShatnersBassoon

    My first build: Cedar Sebcaster

    Lovely finish and the wood obviously came to life with the varnish! Looks really nice
  15. ShatnersBassoon

    Not Quite A Tele...

    Sure! Although I prefer WUPASS