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  1. The P90 I’m using is actually pretty quiet, I know because I cannibalised it from one of my working guitars
  2. Ended up dropping off the guitar at a friends house, he’s pretty handy with electronics. I’ve done the whole thing up to now without help so I think I can accept apologies to oneself
  3. The flamed maple I have used hasn’t been a problem but based on evidence you have done a lot more advanced stuff than me . I suppose no one tree is the same! Maybe I have just got lucky on some of my woods...based on their supposed properties that is.
  4. Have to say, Wenge is an amazing wood. Looks great, sounds great, feels great...It does tear out a bit on the router but not as much as the ovangkol I got last year!
  5. Cheers mate, will upload some photos tommorow. I’m over the moon with the build so far! Some pics...Padauk, Wenge, and ebony. Thinking of keeping it raw, no finish.
  6. This is my third build and I still haven't managed to get the electronics right. One bloody pickup in this build. Am I dim? A different problem every time. This time its a loud hum...I'm pretty sure i know what that is, but is it normally combined with a weedy pickup output? Its a P90. Problem is that the sound of the pickup seems to change at wim, from loud to quiet, to silent, to loud hum. Argh.... If the pickup isn't earthed properly is it normal to have hardly any output?
  7. What a bunch of mainly clueless keyboard warriors. I don’t even know where to start . Feel bad for the guy.
  8. Thank you Will pass that on.
  9. My father has bought a bike part from the USA and there is a notice on the tracking details - 'Payment of charges - Item being held, addressee being notified' Assuming this is customs charges. It's been 6 days and he hasn't heard anything from them, no letter, nothing. A bit of a long shot but does anyone here have any idea of how long this normally takes? Or any other useful information? Thanks for any help!
  10. Now Im thinking maybe a fretless bass. Worth a try, seeing as the carbon Fiber is now free!
  11. Hmm...I can’t seem to get it quite right. I have raised the action a bit and that seems to help, but not convinced that has been the problem. I seem to be filing and filing with little result. You would think these frets were stainless steel or something. Rather confused right now. It’s playable but not perfect. I’m using a knife stone sharpener for the full level. My spot levelling is rather ineffective, some results but not enough for my liking...is it meant to take this long? Does anyone here live near the Stockton on Tees area?
  12. I wonder if a truss rod would work in a CF neck? It is really stiff stuff isn’t it.
  13. True, sorry I’m not sure why I posted that to be honest, it’s an awesome looking guitar!
  14. CNC is a skill in itself from what I have seen. I follow 'Highline Guitars' on youtube and its obvious that its not as simple as putting a guitar template in to the machine and pressing go...the guy certainly knows his stuff. I think occasionally inconsistencies can equate to a certain kind of beauty? I suppose its a bit like painting a landscape as apposed to taking a beautiful photograph of it...a different skill and aesthetic.
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