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  1. All strung up with the glu boost on. Just making a panel for the back now...ofcourse me routing for a trem left an annoying hole...I changed the bridge plate for a spare piece of Ziricote, looked classier to me and gave me chance to add a little logo. Hope everyone is well!
  2. I think you are downplaying this build a bit by calling it a kit build, you made all the parts after all. Looks fabulous and kudos for revisiting such a neglected design.
  3. Thanks everyone! Ended up redoing it a bit
  4. So far so good! I tried staining it black and it reacted with the wood and turned it purple...so sanded it back and experimented with different colours. Black to highlight the grain, then some yellow and some brown. I’m liking this effect. Turned out that the bridge was too wide for the neck, so to cut a long story short I modified it and it is now a hardtail. The plus side of this is that it saved quite a bit of weight, that brass block was heavy! Some modifying of the scratch plate is now needed, so that it folllows the curves better.
  5. Yes I was scratching my head trying to figure the thing out. I did get a Chinese bridge recently on Ebay which seems to be OK, although it was too wide for my neck so had to do some modifying. To be honest my experience is that most of the bridges I have found have been Chinese... It seems that the ones that aren't are prohibitively expensive, the Hipshots being an example. There doesn't seem to be a huge amount of options out there.
  6. So I come across this handsome looking thing, what's the deal with the tuners though? I'm guessing you buy them separately and attach them on there? Or do you use an Allen key or something crazy like that? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000516277252.html
  7. I do subscribe to the idea of unhindered vibration throughout the body, but personally a big part of the appeal to me is that I really like the aesthetic of neck through and one piece designs. The transition to the body can look so beautifully seemless and i just think it's a nice look in general.
  8. Yes, it's hard enough getting a piece that's large enough for a Telecaster. That's one of the things I like about Headless designs, generally a lot smaller.
  9. I've been thinking about the possibilities offered from working from one piece of wood. I've noticed that there doesn't seem to be a one piece Les Paul design... One piece body yes, but one piece guitar no. Ofcourse making a Tele or Strat would be a lot simpler, given the lack of neck angle. Thoughts? Does such a beastie exist?
  10. I’ve never used a trem other than for subtle downward dives, so I am not too versed in Vai style whammy acrobatics. It looks a lot more like the Steinberger
  11. Maybe I’m getting a bit confused. I assumed this was a Floyd Rose style trem, perhaps I am wrong. I got it as part of a headless hardware kit With regards to resale value. This is a build for myself, unless I change my mind later down the line
  12. I’m fitting the Floyd Rose style trem to my headless build. What I’m a bit confused about is how much clearance I should leave both in front of and behind the trem block? I’m guessing that if there was no clearance in front of the block then that wouldn’t be very good for divebombs. Any advise greatly appreciated as always. Edit * Ah, just realised that as I’m only interested in downwards divebombs that I don’t need clearance at the front.
  13. Thanks so much for all of the replies! I will let you know how I get on. I was thinking that I could spray it a cool colour, although that always seems a bit of a pity.
  14. When I finish my current build I’ve been contemplating on a huge slab of English Sycamore I have lying around which excitingly, may just be thick enough for a one piece guitar (36 mm). That is, if I manage to find somewhere that can mill this piece perfectly, because it’s not entirely even/straight along its length, it’s out in a few spots by a minute margin....I suppose I could just mill it all with the router. Anyway, thoughts on all of that welcome, however my main point with this post is to see if anyone knows what is going on with these dirty grey splotches on the bottom side of the wood, do they normally plain out easily? What are they? I believe it is fully seasoned, however is it showing some sort of moisture damage here? Cheers.
  15. Great stuff! And sheesh you almost can’t tell that you have built it from multiple pieces, nice work.
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