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  1. Beautiful work of art. It makes me want to play guitar, build guitars....and I kind of want to eat it...having a strange craving for seafood all of a sudden
  2. Thanks for all of the advice! Maybe I won’t level the zero fret along with the others, that would create a tiny bit of clearance
  3. Rasps seconded, but I’ve also found that a spindle sander helps to get rid of some of the scratchy remanants.
  4. Hmm, I think I may well just make it the same height https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/String_Nut_or_Zero_Fret “There’s some talk of a zero fret needing to be higher than the others, but that just doesn’t make any sense. If the following fret would need to be higher than the previous one, our fretboard would look like a set of stairs.”
  5. Hmm...I’m getting conflicting information online about this...does the zero fret have to be slightly higher than the rest of the frets or is it ok at a level height with the rest of the frets (ie same gauge/size)? If so about how much higher? I’m talking about for a regular electric, not bass. Any help greatly appreciated!
  6. Congratulations on the thoroughly inventive and impressive guitar of the month sir! Coincidentally my next build is a headless and I actually bought what looks like the same bridge from China, (except a 6 string one) last week! Hoping that it all works nicely, how is the quality of it?
  7. Thanks for your thoughts I do find a huge satisfaction in the sense that it often feels like a triumph over adversity "The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph".
  8. Yeah, not very impressive without strings. How did you forget those? Sheesh
  9. This is an absolutely stunning work of art. Breath taking even. It would certainly inspire me to shut up and play!
  10. Apologies if this in the wrong subsection! Many reasons for me…. Theres a tendency to slip in to a mindset whereby things just stay ‘as is’. When it comes to guitar building I kind of like to spend ridiculous amounts of money on materials because there becomes a responsibility to kick ones ass in to gear so to speak. Is it plain sailing hell no! The learning curve is frustrating as hell and Ive often wanted to throw entire guitars in the bin. However, I’ve learnt…never give up! It’s so unbelievably rewarding and the result of your creations…all of the unique nuances that result from an individuals working process mean that the result becomes a part of you in the same way as writing music, or creating a beautiful painting. It may take one guitar, it may take 10 guitars, but Jimi Hendrix…how long did it take for him to find his unique voice (in the same way as us builders) was he amazing from day one? Hell no! The dude slept with his guitar! Another thing I love is challenging ‘rules’. Cant use pine? Hell why not! It’s liberating to free oneself from these shackles. Anyway, all rambling food for thought hopefully.
  11. Good point! You are both totally right. Was partly an act of frustration really.
  12. Unfortunately the wood has split and also the router slipped, causing quite a gouge. In the bin now unfortunately. These things happen. Thanks again anyway!
  13. Thanks for the advice! I did think about the router and double sided tape idea, but wasn’t sure about accuracy. I will give it a go today, maybe try both a router and straight edge with sandpaper
  14. I have a ziricote fretboard blank (no fret slots) that is thicker on one end, it gradually gets 1mm thicker. Anyone have any ideas on the best way to remedy this? I don’t have a planer/thicknesser unfortunately! Its flat on the bottom (gluing area) but the top is rather skewed. Cheers for any help
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