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  1. ShatnersBassoon

    Depression and music

    This may seem a rather personal thing to post amongst people who I don't even know, however I would like to know peoples thoughts on this.... At the risk of sounding like I am romanticising, so much of the old material that have wrote , and that I have been happiest with has been born from a certain melancholy. Its been a release when I have been truly 'down'. I don't mean 'sad'...hopefully people can relate to what I mean. Lately nothing has been inspiring me when I have been writing and its beginning to really worry me...throughout my life its always been a refuge, something that has been a support that keeps me sane....anyone else been through this? Im not hearing emotion when I write!
  2. ShatnersBassoon


    This wood seems to get a tough wrap from woodworkers I have spoken to in person (admittedly not guitar builders). They generally tut and look skywards upon hearing the species. It seems that it is generally thought of as quite a poor quality wood, often referred to as 'bastard mahogany'. However to me its a very nice looking wood! I suppose the grain structure is at the route of most peoples gripes? Thoughts? It seems to be quite widely used amongst guitar builders these days! Is it all just silly snobbery?
  3. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    As I thought, cheers No exposed threads with this rod (modern two way).
  4. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    OK...a couple of daft questions. I haven't routed out the access point for the truss rod yet, whats to stop the truss rod just falling out? Is it relying solely on the tight fit to keep it in place? (Not a problem because I managed to get it nice and snug). Also, when it comes time to glue on the fingerboard, does the glue go on to the truss rod too? Does it matter? Cheers.
  5. ShatnersBassoon

    Four new rockers are coming to life

    Hey! I’m sure posting porn is against the rules? All looks beautiful to me!
  6. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    Thanks man. I have needed another passion for a while now (don’t like to use the word hobby)...it’s hard getting motivated sometimes so positive words are great to see!
  7. ShatnersBassoon

    First Build, so many lessons learned

    I really love the look of this Wenge stuff (especially as a fretboard material) I don’t remember seeing it in guitars throughout the last 20 years...maybe it’s because I was never involved in building. I take it that it’s a lot more popular these days? Amazing looking build by the way!!
  8. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    Truss rod installed today. I bolted some metal on to the side of my neck blank, a physical barrier for the router. Didn’t have the right sized bit for the thicker section so used a chisel. Main thing I guess is that I got it snug/tight. It certainly doesn’t rattle about. I would post a pic but seem to be having a problem when I do it via a phone.
  9. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    Cheers man .
  10. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    It doesn’t have to be a slavish copy of an LP i guess. I’m just using an LP as reference really. I do not understand what you mean when you say not fixed in to the neck? I thought that is what the procedure was, that it is installed inside the neck. Do you mean make my own or buy one and cut it down to size?
  11. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    I can see the resemblance Andy! Im going to be buying a truss rod soon, think I will get dual action (the best really right?) Any idea what length I should get? Baring in mind 24.75 scale length.
  12. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    Well there is no flat section towards the edges like on a regular Les Paul. That’s how it turned out originally however it had a tonne of gouges that I just couldn’t get rid of. I initially filled those gauges with filler, when I sprayed the guitar (my initial idea was a goldtop) it looked awful! No matter how much I thought I had sanded the filler plush with the rest of the body the result was a bumpy mess. So I ended up sanding a straight slope all the way to the edges with the orbital sander. This meant that on some areas the cap is very thin. Not perfect but I’m reasonably happy.
  13. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    Awesome, so no need to do the angled thing. Cool Cheers!
  14. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    Thanks for the replies guys. The wood has a darkish red hue, so if it is Meranti then I guess it falls in to the first category in Curtisas post. I am probably going to risk it, the wood does feel fairly hard...but then until I route the area for the true rod and start shaping it then its all a bit up in the air. Im a little confused however. The template I am using shows that the truss rod for an LP design is supposed to be angled (fairly low down next to the nut and much higher towards the body). This has added confusion on a number of levels, firstly I am confused as to how achieve this and secondly I have been watching videos of builds where the routed area has just been the same depth throughout...is it ok to route it unangled? Anyway...as for the body, the top is on and everything routed out. Don't get me started talking about the carve on the top! Lots of trial and error. I have used an 'antique pine' varnish on it. Quite pleased with it so far.
  15. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    Ok, away from the forum I’m getting conflicting opinions about the suitability of Meranti as a neck. Will it be OK? I’m not even sure if it is Meranti as the guy I bought it from said it might be Sapele...