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  1. ShatnersBassoon

    Crafty's Midnight Special Baritone

    Nice work. I like that you have chosen your own body shape, gives it a unique look. I’ve been curious about Baritones for a while, especially seeing as a lot of what I play is in altered tunings.
  2. ShatnersBassoon

    Flat fingerboards.

    It’s a difficult one because my playing style is mainly fingerpicking now and my ‘lead’ days were a long time ago. However would like to revisit those days on a guitar that felt right for fingerboard acrobatics . That’s an interesting point about slide! I never was great at it but then I didn’t practice enough. Anyway most intrigued.
  3. ShatnersBassoon

    Flat fingerboards.

    I’m really curious about the idea of a flat fretboard and I am tempted to give it a try. I’ve been interested in this ever since I found out that Shawn Lanes guitar had zero radius, I believe partly to facilitate an ultra low action that was suited to speedy moments and to help with his arthritis. Any thoughts? I’ve played a classical guitar with no radius but never an electric!
  4. Yes. No news to the vast majority of people on here, but I’ve found a template cutter makes things about ten times easier
  5. ShatnersBassoon

    Telecaster neck pocket.

    Just as I thought! Asymmetrical slop; if it was to account for expansion you would think that the oversize would be on the bass side too and not to such an extent, just like you say. The neck pocket fit is pretty crucial for me, not just in terms of functionality and sound, but in aesthetics too. Anyway thanks, I will use the template for the other elements. I will read the guide thoroughly!
  6. ShatnersBassoon

    Telecaster neck pocket.

    Just saw your reply, cheers. Here’s a photo...treble side cutaway, that is correct. I’m a bit sceptical really.... 1. Surely wood is more likely to shrink than expand? I ran in to that problem with the LP build. 2. The neck pocket is generally not painted or varnished right? 3. Surely it’s better for the neck pocket to be too small? There’s no guarantee that the wood will ‘swell’. If it doesn’t then you are left with the gap. Anyway here it is. That centre line does line up by the way, it’s just how I am holding the neck.
  7. ShatnersBassoon

    Guitar template design

    Cheers, will check it out
  8. ShatnersBassoon

    Guitar template design

    Looks a bit BC Rich'y...except classier
  9. ShatnersBassoon

    Telecaster neck pocket.

    I’ve got a routing template for a Telecaster and there seems to be quite a gap in the bottom part of the neck pocket. I’m assured that this is completely normal, and that it accounts for paint and wood swelling. Thoughts? Cheers
  10. ShatnersBassoon

    Tanglewood acoustic guitars

    Just how amazing are these guitars?! I keep comming back to them and they are such amazing sounding instruments, especially for the money! I just got a Java Parlor guitar, sounds fantastic in DADGAD Beautiful too.
  11. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    Yes, heightening the bridge pickup has done little to alieviate the problem. Like i said, some nice sounds, but not 100 percent ideal.
  12. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    Man that was a complete nightmare! I won't be getting that switching system again in a hurry Im rather confused though, the bridge pickup seems to be half the output of the neck...argh! As far as I am aware, everything is wired up correctly. Also, the push and pull system doesn't seem to get the radically different tones that I was expecting. Infact, very little tonal variation at all! Something is surely amiss. I can get some nice sounds out of it, but strangely, that monster bridge rock sound is missing.
  13. ShatnersBassoon

    even better - quilted maple for $30

    Phwoar, nice wood (she said)
  14. ShatnersBassoon

    Guitar template design

    What program do you guys like to use to draw out your designs? I would love to get to grips with something where I could do full scale, realistic looking models of possible future creations! Maybe something where I could superimpose the photos of the woods I am using on to the designs. I believe Sketch Up is good? I’m pretty computer savvy although something that doesn’t have an insane learning curve would be cool. Cheers!
  15. ShatnersBassoon

    Les Paul build revisited

    Thank you so much for the detailed reply! Knowledge is power . It’s a Jimmy Page style system I am doing (apparently), hence more wires than normal I guess. Actually it’s just about finished now and it doesn’t look as crazy as I thought it would! Nevertheless I will definitely be checking out some wiring erotica and gleening from it