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  1. Les Paul build revisited

    Hi everyone! First post on here and hoping someone could fill me in with a little advice. Many years back I started work on a Les Paul guitar. It was made out of Sapele and took a long time to cut out with the Jigsaw! However upon cutting out the basic shape I just gave up and it’s been sitting in my wardrobe ever since. Does anyone have any advice regarding the best template to use so that I can route out the neccessary areas? Any tips in general? Bare in mind some that I only have a very basic and cheap router. Thanks!
  2. Les Paul build revisited

    I played a Traditional many years back and loved it, it also weighed a ton. I kind of liked that fact (at the time). Funnily enough it looks like my finished guitar will be around 11 pounds give or take (even after weight relief/chambering!)
  3. Les Paul build revisited

    Routed out the rest of the body, apart from some chambering. Sanded down what I’m using as the cap (the table top) and it came out a very light colour...That varnish was obviously deceiving. I don’t know what I really think of the wood now! It’s still reasonably nice although I may well paint over it. However I have a number of other ideas. Hmmm
  4. PRS-like project(s)

    Wow! What a corker, amazing seeing the transformation in to the finished product. Really nice.
  5. Stainless steel frets

    A few things that have been on my mind recently...Why are stainless steel frets not standard on guitars? It’s not like the fretwire is even that expensive (making me question why it is so often mentioned as a premium feature). Am I missing something? They just make so much sense to me, not having to refret periodically seems a huge bonus! Thoughts? I suppose some of it is to do with us guitarists being a rather traditional bunch.
  6. Nick Drake

    Any fans here? My favourite album of his is probably Pink Moon, although they are all amazing. Such an amazing sound, his tunings, those beautiful fingerpicking patterns, combined with the breathy lyrical delivery made for a very dream like sound. Such beauty to be found in that melancholic atmosphere that he created. A very visual sound, if that makes any sense. I could wax lyrical all day about him 😁
  7. Stainless steel frets

    Thank you for the detailed reply! I’m now somewhat tempted to either go for standard nickel frets, or to just buy a pre fretted fingerboard...hey it’s my first build 😁
  8. Guitar Strings

    Im quite fond of polywebs on electric, although I do sometimes crave a tad more brightness. The best strings I remember using on acoustic were the Martin Bluegrass set, really nicely defined sound! Very crisp. Lovely for intricate fingerpicking pieces. However I don’t think you can get them in the UK.
  9. Innovative guitar designs

    May be a somewhat acquired taste but I rather like this. I wonder how the finish was achieved? It’s apparently by ‘Gate Guitars’. Feel free to post up more cool designs.
  10. Les Paul build revisited

    Aw damn...I could have taken the credit there 😜 I have some wire wool soaking at the moment but will try it with some nails too!
  11. Les Paul build revisited

    Definitely seems worth experimenting with! Cheers.
  12. Les Paul build revisited

    So I bought some wood for the neck today. The guy at the timber place wasn’t sure if it was Sapele or Meranti. Just brought it back home and it is a bit lighter than the sapele I used for the body. However it does compliment it quite nicely. Pleased with it! Im considering experimenting on part of the wood to do this nifty little trick...
  13. Stainless steel frets

    I’m taking it that it can be quite a difference in installation time? I intend on using them for my current build.
  14. Les Paul build revisited

    Cheers! I will probably expand on the weight relief to make it more akin to chambering. Will also probably fill in that small area where I went too deep when I initially started to cut out that neck pocket, I don’t want to compromise neck access and I’m sure I will prefer the look. Also I found a great 8 foot long piece of sapele that will fit nicely for the neck. I will probably be buying it this weekend 😀
  15. Les Paul build revisited

    Routed out the channel, as you can see the router slipped. Oh well! The weight relief has so far knocked off a pound from the weight (its 7.5 lbs now). The cap weighs 2lbs but that is before any routing etc. My Les Paul Studio that I owned years back weighed 9lbs and that seemed a ton at the time...lets see what weight this ends up at!
  16. Les Paul build revisited

  17. Les Paul build revisited

    OK have what could be an issue here! When I hacked away at this all those years back, I left a rather deep cut for the tenon...so much so that it only leaves 12mm clearance from the bottom of the guitar. Im hoping that a tiny little neck heel with be OK, as glues are strong these days! I suppose there could be factors with playability too...I could do an acoustic style neck heel where it juts out but that doesn't appeal to me (fret access etc). Thoughts?
  18. Les Paul build revisited

    Cheers Norris Just noticed that my Flickr was set to private...anyway here it is un restricted https://www.flickr.com/photos/156640340@N04/? Cut out the top today, obviously just roughly.
  19. Tele-Pine-Partscaster project!

    Nice, the pine gives it a very ready to Rock n Roll look 😁 I believe the early Tele prototypes were pine weren’t they?
  20. Les Paul build revisited

    Awesome, I will probably do that 😀
  21. Les Paul build revisited

    Here you go- https://www.flickr.com/photos/156640340@N04/shares/230tKm Quick question, is angling the cut of the tenon on the actual neck an option? Instead of angling the routing in the body I mean? Hope my terminology makes sense. Cheers!
  22. Les Paul build revisited

    Hi there! Do you mean the tools or the pickups etc? I only have the pickups at the moment, the charmingly named ‘Hot Slags’ from Irongear 😂 Not one hundred percent my taste but I can always change them later on. I plan on getting most of my stuff from Axetec.co.uk ..will post up a few photos from today, may be missing a few tools in the pictures.
  23. Les Paul build revisited

    Thanks again! Slow progress, but I am getting there...looks like a neck angle is on the cards now. I can’t possibly screw it up now 😏
  24. Sourcing timber in the north east of England?

    Thanks! I have got most of the wood now (sourced partly from furniture so it’s all a bit Blue Peter) but I do need some fretboard material. I will check both out, and would be nice to go for posher woods second time around. I did notice blanks on eBay recently and did give it a thought, so looks like it could be another good source.
  25. I’m trying to find somewhere where I can get wood in the desired lengths and thickness needed for a guitar. Sourcing a blank for a maple cap is proving particularly difficult for example. Any recommendations of places? Cheers.