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  1. Hi everyone! So a couple of months ago my uncle gave me a store bought neck and a basswood guitar body he'd worked on before he retired as a carpenter. So I decided to finish it, and bought a whole load of parts for it, but am only now being able to put any time into the project. So I chatted through the parts options with my buddy, and bought a 2 point trem (style 3 in the link: http://www.axetec.co.uk/guitar_parts_uk_041.htm) mostly because I hadn't come across the design before, and was curious about having a different bridge to my existing guitars. However, I haven't been able to find any decent guides to installing one of these things, especially in how to position it, and how to install the bushings. Accurate tools shouldn't be an issue, as I'm planning on returning it to my uncle so he can do some of the more precise work in his shop, but I obviously want to get the installation here right. It's a fresh body, with no existing holes, so I can't really work from those, but that does at least mean that the strength of the wood isn't compromised at all. I'd appreciate any and all input you can give. Thanks in advance! Oliver
  2. Brilliant idea! It would certainly make the circuitry a lot easier, and wouldn't limit the amount of options or combinations that I could try. Thanks a lot for that!
  3. That's what I thought. My Uncle dug out the guitar this week for me to pick up on Friday, and luckily, it's actually only a HSS, which makes the whole project 10x easier! As my current guitar at the moment is a Pacifica, my plan for the moment is to get the top cavity re-routed for a Humbucker, leave the middle empty, and stick with those Rolling Mill pups to give me a nice range of tones between the two guitars. Glad you can vouch for them! Though I'd be curious to try the HHSS setup one day though, perhaps once I've got some more experience! If I can work it out, I'm going to have a crack at some Jimmy Page-esque wiring, or at least some elements of it, like the coil taps and phase reverse. But I'm waiting to see the guitar before I decide on anything concrete! As I said, I should be able to pick it up at the end of the week, then I'll either post something here, or as a proper build diary.
  4. Hi everyone! This is my first post - and first build - so bear with me if I'm still learning! In summary, my uncle has offered me a guitar body that he made and routed before he retired as a carpenter; I haven't seen it yet, but I'm told it has a Tele-shaped basswood body, with body cuts and is routed for a floyd rose bridge and 4 pickups - two humbuckers at the bridge, and two single coils at the neck. I've been looking into what to do with this, and I decided that it would be fun to try and fill all four routs, however, my experience regarding guitar wiring is limited at best, and this is not a design I can simply find a standard wiring guide to online! A friend of mine is able to help me with a lot of the basics - he suggested 4 individual pickup switches might work better than one rotary 7 way switch - but I'm not too sure how to connect it all up. So really, I have the following questions: I'm looking at the Rolling Mill (PAF) and Steel Foundry (Tele) pickups from Iron Gear, but would you suggest that having a bridge-neck, bridge-neck arrangement would work? Would these pups fit together? And secondly, theoretically, without seeing the guitar, how would you wire this kind of arrangement? I should be getting the guitar this week, so when I do, I'll upload some photos for you all to look at. Otherwise, I'm open to any and all suggestions about where to go with the project - thanks in advance for any help you can give! Oliver.
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