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  1. Here's the dings in all their glory
  2. Dings are on the back of the body. the neck is pretty good, may have to tweak the truss rod a little and do a light fret dress. I've just checked out the electrics and, apart from a crackly volume pot, they're all good. I'm going to fit a new jack socket but apart from that it looks like a light touch restoration is on the cards.
  3. Here's a hastily shrunk to fit jpg. I'm pretty sure it's a laquer finish, maybe nitrocellulose.
  4. Hi all, I'm new around here but am seeking any information you may have regarding my recent skip find. It is a Columbus Series 3 strat copy with a Bendmaster pro trem and HSS pickup configuration. I have been lead to believe that it might be a pre=lawsuit edition and I am currently refurbishing it. It has a locking nut, zero fret, 21 frets and apart from a slight electrical issue, looks to be ready to play. Any advice on restoring the finish would be very welcome as there are a few dings that need to be sorted out, although with a guitar of this age I don't think a perfect finish is appropriate, just a touch up of the damage that was recent, probably as a result of throwing it into the skip