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  1. Hi all.. I’m a complete newb here.. I have been building my own guitars since 96 and have only made about 20 in that time for myself and a couple close friends so by no means a business and I wouldn’t even call myself a luthier, just someone that builds guitars among other things.. anyway, for my next build I want to build a B.C. rich Bich doubleneck..been wanting one for years.. my main problem though is getting a template for the body, they don’t seem to exist online.. if anyone has access to one, I was wondering if I could get you to trace it onto some project cardboard and send it to me. I would of coarse pay any costs it would incur such as the cardboard and postage to Australia. Alternatively, if anyone already has a print ready file they could email to me that would be much easier.. cheers in advance for any help..
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