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  1. using fusion 360 instead of printing to pdf print your drawing to .dwg .. open the file .dwg with the autodesk free viewer 'dwg TrueView' the icon named 'plot' is to print .. choose printer named 'autocad pdf - high quality print .pc3' choose the scale 1:1 .. print
  2. 3by3 6-tuners headstock .. also i've designed it from scratch and made of it another tree variations files are attached scecifications are the string spacing at the nut is 1 1/2" or 1.5" and the overhangs on both sides are equal and are equal to 5/32" each .. the nut width then is 1 13/16" or 1.8125" = 46.0375mm (46mm)the scale is 25.5"the string spacing at the bridge is 2 1/8" or 2.125" and the overhangs on both sides are equal and are equal to 5/32" eachthe headstock width is very near to themargins of 3 1/2" or 3.5"width at 12th fret is 2.125000" or 2 1/8"width at 24th fret is 2.281250" or 2 9/32" = 57.94375mm (58mm) the one with the neck has also a u-channel truss-rod 3by3_headstock Drawing_variation_3 v1.dwg 3by3_headstock Drawing_variation_3 v1-Sheet1.pdf 3by3_headstock_all-variations.dwg 3by3_headstock_all-variations-Sheet1.pdf 3by3_headstock_neck Drawing v0.dwg 3by3_headstock_neck Drawing v0-Sheet1.pdf
  3. the headstock only, it's printable on an A4 sheet headstock_01.dwg headstock_01-Sheet1.pdf
  4. headstock/neck i designed - 6 strings .. for tiltback or non-tiltback headstocks and is sutable more for telecaster style guitars open with pdf then select the whole neck or just the head stock (i'll upload the headstock alone') the on a4 frinter define a new sheet size that covers the neck width and height .. example 4" by 27" .. the neck is 26 3/8" or 26.375" and the headstock is within the margins of 3 1/2" or 3.5" the scale is 25.5" nut width is 1 11/16" .. string spacing is 1 3/8" .. overhangs at nut are equal on both sides and are 5/32" .. overhangs at bridge are equal on both sides and are 5/32" .. string spacing at the bridge is 2 1/8" or 2.125" .. the width at 12th fret is 2 1/6" and at 24th fret is 2 1/4" or 2.25" .. at the 24th frets is the bottom of the neck pocket download at https://a360.co/2DN51t7 neck_001.dwg neck_001-Sheet1.pdf
  5. standard telecaster 'without any cuts' and with top-loading strings bridge and non-tiltback headstock .. you can use your design of the headstock or use the one i've designed but i think the body of the standard telecaster is among the most simple and good for a first project
  6. i post i have written .. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1815124 i've learned an easier way to print a guitar template with an A4 sized printer and would like to sharea4 for printer often can extend range in width and print a Legal paper format of 8.5" width and with respect to the length can extend for more the 20" depends on the printer's driver maybe, mine is a cheap HP printer and can print up to 8.5x30"when printing a guitar template don't use a4 papers .. for example if i need to print a telecaster neck i used a thick drawing carton that's maybe 100x100cm and cut a part of it of width 4" and whith the printer's software defined a custom borderless print size and printed the neck on one piece of thick carton/paperhowever when it comes to the body it's about 12.75x15 15/16" .. there's no problem with the length but the width as i'm limited to 8.5"i have thick papers for wet drawing about 35x50cm .. to print the body i need one paper only and it's better not to cut in half or print the body half by half the align .. a better suggestion in to let the whole neck pocket and the whole side of the body on the same paper - cut 8.5" from the 35cm and print on it and the rest of the body print it on the paper leftas that part is not muck important the the part having the neck pocket,pickups and controls .. before printing from a pdf use Tools => comment and draw a horizontal straight line spiting the two parts of the print and when i select of take a snapshot to print the selected part i let the line i've drawn to be printed on both prints then i precisely with a ruler and a cutting knife cut on the line on both prints to align and join/glue this way is better the aligning many pages and is less prone to errors or faluts https://i.imgur.com/LLbINxW.png in brief, you can print long pictures on an a4 printer if the printer itself permits
  7. no, i didn't buy any yet. i understand it's possible to buy one with gauge for the thinnest slot and buy it make the others, right? is it possible? i am making one from scratch, i don't even own a guitar or know how to play it but i'm interested in it and want to make one by myself with simple/cheap tools .. to reduce the cost and avoid precision errors i've got from stewmac a pre-slotted fretbord as i don't have any thin kerf saw and didn't got notice to the trick of adjusting the kerf of a hacksaw blade and i got a u-channel truss-rod and i have a cheap ~3$ 12mm chisel and a dremel 3000 and a cheap cross-cut hand saw and i will try use a hex hand screw driver to twist 10mm & 19mm brad-point and spade hex impact driver bits as these sizes are not available for dremel with 1/8" shank .. and from local store i got red hard wood a little over 1.5" thick blanks for the body and the neck got these for about 13.25$ .. i believe it's meranti i will make the plans myself , print on thick paper and buy hand saw and dremel and sanding try to shape the body https://www.espguitars.com/walidantar https://imgur.com/GYJ2v6Q https://imgur.com/BAauy1x still trying drawing the body and take a final decision about the shape of style .. and also i got free plan on the net https://www.electricherald.com/msk-guitars-mk1hh24-templates/
  8. hello, i want to learn if it's possible to use/swap 10-46 & 12-52 strings on the same guitar without changing in the nut slots .. and what nut file sizes should i have? is it possible to finish all the nut with only one or two files? or i have to buy all the sizes i need? .010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .046 .012, .016, .024, .032, 044, .056
  9. hello, if somebody, who have an esp m ii, please how much is the width of the body, it looks it's less than a strat 12.75 but can't know exactly, and also what is the measure from the saddles to the bottom? for months i'm trying to cad an esp m ii - did the neck and the head stock but finding difficulty drawing the body
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