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  1. My bridge, pickup ring, knobs, trussrod cover and control cover all landed this afternoon in the form of a fabulously busty fairly old ebony lady that came via eBay. After looking at the price of ebony in timber form it struck me that this is the best way for me to buy. Well seasoned, cheap, kinder on the forest and there’s a good chance its sale benefited a local person at its point of origin instead of a cruel logging company......that’s what I’d like to think anyway! Either way it’s 4lbs of rock hard ebony so I’m happy.
  2. It was horrible! The piece was 25mm thick. I needed two pieces at roughly 10mm each. My head told me that by the time I’d got through it (bearing in mind my saw is about 2” longer than the timber) I’d have lost about 4 or 5mm through saw wander. As it transpired that’s just about how it ended up so happy days!
  3. I’ve got one very pumped up shoulder and have passed about 3 pints of sweat. Need to sit down until October
  4. A band saw would have been nice today!
  5. This is hopefully going to be a tactile mellow sounding thing to pluck on the sofa. It’s an old piece of flamed mahogany which is going to be chopped up to make a book matched front, back and headstock piece. I’ve got a pillar drill, a router and a few basic hand tools and will be doing most of it on the kitchen table whilst the Mrs isn’t looking. Going to put my Bodging skills to the test and see if I can triumph over adversity and create something worth playing. I haven’t drawn anything up, I’m just going to see what the wood gives me!
  6. Here we go. Went black in the end and moved the position of the controls a little. Still needs some dots and a bit of finishing work on the frets. Fairly pleased how it turned out considering we don’t have an electric guitar in the house to use as reference!
  7. I drew out a template on a bit of white card to start with, it looked nice but I found myself wanting something a bit wild and wacky. You could be right though, I suppose there’s enough going on there for it to still be distinctive whilst maintaining an element of plainness.
  8. Here’s a black one in the rough, not so sure about this one either! I think I’ll flip a coin and stick one of them on for now whilst I keep an eye out for a suitable piece of walnut to to make one that matches the neck.........maybe!
  9. I’ve rough cut a black one too but Can’t seem to decide. Will stick another image up when I catch a quiet moment
  10. The front has me in a pickle. Not sure if the spangly gold is too much. I kind of like it in its sparkly silliness!
  11. I passed a blow torch over it until the resinous parts turned black, gave it the lightest sanding then dropped some stain on.. followed it with danish oil and osmo wax
  12. I’m scratching out my first full size guitar. Going for a ludicrous glam rock feel!
  13. Hang on a minute.... The big one that I’m growing is 24 1/2” this one is a pocket sized 20” scale!
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