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  1. HAHA! Nope, pics are in our garage/workshop. I want to keep the wife happy! She is supportive and I want to keep it that way!
  2. No pictures but I sawed for about an hour and got 1/4 of the way through. Haha! The blade was starting to wonder off even with the deep kerf. I think the blade is flexing when I push it. Not sure what to do about that. I need one of these!
  3. I'm going to use magnets to hold the cover in place and if I was able to get the grain matched up just right it would look pretty awesome. I just hate to cut a whole in the middle of that big piece of figured Makore. Yah, ruining the big piece of Makore is where I'm struggling! I'm pretty sure it would look awesome, maybe just not as awesome as a grain matched cover. My thoughts exactly... but it would look so cool if I pulled it off! I'm pretty sure I will. A flamed walnut would look pretty cool!
  4. Looks great man! Inlay is one of the things I’m most scared of!
  5. I can’t make up my mind on wether I want to attempt to match up the control cover using the Makore or just make a high contrast cover using Wenge (same material as neck).
  6. Lwguitar

    Ovangkol LP rebuild

    Heck yah! Awesome playing too!
  7. I went by my dads house to borrow his table saw. Probably took out 2 hours of hand sawing! Also I now have a nice deep kerf to help guid the saw blade. Two more hours of hand sanding and I should have two pieces of wood! I wish I had used this method for book matching the top, it would have been much quicker and resulted in a thicker flatter top.
  8. I took that photo a while ago, it’s the same piece I used for the top. It’s amazing how different it looks in different light!
  9. That’s where I’m different! I would rather spend an hour pushing a saw or sandpaper back and forth than spend an hour setting up a machine to do the same thing.
  10. Family stuff has kept me busy so I haven’t been able to spend much time in the shop. i did get the top sanded down to 220 and ready to glue. I used double sided tape to hold the sandpaper to a stewmac beam. Next step is taking my 1 7/8” body down to 1 1/5”. I plan on using a table saw to put in a kerf and then hand sawing the rest. The bottom piece is the body blank. It is Makore with some figure.
  11. Lwguitar

    Anoher Design - Inigo

    I dont know... I like the sharp corners on the headstock. They kind of tie into the body. I'm with bizman on copying the upper horn.
  12. Yah, I’m gonna be attempting a carve. It’s currently 11/16 to 3/4 at most parts, if I cut it down to get rid of the saw marks it will be about 5/8. I hope that will be thick enough. I’m wanting to leave 3/16 around the edge in place of binding.
  13. A got my router sled done and sanded the top a bit more. This is dry!
  14. Took an orbital to the top just to check my joint. Not to bad...