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  1. Hi All, Just bought a 1991 Peavey Destiny and immediately noticed that the volume pot sounds normal on "10" (full on) but from 9 on down, the volume is dramatically lowered AND the highs are WAY rolled off! Never had this problem with any other guitar! It's so bad I can't really use the guitar except on 10 and I'm a player who always rolls down my volume to clean up on my Tube amps. Here's what I know: Volume POT is 1M AUD (which I guess stands for Audio Taper?) Tone Pot is 250K AUD Sounds really gets muffled from 8 on down, really cuts the highs There is a big yellow sauser shapped cap between the Volume and Tone, I;m guessing this is the problem...? If so how do I disconnect Overall, I need help troubleshooting this. I've already sprayed the Pots with Electrical Cleaner, so I know that's not it. The other theory I have is that this is a "no load" Tone Pot which (I've only read on the web...) means that on 10 the Tone POT is OUT of the circuit but from 9 on down it is in the circuit. If so this explains the behavior of the volume pot
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