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  1. I've always wanted to build a RESO-ELECTRIC, and this is it. Pine body used neck off of a accoustic guitar I had laying around.y
  2. I built this one for my Grandson. I asked him to give me ten words that describe the guitar he wanted, and this is what happened. Carved pine body and a totally refurbished neck I had lying around. DiMarzio Bluesbucker Pickup, wrap around bridge
  3. Thanks for the vote, it did take several hours to build. I do understand that it's not everyone's style but I appreciate any and all input on the guitars that I build. It's hard to compete with someone who can build an acoustic guitar. Congrats!
  4. Yes, I've built a acoustic guitar and it's the most difficult and skilled build to pull off.
  5. I carved this solid pine body, and the first one where I painted the neck. I used a DeMarzio Pickup, Blues Bucker. Very happy with the feel and sound.
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  18. Randy Wiggins

    Randy Wiggins

    Truck Stop Guitar
  19. Randy Wiggins

    Truck Stop Guitar

    I made this guitar for my Grandson, he ask if I could build him one. I ask him him to give me ten words that would describe a guitar he would like, and this is what happened. Hand carved pine body with eagle and a wood hardner added. DiMarzio Bluesbucker Pickup, wrap around bridge, tone and volume controls. I totally refurbished a neck that I had off another guitar, it is glued to the body.
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